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Miriam Jul 2020
2019 was so sweet
2020 we got knocked off our feet
but sometimes we’ve got to fall down
to get back up
And realise that life’s not always buttercups
Copyright © 2020 mhawley
Miriam Jul 2020
2020 now
It feels like we are slowly making it to the other side we’ve received cuts and bruises but now we have reached a meadow, there’s still thorns but they don’t hurt as much as we look upon the flowers of our growth and can see the lush grass that awaits called hope

Though the thorns of pain are all but dead and gone we see the blue sky of a future yet to come -pain has choked us but we won’t let it destroy and like a flower we will bloom again so turn your face towards the sun! There’s a brighter future to come
Miriam Feb 2021
I miss everything.
I miss people, I miss places
I miss family, I miss friends
I miss that feeling you get on a summer night, driving home from a family gathering,
windows down,music blasting out
with the sticky humidity
and smell of summer bbqs in the air.
The birds chirping ,insects buzzing
and the smell of freshly cut grass drifting in air, while walking bare foot through the fields
watching the sunset on those summer walks.
The family holidays,
walking along the golden kissed beaches, swimming as the sun goes down.
Having fish and chips on the pier
with the cry of gulls circling the air
and sand between your toes.
Road trips to a new place
and feeling that sense of pure exhaustion and satisfaction
as you head home on the motorway..headphones in, reminiscing the day, caught up in your own little bubble  ...
These are a few of the moments I miss the most.
The first paragraph of my latest piece on 2021 thoughts with Covid and reminiscing the things we took for granted and miss so much ... more parts coming soon
Miriam Feb 2021
I miss the time with friends
face to face- not just a pixel on a phone
those moments when you just can’t stop laughing
Everyone else is staring at you,
they don’t know what you’re laughing at
but it makes them smile to see such joy
This is a few lines from my most recent work of poetry all about 2021 and life now thinking about the memories and simple things we miss
Miriam Apr 2021
From morning till night
I’ll be by your side
From dusk till dawn
I’ll love you more and more
A short poem about love - I’ll be there for you no matter what
© MH 2021
Miriam Apr 2021
It’s funny how one moment can make feelings fade
I used to fall for you but now my perspectives
Thought u were the only answer to it all
But the truth is I now know I deserve more
A poem about moving on and letting go
Copyright © MH 2021
Miriam May 2021
The best is yet to come
If you believe then you can become
Believe in yourself dream big and you can become who you want
Miriam Apr 2020
Your tears ran down your face
Like water trickles down glass
My heart pours out for you
Like an overflowing brook
I will be your umbrella
I’ll shelter your from life’s rain
Now I’ve got you I’m not letting go
You steer,I’ll row .
This poem uses  water to describe someones love for another
Copyright © 2018
Miriam Jun 2020
Black lives matter
All lives matter
Everyone should be treated the same
Loved the same
I’m George Floyd - say my name
For those who have suffered
We can’t stay silent - or ignore their pain
Now we have spoken out-that’s not enough
We must take action
So this never happens again
How has it taken us so long to respond?
To things that started years ago
Across the pond
Dear injustice- dear racism
You don’t deserve to live in our world
So with our weapons of love
We’ll keep fighting-keep pushing
Till your defeated-
and drowned out by our voices
Black lives matter!
We may never go through what you have
But we support you- we will lift you high
Till you and your names - touch the sky
We will unite in power-in prayer
And in our hearts
For We all bleed the same
Your George floyd -we’ll always remember your name
Such a great loss! But you caused a greater gain
A movement that will change the world
Sad it took something like this
For us all to awake
But all for justice
So no more die in vain
Written to speak out against racism and injustice and stand with those who have suffered because of it ©️Mhawley 2020
Miriam May 2020
Cheeks ablaze
Set on fire
Burning inside
Feelings rise higher
A 7 word poem on blushing
Miriam Jan 2021
I’m a castaway
Drowning in an ocean of disarray  
Lost upon the ship of broken dreams
Guess ocean life isn’t as good
as it seems
When will the worries and cares
wash away
They keep floating back
on the tide of the day
And I’m searching for something to rescue me
A lighthouse shines somewhere on the sea
So pull me out
of the shipwreck I’m in
Because suffering like this
feels like a sin
Written 2020 ©️Mhawley
This poem is written using the ocean as feelings and the perspective of someone who is alone and perhaps hurting and lonely they are desperate for someone to rescue them and are trying to get away from their troubles
Miriam Aug 2021
He pulled me in close
Then He whispered in my ear
Baby you have nothing to fear
I turned to face him
With a cheeky grin
and whispered back I’m glad your here
He wrapped himself around me
Then We danced all night
Going strong till the morning light
Holding each other’s arms
Embraced in each other’s palms
Baby it just felt so perfect and so right
He whisked me away
Then swept me off my feet
We danced to the DJ and the beat
Had the time of our life
I forgot all my strife
I swear god knew that we would meet
He gently kissed my lips
Then we ordered more drinks
I ignored all the other boys winks
All that mattered was him
Forget the shots and gin
This night was where our forever would begin
This is a poem about meeting someone special on a night out and them having a place in your life
Miriam May 2021
Tears fall like droplets of rain
Running down my pale skin pane
Cutting in like shards of glass
Flooding into my heart the past
Trickling along the scars of my skin
Following each pattern then seeping in
Salty as the sea on my rough beaten shore
I let them crash down then fall to the floor
I slowly heal as the tide starts to turn
The sun arrives my eyes tingle and burn
Slowly pain retreats and i start to warm
Happiness creeps in- I no longer mourn
This poem is about crying describing our tears in different ways and how we heal after pain sunshine like happiness floods in again and dries our tears like sand on the shore till the next time
Miriam Apr 2020
Do you know?
Does it show?
That it's Killing me to let you go

