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Miriam May 5
Heroes wear blue
Blue like the sky
Keep looking up,we’ll get by

Heroes wear blue
Each one a star
Shinning through the night

Heroes wear blue
So keep doing what you do
I know it’s hard, but we will get through
Whatever colour you wear thank you for being there
So from all our hearts -that’s where love starts
Thank you for being you !
A poem to say thank you to all the NHS
You are all heroes thank you!
Bill Nellist May 1
Socially distanced he whispered,

"it says covid on the death certificate,

but I'm not a sap,

it was the clap".
To clap, or not to clap, that is the question
Whether it’s nobler in the mind to give
Undying love to those who save us
Or by opposing, expose those
Who have systematically underfunded
A public fed service with malice
It dies, we die, there’s the rub
Chatter and cheer will rightly raise from
Many whose hearts are true and proud
Whose hearts must be hardened
Next at the ballot box to lift us:
There is no country without unity
No unity without truth, no economy
Without each and every soul, always
Maunas Apr 22
Working while COVID is lurking,
You are selflessly nursing and returning,
Those that were hurting,
Sometimes it can be disconcerting
But remember, we are chirping because of you,
Thank you for serving.
Dedicated to all Front line workers doing their all to fight COVID. You guys are awesome We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
special thank you to Dr. Devan Thanki
He’s lived and loved, for 99.9 years
Listen to his story, don’t hold back the tears

Daughter’s love, for a now dear old man
“I will help the NHS, as old as I am"

Please remember his name, from this day on
And speak with pride, of our Captain Tom
5 Million and still counting, all for the NHSxxx
No one on this wet rock is self-made
they all got fat with a safety net,
foundations laid
by mothers and fathers who gave
time, lives, thought, truths
so we can do what we do

It’s this we should continue

Let those who can
burn bright and earn,
that’s fine, they’ll cope
but your concern should be
the bedrock beneath us

Your every task should be to
feed, clothe, educate and make safe.

If you want Great,
supposed lost,
fulfil your role as public servants,
right and honourable,
that’s the only real cost
Lily Priest Mar 26
I see the ones
who don't see anyone.
Their skin is as fragile as the pages in an old book
and they look at me with eyes that have read it all,
seen it all
and are still scared.
I know their loved ones;
the worried fingers
that lace and unlace
as they stare a hole in the space between their shoes,
unused to the barriers,
fighting every instinct just to keep dear ones safe.
When I grace their bedside,
adjust the pillows behind their heads, I think;
every touch is their touch -
the ones that can't be close -
reaching through closed doors.
Every look is their look.
Every word of comfort are words those loved ones would say.
I hope they know,
and I pray they are
no longer alone.
For the nurses who are looking after people with coronavirus. Caring for them in spite of their own health and being a comfort to the people who are in qaurantine and cannot see their families.
Abbas Mar 25
In times like these we must beware,
for we know not when end is near,
know your purpose in this world,
for time has come to be sincere.
To all those people fighting bold,
whose days are long and nights are cold,
for you and I they risk their lives,
so now’s the time to make them smile.
Give them strength and power too,
for we know not what they go through.
Show respect, support them too:
to all those angels, we need you.
For all those who risk their lives every single day for the safety of others: you are special in this world and you need to be told that. The world must show its gratitude to the warriors that help get humanity through unimaginable crises such as the prevailing one. They deserve love, respect and appreciation.
Lisa Conway Mar 23
Thank you to all our wonderful emergency services
For all the wonderful things you do
From the small kindnesses that you do each day
to the largest life saving procedure
Without you all we'd be lost
From the call handlers on the phone
To the frontline police and paramedics
To A&E Doctors and Nurses
Our GP's and their staff
To our ward nurses, cleaning team and others
We are so lucky to have you all
Caring for us in our time of need

So from me to you quite simply

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