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archwolf-angel Feb 2016
The midnight moon gleams amongst the stars
Night falls gently upon
The dark sky filled with sorrows
The cold unbelievably torturous

Bites of the negativity
Happiness on its deathbed
The smiles we had through the day withers and dies
Only droplets of tears dominant in our eyes

For what is worth, we always do our best
We score, we celebrate
We are victorious
We are the brightest in everyone's eyes

But underneath the darkest skies
We fall prey to the saddest woes
We fall to our knees and beg for mercy
To the endless torturing of the addictive poison of weakness and every of those
Torturing one's self could be an addiction.
archwolf-angel May 2016
What was that sound?
A silent slice of hell
I didn't know what it was
Just wishing for you to be well

A thousand reasons
I could tell myself
To walk away and let it be
But those reasons were not enough

Not enough for me...

Shatters and pieces
All that I see
A lunatic form of weather
A hurricane within

Silently I stand beside you
Knowing its all meant to be
For me to be your pillar
If you ever need me

It was a broken thing
A music of tears and misery
Something I never wanted for you
No matter where you may be

Come here
Let me play you another melody
One that could bring out that smile again
Possibly, carefully, tenderly
*My heart's symphony...
When you choose to care for a person, 
you can never really stop caring.
Can you?
archwolf-angel Jul 2017
Maybe if we could
We would be
But maybe if we never
We will always
archwolf-angel Feb 2017
We wrote about the way we love
And the little things that happened in between
But what we have failed to realize
Is that
We were all slowly writing
**An ending
With every story, there will be an ending.
archwolf-angel Dec 2016
Favours in the sight to see
Unable to put into words
A picture of peace
That unseen melody

Maximising strength
Creating force from nothing
Desperately needing
Another breath of nicotine

Blurry images
Fogging visions
Failing to hold on
To grasp upon a belief

Fading symphonies
Muffling music
Turning deaf
Loss of hearing to a favoured frequency

Please don't ever
Lose sight of me
Hear me
Listen to my heartbeat
It's still beating...

...for *
you and me
archwolf-angel Jun 2017
we often take for granted
of many things we have at present
it won't be until we actually lose it all
do we appreciate all that had happened
so before it's too late
my most precious
I will let you know
how much I love you
every single day
archwolf-angel Jan 2017
Time be taken
For her hands to reach out for the fire
Restraints from moving faster
And it happens

Lighting up her cigarette
It starts to burn
Slowly inhaling
So the fire would stay in place

Slowly exhaling
The stick gets shorter
Ashes fall to the ground
Another minute is gone

It slowly reaches the end
She tries to take in the last breath
It ashes away
Like her time with him
She flicks it away
Saying goodbye...
archwolf-angel Jan 2017
Dips of sweet chocolate
Like sugary words said so much
The start of the sketch
With you in my heart

Dip by dip
Stroke by stroke
A clear heart written on the plate
With the remains of the chocolate fondue
**As I think of you
Can't get you off my mind.
archwolf-angel Apr 2017
Arms outstretched
Towards what seemed like
A wall
A barrier of sorts

I leaned in close
Face buried in your shirt
Taking in your scent
While you stayed silent

I put my arms around your waist
But you say nothing
We were that near
But I found it a little hard to breathe

I leaned in close
My ear to your back
Arms still around you
No words under your breath

I hear your heartbeat...
...Racing fast
archwolf-angel Feb 2022
approached the world
with all that was left of me
with the scars on my back
and the light within

in this little backpack
the lessons i learnt
the mistakes i've made
the promises of tomorrow

time flew by
and it's almost... longer scary

the scribbles in my book
i will hold dearly
so one day they may turn into art
for the world to see
archwolf-angel Sep 2016
Sitting in a corner
A cigarette lit up in her hand
Recurring scenes of mayhem
One test worse than the last

A breaking point
She had enough
A gun in one hand
Decisions to be made

A kiss to the weapon
Dropping the danger
Lifted herself from the hiding spot
Moving on

She is only going to keep falling
Attacks will keep coming
Weapons will keep appearing
But she will always be laying them down