Please don't leave
No apologies
Can't you see me down on my knees?

I Need you know
Just turn around
I was lost but you made me found

Cant you see
Your a piece of me
Life without you is incomplete
Miriam Jan 2021
We had it so good
So what happened to us
Well in came the flood
And we drifted away
On an ocean of disarray
This short poem creates a scene between two people in love who have drifted apart as their love slowly dies written from the perspective of their love being an ocean
Miriam Jul 2020
Everyday I think about you
I don’t even know you
Your not part of my life
Is it admiration?
Is it love?
I don’t know but I’ve had enough
Of falling for someone I can’t trust
Copyright © Miriam H 2020
Miriam Jul 2021
I did it all for what I thought love was
And now all I know is loss
Into the darkest depths I’ve been tossed
Guess I’ve had to pay the cost
Don’t get caught up in fake love don’t waste your time on people like that instead focus on those who will bring happiness and positivity into your life
Miriam May 2021
You make my heart flutter and shatter into a million pieces at the same time
Too scared to call you when day turns to night
but how else will you ever be mine
The first verse of my latest piece of writing ©️MH 2021
Miriam Feb 2020
You have a fire within you,
It’s burning  up inside
You can achieve anything
Don’t let your dreams hide
You can rise up again
When people stamp you out
Just believe in yourself
That’s what it’s all about
Miriam copyright ©️Written 2018
Miriam Jun 2021
Like fire on ice
You burn into me
Melting my cold heart
Yet time becomes frozen
When you ignite that spark
Within my icy Dead Sea
Who is it that ignites your spark find someone who brings warmth to your life
Miriam May 2021
It’s clear you don’t want to talk to me
So I guess that I’ll just have to be
The fool that you played
That keeps on giving you grace
The first verse from my poem about fake romances and getting played
Miriam Apr 2020
When the world has fallen apart
And your not sure what the future holds
When you don’t know what to do
And your unsure if you’ll make it through
When your stumbling in the dark
With no fire,no spark —

