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May 2017 · 537
Whispers of Wisdom
Dyrr Keusseyan May 2017
If silence is gold, then speech is bold,
the heart stays young yet the mind stay old,
whispering chants destroy the walls of our world - this prison,
even in Cold or Heated Hell. Whispers of Wisdom...

At war, after war; all but hell burned to dust,
Would survival depend, let us not pretend, on friends you can trust
Destroying dark demons of old; for all must
A battlefield for whispering angels, and devils of wartime lust.

Minds Anchored, Hearts plenty, yet no hesitation
To choose to alter course to develop potential,
Light and dark; never apart, both passive and active
Whispers of Wisdom reach us, whenever; whatever we practice.
Apr 2017 · 299
Apr 2017 · 472
Nothing Sweeter Then You
Dyrr Keusseyan Apr 2017
Sweet Like Pear, Softer Then A Melon,
Sweeter then an Orange, Bitter like a lemon,
Softer then a touch of rich blossom leaf,
Love me with sin, can i caress You with My Heat,

Love me sweeter then a daphodiles scent,
Love me bitter, like a lemon, a dark ***** cent,
Love me a Lover, clamors in the dark,
All Through the Night, Lovers never apart,

Love me like darkness, purge me as we roll,
Love me like Light, with and without control,
Love me like The Moon, Blossoming at Night,
Love me like the Sun, every morning we take flight.

Like A Flowers at a tomb, We make love till we die,
Like A Morning dew, We make Love at Sunrise,
Like A Breezing Wind, We make Love like the Spring,
Like A Cold Winter, We Make Love Like a chillin wind.
Like The Autumn, We Make Love in Many colours,
Like The Summer Time, We Make Love In Splendor.

Sweet Like A Pear, Like Flowers blooming,
Sweeter then an Orange, Such Fine Tuning,
Sweeter then You No Other is,
Let's make Love again, but after we kiss.
Apr 2017 · 233
Apr 2017 · 542
Promise For Eternity
Dyrr Keusseyan Apr 2017
For Eternity I Do promise,
That Each Sentient Woman will become A Goddess,
You may fail and try again,
For Eternity A Woman is my friend,
And I Swear for Eternity,
Each Woman will become A Divinity,
Her Force is Sacred Never Misused,
Safe from pain, never abused,
And One Day it will be our turn,
To Be friends and forever learn,
That A Woman is the most wonderful Being in All Of Creation,
There will never be a greater affirmation,
A Woman is Sacred A Woman is Holy,
To Hurt A Woman is the greatest folly,
To Love Them Like The Sun, To shelter them from the rain.
To Fight for them until none is in pain,
Towards A Woman One must be Honest,
To Love them and treat them like A Goddess,
We must pray as we slay.
And strike all night and day
Until The Great Day where we raise Our Swords,
Female Energy, Our Dear Goddess, The Universe is Yours.
Feb 2017 · 339
Those who succeed
Dyrr Keusseyan Feb 2017
If Kindness becomes language, Love can be found,
Honest Love wraps us in wings, all sentient life; safe and sound,
Ignorance reaping, cleaving, but kindness exists,
                                                         ­            Cursed, evil forever sleeping!
Thankfully, knowledge we obtain, enters and exits,
                                                          ­           Knowledge itself ... also seeking!

Truth, Always found in both large small findings,
We stand together, perhaps at times! but ignorance forever dividing!
Much truth Hiding from our youth...
Much Youth Hiding from Truth...
           ... makes our hearts swollen weeping,

Can't seem to be perfect only solitary!
Solitary measures yet found in all actions.... ordinary.

All calm, even when good is wrong .. at times, plays us a sad song,
All wrong, find strictly truth, in good gone a'foul!
All even, balanced measures in all ends,
Let us not pretend, all begins, ends; with caresses ... for self to befriend!

If Kindness becomes language, love can be found,
If Love wraps us in it's wings, all sentient life Heaven bound.
Not much truth to bare, actions of Divinity,
Are but simply fare, simple pleasure, but done for eternity...
Dec 2016 · 528
Dyrr Keusseyan Dec 2016
Somewhere holding a pen, or even a gun,
Wisdom of old, behold: "Truth will always outwit, outrun!"
"Your dress doesn't make you a Saint"
I stress:
"false attainment always met will false acquaint!"

Despite colored robes, it's taint, both, with and without meaning,
Understand an etheric form invisible, trusting processes without seeing,
Always being, even asleep, one who's will be freeing,
Endless sentient loss due to Many illumined, at times, fleeing.

