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Sophia Sep 2020
Twinkle twinkle little star
Let me be hit by a car
How I really wish to die
Jump off the roof and try to fly
Twinkle twinkle little knife
Help me end this wretched life
archwolf-angel Mar 2016
How are the stars looking tonight
The ones sparkling on your side
Twinkle twinkle little light
How do you always shine so bright

The heartbeat beating next to you
It always sounds so beautiful
He carefully brushes his hand on yours
He wasn't me, of course

Twinkle twinkle little star
How are you doing so far
It could have been me smiling with you
But I need to stop being a fool

Amongst the satellites, you still shine
Shine shine, oh so bright
Gently twinkling your little light
Still you make my heart race on sight

*Twinkle twinkle little light
Here I'll finally draw the line
You and me, it shall not be
I'll accept it, please just be happy
When this gentle love can't exist.

— The End —