Focus on God,the saviour of your soul
He will deliver you, he’ll call you his own
He’s our refuge our shelter
His ways never faulter
When everything around is falling
He’ll set you us upon sure ground
The worries of the world melt away
Become so small-
In the light of His Glory and Power
Just remember through it all
God is in control
Bigger than our problems-
He’s already overcome the world
Miriam Aug 2021
I don’t know what tomorrow holds
But with you baby the sky’s are gold
I don’t know what our future is
But with you baby I don’t want to miss
A single second ,minute, hour or day
We all have that special someone who you know will make the days you go into better together
Miriam Mar 2021
Softly softly
I breathe thee in
Gently gently
I let love in
Slowly slowly
The healings doth begin
I wrote this short poem after reading and being inspired by the amazing poems of Emily Bronte noticing she often repeats the same word twice I liked the style :)
Miriam Jun 2021
And the sad thing was that she had felt pain for so long that when she finally started healing she questioned what the feeling was
Sometimes we question why or what we are feeling because we are so used to feeling a certain way
Miriam Jun 2021
And the sad thing was she had felt nothing but pain for so long that when she finally started healing again she questioned the feeling of happiness
Another version of my latest piece -healing sometimes we have felt pain for so long we don’t know the feeling of happiness but then we heal
Miriam May 2020
Heroes wear blue
Blue like the sky
Keep looking up,we’ll get by

Heroes wear blue
Each one a star
Shinning through the night

Heroes wear blue
So keep doing what you do
I know it’s hard, but we will get through
Whatever colour you wear thank you for being there
So from all our hearts -that’s where love starts
Thank you for being you !
A poem to say thank you to all the NHS
You are all heroes thank you!
Miriam May 2021
My love for you drives me insane
The thought of you messes with my brain
Sometimes we love someone so much it drives us insane we think see them in our everyday lives or in the millions of strangers on the street  but maybe we are just hoping that because we are hiding our pain and strife that we will probably never see them again
Miriam Nov 2020
Just hold on
It will be alright
Just stay strong
You can win this fight
Just keep going
Till the morning light
Just keep warm
I’ll hold you close tonight
Copyright © 2020 MiriamH
Miriam Aug 2021
Fall in love with yourself again
Look within
There is beauty in the places we try to hide
You know
Remember to love yourself for who you are know your worth you are perfect the way you are own it!
Miriam May 2020
If you want to do something in life
Then go do it
Life is too short
To dwell on our mistakes
To live in fear
To hold regrets near
We don’t get any second takes
But neither does the first one have to be perfect
So if you want something in life
Chase it ,pursue it,do it.
Follow my insta @_writingwhispers_ for more copyright 2020©️
Miriam May 2020
It’s like the whole world is sleeping
I’m living in a dream
The birds are still tweeting
that’s about as normal as it’s been

We’re living in history
One day we’ll look back
And what’s now a mystery
Will be a fact

Nature is the only thing keeping me sane
And the world we once knew will never be the same
I’m praying we don’t go through this again

But let’s take the positives
It’s brought us together
It’s taught us that we can get through
stormy weather

So when this is all over
We’ll remember the days
But will we go back to our old ways?
Copyright Miriam © 2020
Miriam Feb 2020
Light,the heartbeat of the city
A thousand lights to show the way
An essence that surrounds our everyday
Where would we be without light?
An undertow,to the rhythm of life
What would happen if it all went dark?
No more spark,everything falls apart
No more trail,no more spark
Light,we take it for granted
But would we survive in the dark
The worlds already dark enough.
Copyright ©️Miriam Hawley 2020

