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Jun 2020
Black lives matter
All lives matter
Everyone should be treated the same
Loved the same
I’m George Floyd - say my name
For those who have suffered
We can’t stay silent - or ignore their pain
Now we have spoken out-that’s not enough
We must take action
So this never happens again
How has it taken us so long to respond?
To things that started years ago
Across the pond
Dear injustice- dear racism
You don’t deserve to live in our world
So with our weapons of love
We’ll keep fighting-keep pushing
Till your defeated-
and drowned out by our voices
Black lives matter!
We may never go through what you have
But we support you- we will lift you high
Till you and your names - touch the sky
We will unite in power-in prayer
And in our hearts
For We all bleed the same
Your George floyd -we’ll always remember your name
Such a great loss! But you caused a greater gain
A movement that will change the world
Sad it took something like this
For us all to awake
But all for justice
So no more die in vain
Written to speak out against racism and injustice and stand with those who have suffered because of it ©️Mhawley 2020
Written by
Miriam  17/F/Uk
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