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Miriam Feb 2021
I miss the time with friends
face to face- not just a pixel on a phone
those moments when you just can’t stop laughing
Everyone else is staring at you,
they don’t know what you’re laughing at
but it makes them smile to see such joy
This is a few lines from my most recent work of poetry all about 2021 and life now thinking about the memories and simple things we miss
Miriam Feb 2021
I miss everything.
I miss people, I miss places
I miss family, I miss friends
I miss that feeling you get on a summer night, driving home from a family gathering,
windows down,music blasting out
with the sticky humidity
and smell of summer bbqs in the air.
The birds chirping ,insects buzzing
and the smell of freshly cut grass drifting in air, while walking bare foot through the fields
watching the sunset on those summer walks.
The family holidays,
walking along the golden kissed beaches, swimming as the sun goes down.
Having fish and chips on the pier
with the cry of gulls circling the air
and sand between your toes.
Road trips to a new place
and feeling that sense of pure exhaustion and satisfaction
as you head home on the motorway..headphones in, reminiscing the day, caught up in your own little bubble  ...
These are a few of the moments I miss the most.
The first paragraph of my latest piece on 2021 thoughts with Covid and reminiscing the things we took for granted and miss so much ... more parts coming soon

— The End —