I wrote this poem after a drive through the city and it occurred to me how much lights there are in the city and how much our lives  we rely on light and energy
Miriam May 2021
Fall in love with yourself again,
Look within,
There is beauty in the places we try to hide
You know
Learn to love yourself first then the rest will fall into place
Miriam Apr 2020
Love abundantly
Overflowing to everyone
Victoriously spread me
Even if others don’t show it
Copyright © Miriam
Miriam May 2020
He saw it in her eyes...
A future together
A love nothing can measure
Copyright © mhawley 16
Miriam May 2021
I cry sometimes and I don’t know why
If I could let it all out i know I’d be fine
Pain turns to anger
When I don’t have the answer
To all the questions you left me with
For all the times you left me in myth
Sometimes when we lose someone we love we can be confused what’s going on or why this short poem reflects a relationship that’s broken first we have pain then anger and confusion towards someone we love we want to know why they did what they did
Miriam May 2021
If only getting over you was
as easy as
Remembering your name
Sometimes letting can be so hard just remembering their name can hurt
Miriam May 2020
Watch me hammer down at the ground
Watch me batter and pound
Watch me turn the world into mini streams
Watch me fall like tiny rods of beams
Watch me turn the ground into a quagmire
Watch me rise the water level higher and higher
An old poem i wrote about rain
Copyright © 2017
Miriam Jul 2021
All I thought I knew before
Comes crashing down to the floor
Everything about you that kept me awake Doesn’t even matter now I know your fake
All the feelings I felt for you
Have melted away if only you knew
Was it all for nothing you kept on bluffing
left me with questions and distrust
Oh you Shut me out without a doubt
Now I just want to scream and shout
Left me numb and you played dumb
But I ain’t dumb I know who u really are
Think you can carry on leaving scars
When will it all come to an end
How many more people will have to mend
You think it’s all harmless fun baby
Well don’t think you can ever harm me
But you play a dangerous sick game
And how many will take the blame
For something that only you did
Called you out but then you hid
What a coward that covered
Up everything in lies  
Another of your efforts dies
So don’t you ever think you can come back
Whoever you pretend to be I ain’t talking.fact
You make me sick and I’m sick of feeling this
So glad I walked away when you wanted me to stay
Just know we know the secrets you kept
So be careful where you once stepped
we ain’t gonna stop fighting for justice yet
Don’t think you deserve this song for you
But people deserve to know what you do
Sometimes in life we meet toxic people and let them trick us with lies but you have got to push through and once you are out the other side you now have a story to tell to help others so they don’t have to go through the same
Miriam May 2020
Your right here with me
But it feels like we’re oceans apart
Your talking to me
But it feels like your miles from my heart

It feels like I’m losing you
Got to close down this gap
Reaching out through the distance I
Hear you calling my name

So I’m searching to find you
To hold you close once again

And I would sail away to your shore
Because your the only one I adore
And I just can’t take it no more
I’ve got to tell you how I’m feeling inside
My mind and my soul are in a fight
And I’m praying one day we’ll see the light
One day -

And I’m all dried out waiting like this
The tides gone out on our sandy abyss

I wish the tide of our love
Would flood back in
And let the waves roll over the mess we’ve made

So I’ll send out a message in a bottle
Hoping that you’ll read my words
Because waiting for you like this
Really hurts

My heart flutters like a sail
Fighting through the storms
Guiding me through the waters
A compass to your soul
Copyright©️2020 mhawley
Miriam Jul 2021
She finds it hard to open up
Because of all the scars people have cut
But when she gains that trust
The love she gives will be more than enough
She finds it easy to act tough
Because her road has been so rough
But if she receives kindness
Then she will give back nothing less
Latest piece I’ve been working on more to come soon sometimes people try to cover their pain with other emotions and act all tough but no one may know what they have had to go through so always be kind
Miriam Oct 2021
We built a ship beneath the stars
And drew an anchor from the rocks
We dug up treasure amongst the sand
And found our refuge in the docks
We birthed our home upon the waters
And set sail on the glistening blue
We eagerly climbed the rafters
And fell in love with the sea view
We sat under a carpet of stars
And sang sea shanties from long ago
We tanned on the decks all day
And told stories of sea monsters below
We dived down to the ocean depths
And caught the finest fish
We surfed and danced all the waves
And then dreamt about all we wish  
We never stopped exploring
And had a hunger for more
We traveled England and the world
And sailed to every shore
A seaside poem about a voyage
Miriam Aug 2020
I just want someone to love
To make me feel enough
I just want somebody to hold
To warm me up when I’m feeling cold
So when I’m feeling lonely
And all the fears surround me
It’s just your face I want to see
Oh baby just love me
Copyright ©️2020
Miriam Jul 2021
Cause sometimes in life
You gain it all when get one chance
Then lose it all on a fake romance
Go through all of the pain
Only to learn all loves the same
Sometimes we waste our life chasing after a fake romance or someone we don’t deserve and lose sight on what we really want so remember you deserve better you deserve to build a life for yourself not for others
Miriam Aug 2021
Right now I’m standing here all alone
But for once In my life that’s fine
Cause I’m tired of battling dark nights
So I’m finally winning this fight