That will make her
The badass I love
archwolf-angel Mar 2016
Beings of untold stories
The words out their mouths
Blunt and fearful
The look on their faces
Stern and frightful
The glares they give
Cold and deadly

Unapproachable once or twice
Maybe for several months
Never imagined as nice
Stepping on their toes did not seem too wise

Miraculous gatherings
Opening of the hearts
Soft tender tales flows out of their lips
Secret wonders of getting things done

They seem like they could be
The witches of the darkest forest
The devils of the deepest hell
Your worst nightmares

But beneath all that, I believe
They are the warmest of hearts
The gentlest angels
Your sweetest memories

This is about...

...the bad cops' unspoken stories.
In love with the scariest yet the most respected ones. The badasses.
archwolf-angel Aug 2016
Chatters under shimmering chandeliers
The females all made up beautifully
The males dressed to a tee
Wine glasses clinking gently

Her wavy hair flowed
Framing her face nicely
Her lips with a gentle tint of pink
Her hazel eyes scanning the scene nervously

Everyone complimented her rare femininity
Often not seen on usual days
People said
Behind those casual boyish clothes
Hid such a tender beauty

She smiled thankfully
However, unable to focus
For she was waiting to see
The one she dressed up for so zealously

There he was...
Decked in a handsome suit
His tie so neat
His hair styled the way she loved it
The smile he wore on his face
Ever more charming

Her heels clicked carefully
As she walked closer to him
Her heart raced
As the music played a slow melody...

*She saw his hand, reaching out
But it wasn't for her...
It was for another...
The girl he dances with, every day
No matter what

As the dance started
The chandelier lights dimmed
Like her heart
And she left the ballroom
Never turning back
archwolf-angel Oct 2016
I write
Because I feel
I feel almost every emotion that runs through my body
Overwhelms the being

I feel
Because I have a heart
A heart to contain an important someone
Protecting his too

I have a heart
Because I live...

I live
*I'm worthy
Worthy to the people who needs me
My emotions to understand them
My heart to love them
My life to exist with them
We are all worth it. No matter what.
archwolf-angel Oct 2016
I write
Because I feel

I feel
Because I have a heart

I have a heart
Because I live

I live
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
Speak your mind
If you must
We will listen
In us, you can trust

Share your secrets
It will be safe with us
It's alright
Let your tears fall down


*It's menacing
It's mean
It's poisonous and crazy
But I mean it this time

I'll keep myself behind bars
Protected within my own walls...
Then I'll never be disappointed, and I'll never be hurt.
archwolf-angel May 2016
Turning around again
To watch another white turn to black
Gently tugging on it
Wanting to get rid of it

It's another moment
A kind of dread
A type of horrible
An overkill


Blood dripped from the end
Drip drip drip
It was suppose to hurt
But it didn't... really...

It didn't really hurt...

*The Little Fallen Angel
Once you fall, you will probably keep falling.
archwolf-angel Aug 2016
Darkness in a sight
Unworthy of colours and light
Trapped in an enclosed situation
Only depending on other abilities in life

She met him
Fell in love
He showed her
A brand new world
Of hopes and dreams
A will to live

The last thing she recalled
Was a heavy impact
The sound of beeping machines
Almost losing breath
In limbo she visits
Nearing death

She opened up her eyes
Saw her close ones for the first time
Yet he was nowhere in sight
He had left, they said, for another land
Never visited you

His promises, she remembers
A world bright and new
A dream hopeful and pure
What happened to all that?
Only lies remained in view

She will only believe
She was just so...

Based on a story I wrote in the past.
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
your eyes were red
blood shot
you looked at me
but all I could do was panic

you shut your eyes
continued your rest
but blood shot remained in my mind
and all I could do was worry
archwolf-angel Oct 2016
A heart
That needs a break
But the harsh truth is
That it just somehow
archwolf-angel Mar 2016
Fighting the cold
The icy war within
The fear of losing
To the suffocating need

Buried in the snow
Comfortable yet painful
Slowly biting into the skin
Cells cringing underneath

Dreadful nights and days go by
Letting out a quiet sigh
Still living in icy cold
Slowly biting into your soul

Close my eyes and visualise
The things I cannot see pass all these ice
Reaching out my hand
Grab it if you can

The buoy in sight
A little far away
Continue struggling
To hold that buoy that's stuck like me
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
The fight seemed stronger
Like every other day
It happens

The war seemed more chaotic
Like every other week
The explosions strengthen

My heart misses you a little more
Like every other hour

*Can I say something?
I miss you so much
archwolf-angel Jan 2020
The stars were gentle...

