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jee Feb 1
I am paradoxical;
an oxymoronic anomaly.

all my nightmares are made
of daylight,
but I’ll still sleep to escape
the darkness.

I am paradoxical;
an absurd abnormality.

it’s a chaotic peace,
loud with it’s bated breath
and bittersweet ring.

I am paradoxical;
an irregular oddity.

my counterparts are contradictory,
and I change to chance
the possibility
that opposites attract.

and we’re all just paradoxed;
argumentative attractions.

there’s no stopping at the end,
when the sun is low
in the soft red sky.

where my nightmares are made
of daylight,
but I’ll still sleep to escape
the darkness.
this statement is a lie.
Austin Draper Dec 2018
From the beginning, I would burn
With them at the tails of yonder waiting for my finish.
Oh, how a surrender I would come to, it is of a sacrifice little
Our, a pronoun of us. The value of the small world, existence is full of gems.
With the sight of them they wait, with the weight of an arrow.
A presence of you is waning. That is a drain.

That word, a mountain of pain can be washed by the liquid in my throat I wish not to drain.
Of how I fly to live and live to fly. But wings come in pairs. But you have been brought down by that arrow.
Not of or for, milking for the experience. And the physical, is this what is? Is there a flight path with no gems?
Give up I must. I can’t let my experience dry as flowing is lifeblood. How much they care is little.
Give in I must. For without a second a first is a winner to a competition of one. But last and first to finish.
A void is not an end. For it should. The snake’s poison is to poison. And love is to love. **** is to burn.

Snake, curl on me. I am not of your breed. For poison of Poison. ****, flames of flames come and extinguish.
Snake, Heal a poison, instrument. Silence a noise with your music. Charm of charms of not. End is to this start Snake, an agent of them. If you contradict bring me love. Bring me the desired. Life is death and Gems are Junk.
Snake, please speak. Slither your words, lisp yours. For flaws is the man. Talk wisdom, I can’t, Lover is too big. Snake Again, one last question. Perhaps not. No, just answer. I can’t hold on to a sliver that withers. Madness fill. SNAKE! Sing and play the trumpet! It’s next to you! Have beauty, **** have waterfalls! Love is only pain that Stabs.

Trumpet is silence? Off this I must dwell. They approach. How I am too slow for them. Little I pay attention to burning. They Keep Coming, stop is an arrow to their knee. And my heel is my body. Their drums I hear, I am finished. Temper, come back! Love me. Shadow is not one for the dark either! Neither my love, drain my scorches, they burn. Time giving, Give up. How to say what isn’t but should? Little can I break the support that only drains.                  
There I was, back there. Back there I cannot go. Backwards is the forwards of the wrong pain. Finished are gems.
Time to time myself. Slow! Advancing Drain on my boots. For they are nice, shame to them. Drink Burning!

A second watch is appreciative. To burn my time. A second person for a second watch. Not even at finish!
A paradise **** is. For if love is pain, **** is paradise. I go to paradise for my little rights! With earth breaking gems!
A Bow and Arrow. Found me, I am not ready. Wait for my readying. I would wait for my love. Love the chase’s drain?
A burning desire for me you must have yes? Why search for a penny in a bounty of gold and gems!?
A way to see emeralds? They aren’t much. I obsess over their imperfections only not their glimmerings. Finish arrow!
Ah, context. They want the little bit I have. It isn’t tangible yet it is exhaustibly infinite. Contradictions drain!

Capture me not, for I am extinguished! I just wish to love my love and find love in my other passions. Passions burn.
Know this? I think you do. Why else are you here? To start knowing a passion that should only now finish.
Happiness is so funny. Forced and selective. Love in things not loving is little. Those who love themselves win big.
Loving self is not essential. Knowing the reflexive verbs is though. Junk I am. Drink is gone! No worthwhile gems!
Arrow men, nothing you want is here. That trumpet? Of a friend, not mine. His non-presence pains me like a blade.
I surrender. That means taking? Fill my heart with her love! Existence is only the largest drain!

