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Miriam Feb 2021
I miss the time with friends
face to face- not just a pixel on a phone
those moments when you just can’t stop laughing
Everyone else is staring at you,
they don’t know what you’re laughing at
but it makes them smile to see such joy
This is a few lines from my most recent work of poetry all about 2021 and life now thinking about the memories and simple things we miss
Ratakap Jun 2019
Best friends for 7 years, nothing seemed more normal.
We saw each other everyday, never in the slightest bit formal.

I’d spill my life to you, you’d spill your life to me.
I really thought we were as happy as happy could be.

We’d go on long drives just to explore.
Spend our days with each other craving nothing more.

We used to write fantasies about our future lives.
Knowing together we had the strength to strive.

You wanted matching houses down the street,
You even wanted a joint wedding so neither would feel obsolete.

You were my reason to laugh
You were my reason to smile
You were my reason to push forward.
And you were my shoulder to cry on.

You saved my life half a dozen times,
You looked at my wrist and cried with me.
You never judged me, and you made me feel strong.
And then just like that, you were gone.

In the end, I really thought it would be you and me.
I thought we would strive and be as happy as happy could be.

I never guessed that the person who I was closest too
Would end up being the one causing me to feel so blue.

You made me strong, and made me tough.
You destroyed me too, and of course it was rough.

When you trust someone more than yourself,
And they tear your heart out, it’s more than hell.

You were not my love, but I did love you.
You were my bestfriend, and I will always miss you.

I will always look for the positive, no matter the situation.
But you, will always be my foundation.

Thank you for the past, and being my best friend.
But you might be the reason I will never trust again.
Update: This friend and I had our many ups and downs but we are on good terms now. I wrote this a few years back and it's been honestly amazing reflecting on old work.

— The End —