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ryn Apr 2016
There isn't a place for us
to exist in the day.
The magnanimous sun reveals too much
for common eyes to see.

But come night,
dimmed lamps be our aide.

We sink into each other
with little reservation.
We overlap, intertwine
and merge.

Inadvertently blending
into darkened backdrops,
we get absorbed in our very own
rinnette Apr 2016
Forged under the stars
That watched over us
Little figures
Little smiles

Twisting fingers, twirling arms
What would it become?
A bond between us maybe
Joining in sync before dawn

Bite sized wonders
We travel around the world
Under the moonlight
With imaginations running all over

Comforting laughters
Crazy minds
The things we could come up with
Amazing and wild

Take it and let it flow
See where we could go
Our world formed in absolute bliss
Together, peacefully

Do it again
Mess around with your brain
It will keep going, let's run away
As we allow ourselves to indulge this amazing **shadow play
Given a word by ryn - Shadow Play. Thank you!
Light creates images for us,
the appearance of Reality.

All that we know, all that
seems so real, is playing
a part we have asked it to
play. Unmanifest Reality,
appearing as all forms,
and all phenomena.

All that we know
is a dance of shadows
playing across
the infinite
ocean of bliss,
©Elisa Maria Argiro

— The End —