Ola Radka Mar 14

Even your worst enemy
cannot hurt you
as much as
negative thoughts.

Everything starts with a thought.

Your Name Here Oct 2016

Stone cold silence
Is all I hear
Stilling numbness
Is all I feel
Pitch black
Is all I see
I walk forward
Yet going backwards
Moments I should smile
I'm empty
Not needed
I'm surrounded
But all alone

sad feelings
Alana Sep 2016

The nighttime hours are always more difficult.

But that doesn’t mean the sun won’t rise again tomorrow

Think back to the words the great artists told you and I know you'll be okay

I don't need doubters in my life
I already have every other kind
Of negative energy in it
Coming at me from all directions
Left right and centre
At work and in the street

Negativity effects us all
It is ripe and abundant
If you don't believe in me
Then I won't believe in you
I'll shut my eyes and cover my ears
I can't hear you over all of this potential

Here's a ticket to never land
Now please kindly fuck off
If I say I'll do something
Best believe I'll do it
I get off on this proving you wrong stuff
I can do it all day

Ugo Victor Mar 2016

Keep your head up
My father said to me
Young redhead troubled
by the world around me

So when you think I'm nodding
In agreement; I'm sorry
You only misunderstood; I can't
Hear you, you see

When life burdens me and my
Head drops
I bring it back up because
Heads up
That's what my father taught me

Red head

That's the lizard in me.

Ellie Geneve Feb 2016

Having a good day doesn't make us happy.
Our Happiness is what makes a day good.
We are the day

John-Chris Ward Sep 2015

Feet on the floor,
Brains against the wall.
So many thoughts I had to escape them all.
A call for help is all I'll ever be;
Cause no one dares to lend an ear to me.
The saddest thing you could ever be,
Is young and unhappy.

I love the connotation and denotation of the phrase "young and unhappy". The whole concept of youth is something I don't quite fully understand. The general public has this unhealthy obsession with youth  or the their idea of youth. Honestly, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Youth is more of a state of mind more than anything.
PoETE Jun 2015

Music allows me to sleep, and it makes my life nice and neat, now RePete after Pete, good vibrations can take care of all situations......

At least once in your life invest in a great pair of headphones, big enough sound to conquer both ears.  

Written by
{2000 ~~ 2015}
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
PoETE May 2015

Life's simple steps, like 1,2,3, is a simple way to be, and I enjoy a simple life you see, especially if I could
live twice in my life, and continue my honesty.

Commenting on some amazing poems always sparks my deep creativity, thanks HelloPoetry
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