And All I thought I knew before
Comes crashing down to the floor
Cause Now I know I’m better alone
So don’t even bother to phone

Cause I...

Thought I was blind couldn’t see the light
But you taught me how to run in the dark
Thought I was deaf couldn’t hear advice
But I know better not thinking twice

And now I’m finally opening my eyes
I’m running towards the light  
And now I’m finally hearing life’s beat again
I’m ready and willing to fight

Cause all that you thought you had done
Is killed off without a gun
And all that you wanted to take
Is gone a buried with no mistake

Oh oh oh

So right now I’m standing here all alone
But for once in my life that’s fine
Gone and forgotten r the dark nights
I’ve fought and won the fight
No not letting you ruin this life x2
Not today not tomorrow not tonight
The latest song I have written about overcoming toxic things in your life and being fine with where u are in your relationships or life letting go of those toxic things and being yourself
Miriam Jun 2021
Frozen in time, only sadness in your eyes
Winters snow had clouded your mind
A sleeping beauty in a forest full of lies
Who stamped out your fires, left you cold inside

Sunlight arrives, kisses your face
You start to heal in it’s warm embrace
Pain slowly melts, you are no longer blind
Hope awakens a glimpse of summer in your eyes

A scorching,slow journey on a road of upsets
But at the end of it all lies Golden hour sunsets
On a road trip to where your happiness hides
I can now see summer in your eyes

New growth chokes out old thorns of despair
Along your life’s path only lushness grows there
Happiness dances in summer breeze whispers
Your light again shimmers on overflowing rivers

Healing has painted over your winter scars
Joy brushed away the clouds, revealing stars
Love washed over all the ***** lies
You have risen up, you are now fully alive
Proved them all wrong, too strong to not survive
I now see summer dancing in your eyes
Time heals pain sometimes we have got to let the summer back into our lives again let go of the winter pain and grow in the sunlight till it radiates in our eyes and life again
Miriam Nov 2020
When it’s cloudy when it’s dark
And all I can feel is my beating heart
When I’m alone -no hope
And it feels like I’ve lost my way
I know I’ve got you standing by my side
And you hold my hands as the waves roll by

Cause your my sunny day
My blue sky
That feeling on a Friday night
No one comes close to you
And all that u can do
Your my sunset my winning bet
All the things that I love best
Yh there’s no easy way
Guess all I’m trying to say
Is I love you
Copyright © MHAWLEY 2020
Miriam Jun 2021
Sun comes out and happiness with it
Your Heart feels light joy no longer hides
Lazy days in the summer haze
Only blue skies and memories made
Sunny summer days there’s nothing better everything awakens it heals your pain you can let go and forget the sad and joy floods in I just love the feelings the memories and moments made in the summer days
Miriam May 2020
Whole skies ablaze,set on fire
Clouds like islands,floating in a crimson sea
Smooth and sweeping,golden sand
Deserts in the sky
Twisted black,framed against this display
And Graceful birds dance high and low
This sunset becomes the greatest show!
I wrote this earlier this year when I saw the most beautiful sunset ever in the countryside  it’s hard to imagine without a picture but hope this poem helps
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