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Miriam May 2020
It’s like the whole world is sleeping
I’m living in a dream
The birds are still tweeting
that’s about as normal as it’s been

We’re living in history
One day we’ll look back
And what’s now a mystery
Will be a fact

Nature is the only thing keeping me sane
And the world we once knew will never be the same
I’m praying we don’t go through this again

But let’s take the positives
It’s brought us together
It’s taught us that we can get through
stormy weather

So when this is all over
We’ll remember the days
But will we go back to our old ways?
Copyright Miriam © 2020
Miriam May 2020
Heroes wear blue
Blue like the sky
Keep looking up,we’ll get by

Heroes wear blue
Each one a star
Shinning through the night

Heroes wear blue
So keep doing what you do
I know it’s hard, but we will get through
Whatever colour you wear thank you for being there
So from all our hearts -that’s where love starts
Thank you for being you !
A poem to say thank you to all the NHS
You are all heroes thank you!

— The End —