But they screamed out to me
The tales of fate and destiny

They sang the songs of flaming promises
To remind me
To touch my heart and feel

To remember
The healing touch of the moon
And the warmth of the sun

To live with no regrets
To love with all my heart
To smile like there is no tomorrow.
There is nothing more important than understanding and knowing what you are living for.
archwolf-angel Sep 2016
It's a bright morning
That greets his day
He looks out the window
And watches the radiant sun

He admires it
Attracted to her glorious shine
Blinded in all effects
Yet still unable to pull away

The heat burns his skin
But he loves it
Being in the sun
It makes him happy

The sun goes down
Bidding her farewell
Leaving him solemn
Broken and shattered

The moon comes up
Greeting him with a soothing embrace
Peaceful and gentle
A light that guides him in darkness

She brings a cooling breeze
To comfort his painful nights
Even if she would be clouded
By grey clouds at times

She watches over him
Like a guardian angel
Singing a soft lullaby
To send him into a slumber

Morning came
It starts all over again
The burning sun in the spotlight
The gentle moon awaits her turn

And she will always wait for the moment
When he enjoys the night more than day
Then she will never be overshadowed
She will take her very own... stage
archwolf-angel Jan 2017
Various conflicts
Under similar pain
The wrenching in the heart
Unable to explain

Gazes of understanding
Wordless dialogues
Taking nothing for granted
A mind filled with complicated thoughts

Watery hues
Breathless chokes
Tonight, my dear
*I'll still hold you close
archwolf-angel Jul 2017
Unexpected warmth
So lost yet so found
Will you join me in my cloudy paradise?
Just for a while...
It won't take long.
archwolf-angel May 2017
Unlock that door
Bring your heavy feet in
Call out my name
"Baby, I'm home."

You will find me in our bedroom
Geeky glasses, fingers busy with a game
I will look up at you, softly
As you let out a yawn
"Long day?"

Shutting off my device
Arms open wide
You fall into my arms
With clothes crinkled from your day's work
But your scent still so attractive
"Yeah... It was bad and I'm exhausted..."

Cuddle you close
Kisses on your forehead
You pull me in closer, gripping tighter
*"Goodnight, my love."
archwolf-angel Apr 2017
The bell at the door went off
As she entered the cafe
The music that was playing
Was a gentle classic

She waited in line
But there seemed to be a problem at the counter
She watched
As the man scratched his head in panic and embarrassment

"Is everything okay?" she asked
So there was a language barrier
She helped in the translation between two
And he offered her a treat as gratitude

The bell at the door went off*
Countless times through the day
While they sat there in conversation
And multiple cups of coffee
Like they just have too much to say
archwolf-angel May 2016
Take my flight away from me
Remove the pride I own
Sell it to the world you've concluded
To be a reality I need to know

Persuasion into a kind of love
Trying to build a bond
Then take it away from me again
And closing up my doors

Take my traits away from me
I'll like to see you try
Because till the end of time
I know what will remain mine

Seal up my doors
That was opened for you
Seal it good
Don't let me through

Because I'm locking myself up
Safe and sound
In my own little world
Without you around

I will never speak again
Even if I do
It will only be the things you want to hear
To fulfil your *
I love you, but I hate this contradictory.
archwolf-angel Mar 2017
Speak to me
Tell me your stories
Engage me in your world
About your fails and your glories

Confide in me
Tell me your sorrows
Let me empathise with you
Share your woes

Laugh with me
Tell me your jokes
Heartily, I will burst into laughters
Tickle my funny bone

Bring me to your past
Talk about your present
Fly me into your future
I share mine too, and I will listen

*Come be with me
In this little bubble
For our conversation
Seems like it could last...

