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Gauri Pandit Jul 2020
you are strong from inside.
you are more strong you is the key of happiness
so don't let other spoil you for no reason
be strong for what you are..
Keyan R Mar 2019
I am too nice,
My strongest point makes me the weakest,
Regardless of my height, being too kind is where the peak ends
I don't mean by being respectful is where I've lost the fight
The scraps and bruises come from those beneath my mighty branches, those who keep taking chances
The one I constantly provide for, the one that see my bark as supplies, my shade as protection, my time as what I only provide

And I'm way too nice,
She knows all my secrets, how to pick at my wounds
How to get me to leak information, how to deepen past feuds
With more ammunition that I never planed for because I am not the type to protrude and push someone down when their lost or confused
See there's a big difference between helping someone who actually needs it,
And someone taking advantage of the help you give

It's hard to see the difference,
Like a misspelled word in the dictionary
Is that truth or fiction?
Is is reality or a depiction of what is being preconceived..
Those are thoughts I now think about as the text is being received
Her words and phone calls I can't tell why I feel so relieved
When I speak to her, even if I am being deceived.
Everyone I've talked to has told me to block her number, and it's so hard..They even offer to take my phone and do it themselves...and I claim I'd do it myself. I still haven't and still like an idiot answer her call or her text. I know it's obvious, but it's hard letting go. Even if I feel detached, her web still hushes my lips and I am bitten by a venomous kiss. It's toxic isn't this? To give and never receive...that's how our relationship always is.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
From my parents I
Learned the strongest love is one
Riddled with hatred
It seems like you can't have true love for that many years without a little hate too
Dana Skorvankova Jun 2016
I've never thought I might hear you
Without a thing being told
Well and I've never thought you're not about to
Write again a single word
archwolf-angel May 2016
Countless imaginations intrigued,
by words pouring truth and honesty.
The beauty in a picture painted...
Only tired yet wilful eyes will get to see...

Scars of a battle surfacing.
Like dreams clouded by storms.
Willingness to face another fight.
Only deafened yet persistent ears will listen for a new melody.

Strings of gambles played...
Blind faith committed into hapless
deals of cards.
Looking for the win amongst a sea of losses.
Only weary yet perservering hands will find the missing shards.

Obstacles portrayed,
as struggles form and hope seems to crumble.
An almost misplaced determination,
tattooed in these hands.
Only apprehensive yet courageous legs will continue to trudge forward.

The heaviest blows...
Inflicted on the frailest bodies.
Taking the brunt of such callous words.
Only the battered yet ernest mind will prevail sheer follies.

Deep laboured breaths...
Wheezing through seemingly punctured lungs.
Seeking a steady rhythm amidst internal chaos.
Only the worn yet steadfast heart will escape unscathed from bitter tongues.

Writing with ryn has got to be one of the most wonderful experience ever.

Stay true and happy!
Thank you ryn. =)
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I know a man who is as brave as a knight
He is battling more than a lot of us could fight
In my eyes he is a true Hero
But most of the time he thinks of himself a zero
But he couldn't be further from the truth
For his compassion is one of his strongest roots

For even though chronic pain and his demons he faces
You and your problems he embraces
He can make you feel like world would be less without you
All of your pain, the love in his heart can cut through

He is never more than a message away
And you can call on him night or day
He is one of the few that will do all he can
To pick you up, stay, and hold your hand
Until on your own again you can stand
He really is one hell of a man

Even on his weakest day
When he, himself is starting to fray
And he's so full of regret
He STILL is the strongest man I've ever meet

I really wish he could see himself through my eyes
For he is one that is truly wise
And I know he would argue he is not, to the end
But strong and wise best describes, my truest dear friend
L Marie Nov 2015
I wouldn't quite call it love,
I would call it feelings
And to me, that is stronger
For love is just a feeling
But so is my disappointment
And my hope and anger and
Explosive anxiety;
Feelings include my best days
And my worst, the bubbly in
My chest and the butterflies
Bursting throughout my belly;
They include my dreams and fears,
Every thought that passes me,
And you, my friend, bring it all
Out of me, like a siphon.

I feel disappointment when
I don't get to see your face
And I feel hope whenever
You smile and anger whenever
I let my anxiety
Turn my best day for the worse
As I feel butterflies and
Bubbly inside and have dreams
Of us, yet my fears always
Win, but you're still in each thought
That does travel through my mind
Because out of all the feelings,
As I have many feelings,
The strongest feeling I have
Is just love for you, my friend.
The women of blessings,a heart of mission,a brain of peace,a soul of vision, a dream maker, a Queen of Kings, who rules many kingdom of wisdom, a commander in chief, a fighter, a fighter who is a winner, a winner who never quit, Guided like an angel on earth, so weak as she appear, yet whole heartedly super stronger, than those lifting *******, who physically and emotionally wreck them, calling them names, the foolish, the stupid, the weak, the cowards, the wicked, the evil but I look and see super heroes, clades, phenomenal,sweethearts and best friends
Strongest they are woman
my cup overflows Jul 2015
i saw you the other day
and you tried to stop
me to say
that you liked to practice
with me some day ....
some words you thought
gelled with your thoughts

but i was in a rush
kept on walking
i didn't look back
i didn't turn back
.....till i ..
i stopped to look back
oh no!! ...poor nettie
do come back ....
im  so selfish ....
so inhuman

i ran back.. but you
you   where gone
#hey ...i called
wait.....lets stay and chat
come join me
come ...don't be sad

but you kept walking
just walking further ,further away

you never thought you
were special or likeable ....
but im telling you that you are beautiful and flawless

never thought you mattered
or held any importance
but your the most human of any human Ive met
you feel and felt deeply
and that's what makes you human

for Antoinette
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