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Miriam Oct 2021
We built a ship beneath the stars
And drew an anchor from the rocks
We dug up treasure amongst the sand
And found our refuge in the docks
We birthed our home upon the waters
And set sail on the glistening blue
We eagerly climbed the rafters
And fell in love with the sea view
We sat under a carpet of stars
And sang sea shanties from long ago
We tanned on the decks all day
And told stories of sea monsters below
We dived down to the ocean depths
And caught the finest fish
We surfed and danced all the waves
And then dreamt about all we wish  
We never stopped exploring
And had a hunger for more
We traveled England and the world
And sailed to every shore
A seaside poem about a voyage
Miriam Aug 2021
He pulled me in close
Then He whispered in my ear
Baby you have nothing to fear
I turned to face him
With a cheeky grin
and whispered back I’m glad your here
He wrapped himself around me
Then We danced all night
Going strong till the morning light
Holding each other’s arms
Embraced in each other’s palms
Baby it just felt so perfect and so right
He whisked me away
Then swept me off my feet
We danced to the DJ and the beat
Had the time of our life
I forgot all my strife
I swear god knew that we would meet
He gently kissed my lips
Then we ordered more drinks
I ignored all the other boys winks
All that mattered was him
Forget the shots and gin
This night was where our forever would begin
This is a poem about meeting someone special on a night out and them having a place in your life
Miriam Aug 2021
Fall in love with yourself again
Look within
There is beauty in the places we try to hide
You know
Remember to love yourself for who you are know your worth you are perfect the way you are own it!
Miriam Aug 2021
I don’t know what tomorrow holds
But with you baby the sky’s are gold
I don’t know what our future is
But with you baby I don’t want to miss
A single second ,minute, hour or day
We all have that special someone who you know will make the days you go into better together
Miriam Aug 2021
Right now I’m standing here all alone
But for once In my life that’s fine
Cause I’m tired of battling dark nights
So I’m finally winning this fight

And All I thought I knew before
Comes crashing down to the floor
Cause Now I know I’m better alone
So don’t even bother to phone

Cause I...

Thought I was blind couldn’t see the light
But you taught me how to run in the dark
Thought I was deaf couldn’t hear advice
But I know better not thinking twice

And now I’m finally opening my eyes
I’m running towards the light  
And now I’m finally hearing life’s beat again
I’m ready and willing to fight

Cause all that you thought you had done
Is killed off without a gun
And all that you wanted to take
Is gone a buried with no mistake

Oh oh oh

So right now I’m standing here all alone
But for once in my life that’s fine
Gone and forgotten r the dark nights
I’ve fought and won the fight
No not letting you ruin this life x2
Not today not tomorrow not tonight
The latest song I have written about overcoming toxic things in your life and being fine with where u are in your relationships or life letting go of those toxic things and being yourself
Miriam Jul 2021
I did it all for what I thought love was
And now all I know is loss
Into the darkest depths I’ve been tossed
Guess I’ve had to pay the cost
Don’t get caught up in fake love don’t waste your time on people like that instead focus on those who will bring happiness and positivity into your life
Miriam Jul 2021
Minutes turn to hours
Hours to days
And we r drifting further away

Moments turn to memories
Memories they fade
But all the blame floats my way

Days turn to weeks
Weeks to a month
Guess I just wasn’t enough

Words turn to thoughts
Thoughts they bluff
But I know the truth and it’s tough

Pain turns to anger
Anger then accepts
That I deserve more than reject

Sadness turns to happiness
Healing is complex
But I now know letting go is best
Sometimes we have just got to let go and then we will find freedom
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