Tasks given; even blessings for the taking,
History rewritten, but some read between the lines:
                          "History!  You are in the making!"
Betrayal, mistrust, endure One for Many must:
For Many of One will become Saints: Your Empires shall crumble to dust!

Somewhere many holding a pen, also many a sword,
Carry on! Bury On! Light shall always somewhere be restored.
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
In every place dark: evil, corroded and stark,
In every place dark: where all good has fallen apart,
Even in landmarks of evil, devoid of our hearts,
Light finds a way to light a spark.

In places where darkness lingers, life loses and withers,
Where even Nature is rotten, full of thorns and splinters,
Where all is void of warmth, covered by eternal stormish winters,
Somehow, a spark arrives, breaking all that hinders.

Even if Light is in a far away place,
Even if our world has failed, shamed and disgraced.
Even if all life and spirit has fallen or wilted,
A spark arrives, balance has tilted.

In every place dark, In every place evil:
Where darkness has conquered since time primeval,
Even where all which lurks,  twisted, flawed and dark,
Be the light there, be that spark.
Nov 2016 · 537
Ignorance still Sleeping
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
All sleeping, Ignorance reaping:
The few, trust their own reasoning,
Their own skill, their our perception,
Good will, forsaken honesty; always has a bad reception.

All sleeping, Ignorance reaping:
The few, trust their own reasoning,
Think layers of lies and deception,
Yet one must deceive self first, before entering misconceptions,

Abysses, crevices, all live for slander,
No dept, yet stuck in a hole: happily they dander,
Are we humans or still Netherlanders?
In our evil world:
None take responsibility, all "innocent" bystanders?

At this level, is there anything more?
Ask questions, don't seek the answers, wait there's more:
All sleeping, Ignorance reaping:
Who are we awakening, for whom are we weeping?
Nov 2016 · 638
Primordial Darkness
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
Darkness creeping, shallow voices speaking,
Uttering but a dark silence to those weeping,
Minds full of nonsense, evil: still reaping,
Warped Minds, Warped speeches always so far reaching:
  To those in the dark: Your minds are forever sleeping!

The dreaded awake, yet fake wakefulness,
I Stress, rules for ruling the popular unrest,
Minds with ego, slaughtering souls:, A war against spirit,
  Void souls, Vicious Shadows, somehow, always paying a visit.

Void souls who which but control: viciously,
Nothing to gain, all to lose, but yet claim your energy,
Unison in the dark, addicted to vanities,
Claiming a battle for light; you become a casualty.

Dictated prayers, since time immemorial,
Cults of darkness, since time Primordial.
Nov 2016 · 356
All to dust
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
Enemies of old, Empires of Gold, now dust
Our selves: always righteous, angry but just,
Despite Battle cries, cold wars becoming obsolete,
Enemies of old, now in Hell fire's slow shallow heat,

Measures taken before any action,
Disguised dark angels are no distraction,
Nor they change, nor back pedals, no retraction,
Stealing our light, Our Glory to dust, they're only attraction,

Shadow stalkers Shadow Walker,
Shadowy worships, the world becoming darker,
In the moments we live, do we live or even exist?
What knowledge, what lessons of past have we ever missed.

All in bliss, A war of times old,
Both Primordial light, dark never fold,
Truly all evolves, if persistent,
Both light and dark, dancing, apart or coexistent?

Emotions, sensations, deep and subtle,
Through Slow movement, the faster we scuttle,
Both evil and fear, when dark moments near,
Feelings, mechanisms, both light and dark become clear.

Presence a must, in self: Trust,
Demons of old, even empires of gold, all now turn to dust.
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
Minds Golden, Minds Open,
Heart's fulfilled, yet hurt and swollen,

I try,
others deny,
"failure viewed as our only progress"
Making sensible souls cry,

"Mind's are allergic, soul's anemic...
To any source of Wisdom, souls not in agreement,
Self: not viewed as source of achievement,
Ourselves of course, a source of Truth: never convenient.

Actors: our politicians, revering, of only folly,
Stalling our hopes, for a future of love & glory
Unwritten stories, none making the attempt,
Of Liking self, of loving self, all have sins to repent,

Histories shallow, written by dark lords of shadows,
Books for/by crooks, truth send to the gallows,
all deceptive in action and looks, all heart hallowed,
Down to flesh and bone marrow, even beauty, ugly and sallow.

All fighting, what for? what are these rivalries?
Tragedies, parodies, None perceiving our true enemies,
Salute, debuts, soldier fighting with honor,
Notes taken, yet truth forsaken, orders issued by monsters & robbers.