Personally, I think good conversations are really ****.
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
Touch me with your warm fingers
Every inch of my skin
Fire up my body
Aflame my being

Your lips to my neck
Nibbles and kisses
Taste it gently
Or aggressively
You know I'm craving for it
archwolf-angel Jul 2017
Beaten to a pulp
Under the blazing sun
Then the twilight brings
A different melody
To soothe the burns
We are bent, not broken
The moon hums a tune
Cradling the quiet crooked souls...
archwolf-angel Feb 2016
You're lazy
She only needed some rest
You're untidy*
The slight mess gives him comfort
You're clingy
She only needed some love
You're bossy
He only wanted to take control for once
I don't like how you ask so many questions
She doesn't want to misunderstand you
I don't like how you talk so loud
He wants you to hear him
You're selfish
She has never stopped caring, give her a break
You don't care
What did I say before?

Curse her with flaws
Hatred swallows him whole
When will they be truly appreciated?
They will never know

When will you stop judging?
You killed him on the inside
Tears flooded their veins
Start clearing your plain sight

Demons are for real
They are not fantasies
They sleep under our beds
And haunts us every night in our sleep

Your curses feeds them
Your unnecessary comments keeps them alive
You don't know them at all
For you aren't the ones living on the edge

.... **with all these lies.
No one is perfect. Perfection is a lie.
archwolf-angel Oct 2016
Take a step forward
Hold my hand
Interlacing fingers
Glances of sparks

Pull me close
Hold me in your arms
One foot at a time
Flow with this melody in us

Take the lead
Satisfy the rhythm
Gazes interlock now
Inseparable touch

Matching choreography
Synchronising heartbeats
Twirl me around once
So I could fall back into your embrace

Your hands in mine
Not letting go
Keep me by your side
So you don't have to feel cold

Cuddle closer
The music is still playing
For this moment
Right now
This dance
Is worth *everything
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
Lost, exhausted and afraid
She was enticed with the idea of dancing with devils  
But they pulled her off the ledge
And now she is in her own spotlight
Ready to dance to her own rhythm of life
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
Once again
An arm was extended
It was welcoming
Until I saw his face...

Majestic horns and hollow eye sockets
Bones and sharp teeth
He grinned with a certain growl
His claws pulling me in

The murderous music plays...
As I hesitate
I am frozen still
It was just him and me...
In the darkest ballroom

*And I am
Once again
Being enticed
To dance with the devil
archwolf-angel Nov 2016
Constant chaos in a single mind
Massive noises and disordered voices
Cloudy, dark, misty thoughts
Filled into a weakened being

Screams of tension
Shouts for help
Listen to their breaths
Feed them profusely with negativity
Hear their every...

Just then
He held her close
Whispered softly
And she breathed with ease..

*For his love roared louder than her demons
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
the droplets hit on the glass windows**
the rain played our favourite melody
my fingers danced on the keyboard
my heart writing a story

the droplets hit on the glass windows
the rain performing our symphony
your pencil sketching on papers
your lips singing a tune

the droplets hit on the glass windows
the rain accompanying our dance
my lips on your neck
your fingers running down my back

the droplets hit on the glass windows
the rain sending a comforting chill
my skin cuddled close to yours
your heart racing against mine
archwolf-angel Aug 2017
many dungeons
in the journey from the past
fought many monsters
kept some

in the limbo of my adventure
a gem of life in hand
awaiting the release
with a sigh of relief

my decisions I will never regret
I accept and repent
a rebel in me still
my identity refined

we are not here nor there
but we will be just fine
with a sword in my hand
we will always be ready to fight
Dungeon Warriors unite.
archwolf-angel Jun 2017
suddenly the room went silent
pitch black darkness
but his heartbeat echoed
her eyes started to sparkle
that was when...
...they found each other
archwolf-angel Oct 2017
pardon my words
pardon my actions
i am a wilful child
i choose to be that person

