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Aug 2021
Right now I’m standing here all alone
But for once In my life that’s fine
Cause I’m tired of battling dark nights
So I’m finally winning this fight

And All I thought I knew before
Comes crashing down to the floor
Cause Now I know I’m better alone
So don’t even bother to phone

Cause I...

Thought I was blind couldn’t see the light
But you taught me how to run in the dark
Thought I was deaf couldn’t hear advice
But I know better not thinking twice

And now I’m finally opening my eyes
I’m running towards the light  
And now I’m finally hearing life’s beat again
I’m ready and willing to fight

Cause all that you thought you had done
Is killed off without a gun
And all that you wanted to take
Is gone a buried with no mistake

Oh oh oh

So right now I’m standing here all alone
But for once in my life that’s fine
Gone and forgotten r the dark nights
I’ve fought and won the fight
No not letting you ruin this life x2
Not today not tomorrow not tonight
The latest song I have written about overcoming toxic things in your life and being fine with where u are in your relationships or life letting go of those toxic things and being yourself
Written by
Miriam  17/F/Uk
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