Time to fight, I do not fear the fires of burning.
Love counters bounds of the line of Finishing!
Backwards as this may seem, think of only little gems!
One of my most Complex poems, and the start to an interesting series. The next installment is a bit later though. Form; [Suspected Found] (zs*lx6>}w*A+z6s*lA= z5s*l_x4>%_l*6<}a*z1s*l_ z2s*l_ a*z4s*l -_a*z3s*l-_-_} z3s*l_z1s*l-_+z6s*l+z1s*l_sw*A z2s*l%+z4s*l - z1s*l%} z1s*l_z2s*l -_z3s*l z5s*l_z6s*l z1s*l%_z3s*l s*z3s*l_z5s*l - z6s*l} -_z1s*lx5> z6s*l} z1s*l% z2s*l% z3s*l)
Joe Aug 2017
In Greek mythology, the god of love, Cupid,
is the counterpart of Thanatos, the god of death.
You’re probably thinking, that’s an odd pair.
The Greeks were all about odd pairs.
Are you really surprised?
Because love is contentment and happiness.
Whereas death,
Well, no one really wants to talk about that.
But these obviously contradictory themes
Are more similar than we think.
One, At some point we’re gonna experience either.
Two, you don’t want to experience either on your own.
No one wants to die alone
Nor have unrequited love.
And three, the sensations of both are eerily similar.
Now I know why you take my breath away
And why my heart palpitates
whenever I see you;
The same sensations that someone gets
When they’re having a cardiac arrest.
Falling in love is like being on the precipice of death
Maybe that’s why they call it “falling” in love
Because when you fall from something,
You will splat on the ground,
With your insides out there for someone to see
And you’re wondering
if they like what they see.
love and death's eerie similiarities
Jayantee Khare May 2017
They say they love rain, they seek shelter
They say they love sun and open umbrella
They say they love wind and close windows
They say they love light, but have darkness inside
They say they love nature, but they stay in city
They say they love me, now what they are upto?
Adrian Newman Sep 2016
An intrinsic detail on the tip of my nose
A fork in my tongue with no words to say.

Just shady tress and shady things
Less confusion and more hope for me.

A tear every now and then to shelter my eye
A body in my hands and no personality
A hair on my head that falls every hour
The last moment of my life turns around.

I don't want you to see this other side
The grass is greener here
The restriction is protective, the pain is adamant.

You aren't the only one, keep your head down
Pull up your pants while I put my charm on.
You can interpret the meaning of this poem any way you wish.
Rick Warr Aug 2016
Lately I feel
I am being crushed
between tectonic plates
of Impossibility

The advice of those around
contradictory and senseless
The constraints offered
leave no possible solution

Then I see
that it's not me
The game they gave
has no salve

I'm in the wrong game
This game is actually
A work sentiment
ForeverNo-One May 2016
So close yet so far
So thin yet so fat
So kind yet so horrible
So pretty yet so ****
Why are you so contradictory?

So warm yet so cold
So positive yet so negative
So alive yet so dead
So happy yet so sad
Why are you so contradictory?

So tall yet so small
So right yet so wrong
So even yet so odd
So simple yet so complicated
Why are you so contradictory?
I hope this has the desired effect, no it is not about a crush/lover
rinnette May 2016
Take my flight away from me
Remove the pride I own
Sell it to the world you've concluded
To be a reality I need to know

Persuasion into a kind of love
Trying to build a bond
Then take it away from me again
And closing up my doors

Take my traits away from me
I'll like to see you try
Because till the end of time
I know what will remain mine

Seal up my doors
That was opened for you
Seal it good
Don't let me through

Because I'm locking myself up
Safe and sound
In my own little world
Without you around

I will never speak again
Even if I do
It will only be the things you want to hear
To fulfil your *
I love you, but I hate this contradictory.
C Cavierre Apr 2016
Illogical, crystal clear--
this contradictory of fear--
I am caught for one precious moment by
the horrible visionary
of my grotesque fate
as promised, the continuation of Fear
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