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Preeti Pal Jan 5
Zaroori nhi ki do pyaar karne wale log humesha saath rahe,
Dur rehke bhi pyaar nibhaya ja sakta hai, agar PYAAR saccha ** toh...!!!!😇
Pauline Celerio Sep 2020
No matter how far,
No matter how long,
I will be right here
writing you songs--
this is the way I love from a distance.
The world is unkind,
fates intertwined,
I'll be right here
holding you signs,
so you'll always find your way
back home to me.

With all of me,
I'll love you--
This is my oath to you.
It has been months since I last felt your warmth.
Eloisa Mar 2019
Too wonderful is the spring's day and night
Painting the meadows with delight
Too green are the grass and leaves
Waving happily in tune with the breeze
Too sweet is the smell of the blossoms
Rejoicing in colorful robes they bloom
Someday my dearest love we will
Oh believe me, one day in April
Spring dance in the sun we will
On a sweeter spring, we'll kiss uphill
Shannon Jun 2018
one day i want to wake up,

beside you.

i want to feel your breath on my skin,

your lips lingering over my cheeks,

and your hands caressing me,

with a grasp unlike others,

and what would feel like home.

a grasp so careful, and protective,

like nobody would know.

i want to wake up beside you,

and have you love me,

all of me, for who i am.

i want to wake up beside you,

and not have you leave,

while we're making a language

that nobody can understand.

i want to wake up beside you,

while you feed me with affection,

honey sweet mutterings in my ear,

whispering things you want me to hear.

i want to wake up beside you,

i want to feel a sanctuary, a peace.

for you are my home,

let me have that please.
archwolf-angel Mar 2016
Another night of loneliness
One more night of the cold
Gently missing
Your hand that I want to hold

Another breath of nicotine
One more breath in sigh
Silently wishing
That you could be by my side

Another call of cheerful laughters
One more call disconnected in between
Desperately hoping
You are still thinking of me

Another goodbye by the plane
One more look of your face
Naively anticipating
The day we both remain together in one place

*In love, in smiles, in happiness
To the ones who are living apart from their loved ones.
It's tough, but most things are. In hope, all will be worthwhile.
estelle deamor Jan 2016
You are so away.
The very word that comes into my mind when I think of you—
when I think of us.
For years now,
we have been thousands of miles away from each other’s arms.
We have been used to it.
This distance never came nearer.
Even becoming farther as time pass,
with us,
treading on different directions.
You are sure and happy that you are there;
I am sure and happy that I am here.
And so we stayed,
wherever we are.
Nobody wants to give up.
Nobody wants to pull the other one
to his or her side of the world.
We both wanted to stay,
from where we are—
Should we stay? Or stay away?

— The End —