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Miriam May 2021
My love for you drives me insane
The thought of you messes with my brain
Sometimes we love someone so much it drives us insane we think see them in our everyday lives or in the millions of strangers on the street  but maybe we are just hoping that because we are hiding our pain and strife that we will probably never see them again
Jenny Ochoa Aug 2019
those butterflies you get in your tummy, when you look up and they are already staring at you, with a smile so lovely...
that tingle you feel in your soul, when they pull you in for a kiss while they caress your face, desire is their goal...
the sensations you provoke to my body, one look one hug one smile and my emotions sky rocket out of my body...
دema flutter Jun 2018
I think I gave you
a little too much of my soul,

I think I may have let go
of myself a little too soon,

I don't think I loved you,
I think I just really didn't know what love is.
Ambika Jois Sep 2016
You make me weak in the knees,
I shan't look at you in the eyes,
For each time our smiles meet,
My heart skips beats and I shyly sigh;
Your pull gives me goosebumps,
Making my lashes dip and cheeks blush red,
My fears crumple and out they jump,
I surrender, I'm all yours, I've accepted.
The way *he* makes me feel :-) Butterflies, birds and parachute jumps - that's what love's supposed to feel like! Yes, 24/7!
ZT Jun 2015
At first I had nothing, but was not empty
Until I met you and changed me completely
You filled me, little by little
1/8, 1/4, to half full
Until to the brim you filled me.

I am already full, I could say
But still, you continued pouring.
Those emotions you gave were overflowing
I thought I couldn't handle,

So I told you to stop
I chased you away
Until you were gone
I told you to comeback, but it's already done

The feelings that you once overflowed,
Was there no more
All I could do is to keep these feeling you left for me
To let it linger inside me

But as time passes by,
The world, the nature, the sun won't let me
Evaporation gets the best of me

And now,
Little by little
The emotions I treasured was fading
The feelings were fleeting

But I won't let the world get on my way
I shall conquer all the odds
Just so that a part of you could stay

In the darkness I shall seek shelter
To hide from the sun
To protect the fragments of my lover

I laugh at the sun, and I mock the world
For I am able to protect of what's left
But most of all
I pity myself

For trying to satisfy one's self from that tattered dream

Pretending to be happy for keeping a half of it
Yes a half, but not half full, As it once was
Because when he left, it can never be half full
But will always be half empty.
So, what is it for you? Are you half full or half empty???
ZT Jun 2015
I know
You want to break up

Don't try to hide it
Your eyes tells it all
The burning love, no more

You that once smiled brightly for me
Now drowned in tears
I no longer want to see you like that

Don't cry for me,
As if you care
Pretending to be nice
When I know it's all lies

I know you want to leave me
But just can't say the words
You keep pretending nothing's wrong
When nothing was even right

Those lips
When you kiss me
I get choked up
I can't breathe
It's no longer love
It's poison

Crazy in love
That was how we lived
You and me, was our everything
we are just crazy
But no longer with love

Now we exchange blows
Words that hurt more than knives
With our relationship
You keep telling me you're tired
But you can't even end it

Don't hold on to me
Feeling your breath against my neck
Is like a cold wind piercing through my skin

Now our love story is nearing its end
But even now you won't say it's over
I know you want me to say it's the end
Even now you are the nice one
And I'm the bad guy
The one who broke up with you

Fine, I'll be the bad guy
I say
"It's over"
I no longer want to see you with tears
I hope you'll find a better love

So don't hold on to me
I might never let you go.
Then you'll continue to hurt

So now please go,
Don't ever come back,
If you do I'll fall in love again
And the cycle of pain will continue

"But just grant me one last wish
Smile brightly for me again
Leave me with that beautiful memory"

Your eyes,
That looked at me with love

Your nose,
That breathed love

Your lips,
That spoke of love

We were stupid in love but now is the end, goodbye my love
This poem is inspired by the the song Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang and Stupid in Love by Soyu ft.Mad Clown
nia fox Jan 2015
for you are my sunshine
and all my rain
for you are my bruises
for you are my pain
for you are my laughter
and all my wishes
for you are my pride
and also fictitious
even though I know you'll never be
you've always meant
so much more to me
this world is hateful
though you are so kind
I don't care what they say
soon you'll be mine
Gloria Dec 2014
When I call you an idiot,
I mean I love you
but I shouldn't say it.

When I call you a nerd,
I mean I love you,
especially when you start rambling about math.

When I call you a dork,
I mean I love you
but I shouldn't say it.

When I say you're a *******,
I mean you're a *******
but you're my *******.

And I am still madly in love with you.

— The End —