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Miriam May 2020
Your right here with me
But it feels like we’re oceans apart
Your talking to me
But it feels like your miles from my heart

It feels like I’m losing you
Got to close down this gap
Reaching out through the distance I
Hear you calling my name

So I’m searching to find you
To hold you close once again

And I would sail away to your shore
Because your the only one I adore
And I just can’t take it no more
I’ve got to tell you how I’m feeling inside
My mind and my soul are in a fight
And I’m praying one day we’ll see the light
One day -

And I’m all dried out waiting like this
The tides gone out on our sandy abyss

I wish the tide of our love
Would flood back in
And let the waves roll over the mess we’ve made

So I’ll send out a message in a bottle
Hoping that you’ll read my words
Because waiting for you like this
Really hurts

My heart flutters like a sail
Fighting through the storms
Guiding me through the waters
A compass to your soul
Copyright©️2020 mhawley

— The End —