I chased you away
But i didnt think you would actually leave
I am not sorry for the things i said

Because if you wanted to stay
Nothing could keep you away
My demons unleashed upon the world by defense
And you decided it was okay to go

Its okay
I will survive
Ill be okay
All alone
But why does it feel like the end of the world?
archwolf-angel Jun 2016
Take me away into the abyss
Send me off to the world of absolute nothing
Minus my being
The way I deserve it

Sell my soul to emptiness
Cut off my sight to see
Deafen my hearing
Disallow my breathing

Rain down on my dreams
Remove my beliefs
Turn down my lights
Greet me with the darkest scenes

Release the beast
Grant its hunger
Eat me alive
Swallow everything

*End me...
Sometimes the darkest things seems so appealing.
archwolf-angel Jun 2017
She scoffed at the words
That appeared on the screen
How it was ridiculous
That people were not allowed to love another being

"It's about two people who weren't meant to fall in love, but did."
He whispered

She froze
And turned
To see him staring right at her
The look in his eyes
Soft and sweet
Like he was tearing
Yet did not want her to see

"So... who is your equal?"
He asked
Before giving her a little kiss

And she smiled, gladly receiving it
With a mutual understanding
archwolf-angel Oct 2016
goes by....
And **everyday
I will only keep realising...
and be taken aback tremendously...

By how much my heart can contain...
this much love....
For a single person...
And how...
         I am still just falling....
             ­                          hopelessly...


                                            ­                                    for you..
archwolf-angel Jun 2017
Their laughters drowned their thoughts
As their minds played images of awful pain
They lived in that moment though
For that allowed them to survive each day
archwolf-angel Sep 2017
your hand to hold
and your kiss I miss
your hugs my shield
your love my everything
archwolf-angel Aug 2019
It was the motion in the void
The soothing silence in still air
The excitement in a solitude
The party in zombie town...

....when you existed in my life
archwolf-angel Apr 2016
Tiny and seemingly harmless
Smiles portrayed through heavy words
No choices, no options
Just manipulation

Motives behind a please and thank you
Hopeful eyes for a generous result
Influencing your mind
Inflicting your heart

It starts to creep up your spine
These dangerous little bugs
Slowly, slowly, creeping up
Pressing into your head the perfect end

You allow it to go on
For the sake of peace and rest within
But what you don't notice
That its killing you, oh so slowly

You think it's alright, you can handle it
But it will catch up soon
It will get to you

Those expectations of you
There are some things you just can't control.
archwolf-angel Jan 2017
As the theme park gate opens
Sounds of excitement filled the compound
Little children, teenagers, grown ups
Crowding the lines to rides and snack bars

Joyful chatters
Nonstop laughters
Screams of thrill
Cheeky giggles

I go in circles to bring joy
Especially when I stop for the ones at the highest point
The smiles on their faces
Feeling like they are on the top of the world


A lone stranger wanders around
Climbed into one of the pods
Locked himself in there
His eyes watching the scenery blankly

Tears started rolling down his cheeks
Meekly, gently, discreetly
But I see it
I feel the droplets
As it drips almost too carefully..

I felt his pain
The sadness within
So maybe...
Just maybe...
The peak would comfort him
It will give the best view
I'll provide it


The round will have to end
I'll have to bring him back down to the ground
And he will have to return home

Can we go for another round?
Just one more...
So I could show him that view that I can provide
Just one more time...
Even if his tears would rust me
Or even if it means he still has to leave
At least I know
And I'll remember

*I've made him happy
archwolf-angel Dec 2016
Found a gem
In the deep blue ocean
Took it home with me
Fell in love
With its ruby red charm

Bonded it to a string
Wore it for a necklace
Had it close to my heart
Feeling it's icy cold texture
It's gentle flames of warmth

Under a starry night sky
A hot coffee in my hand
A cooling breeze accompanies me
Clutching it tight
Always admiring its beauty

Got a phone call one day
Removed it from my neck
Held it in my hand
Driving down lanes
To another place

Handed it over
My heart sank
What I've realised was that
It was never mine
And people told me lies

*Finders aren't always keepers
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