Sure let's us all slander, to any, if any, speaks of truth,
Markets, targets, to spread poison, sickness to our youth.
Send soldiers abroad, let's watch them fight as we rob,
Soldiers die, leaders never cry. They're Problem Solved!

Yet, among a few: fortunate Mind's Golden,
Nov 2016 · 346
The Broken Wings
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
Wings Broken, wounds wide open,
yet in time, some day, all rewoven
Acts of evil forever acts of futility,
Only Hearts warm find eternal glory,


Lonely souls that cut their lines,
Much love exists, yet are they blind?

True legacy enduring and those that outlast,
Are only but a little light from within, within our grasp.
Utter inside; seas quite deep
Forever exalts in our heart's heat.


Wings broken wounds wide open,
One should remember that wounds,
Are only felt by hearts open and chosen.
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
Cutting through devils flesh, bones and marrows,
Healing sorrow, it's wielders never cold or shallow,
All Divinity or Nature destroyed is healed and harrowed,
Behold, the gift of the Goddess: The Sword of Shadows.

Despite cold hearts making our world a burning hell,
Despite many angels, light bearing souls, who somehow fell,
Despite those taking pleasure from greed, envy and sin,
Warm Hearts realize The Goddess is indeed our kin,

Despite endless waves of lives and death,
Despite moments when even good has lost life and breath,
Despite the sinuous evil and creeping dark,
One receives his Sword when Healthy with Halo and Heart.

For a Sword Bold of times Old, your heart must stay warm,
Even when anger for a purge starts and your mind 's a storm,
May every plot against Humanity forever fold or foil,
A Sword waiting for you, end all turmoil.

With Knowledge gained either thought the art or craft,
Sword of Shadows, Avenging all pains, even future and past...
Only tears shed are that of Love and Joy, no remorse,
To allow our dear Goddess in our world, All rejoice.

A Sword of Shadows for Hearts Brave and True,
Our Goddess Loves all, and has Sword for you.
Nov 2016 · 865
The Way of Zen
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
Those who passed the gate,
                              don't ask the gate keeper
Those who ask the gate keeper,
                              haven't yet passed the gate.

It is easy to be indifferent,
                              and not take action,
Easy to fool one another,
                              and view morality as an abstraction,

What has long been neglected,
                              cannot be fixed right away,
Regretting past fault and folly,
                              Brings potential; Don't stray from The Way.
Nov 2016 · 852
The city needs sleep
Dyrr Keusseyan Nov 2016
small crevices filtering water from the rain,
all heedless, silence, when alleys utter shouts of pain,
all in motion, void devotion
hidden schemes, but caution
even commercials, hide skill, despite it's toxin....

a vertical garden of concrete bliss,
lessons, points of times past, did we succeed or miss?
sleep well, each day another chance,
despite looks, money, truth appears, when self in stance

sleep, the city needs sleep,
not action, not movement, just self to keep,
sleep, sleep you'll have steps, leaps,
whether just or foul, an ad, or even truth in cowl,
sleep, city sleep, the city... the world, needs us
our minds are too busy, let the city, our minds sleep for once
Dyrr Keusseyan Oct 2016
Set Goals,
others make themselves, and others, fold,
in silence be gold, in speech be bold,
Set Goals,
Then smash the **** outta them!

Be silent, priceless,
Be peaceful, yet trained in violence,
Heart young, Mind old,
Set Goals,
Then smash the **** outta them!

Do this do that,
Your wrong which ever way you hold the bat,
All envious, no one can sense your wrath,
Set Goals,
Then smash the **** outta them!

Some enemies become friends,
Some friends, were you sworn enemies 'till the end,
All envious, One Desire,
They burn when you play with your fire,
Then Smash the **** outta them!

Again and again,
The world turns with no beginning or end,
Truly you are your own best friend!
Wait for the day, were regretful they lay,
And Smash the **** outta them!
Aug 2016 · 511
Dyrr Keusseyan Aug 2016
Change is difficult, but never deadly,
Choosing self, increase potentiality for eternity,
Wastelands, Oceans of undeveloped skill and ability,
Sincerity lost in everyone's life's scenery.

Non conscious breaths, only unconscious actions,
Self harm, unperceptive misconceptions in all our reactions,
Even Enlightened Minds perceive but a fraction,
Of self imbued virtues: too often viewed as an abstraction.

No God present, no Divine Intervention,
All reactive, on Earth, no single act of prevention,
No sacred arm from another place, maybe even dimension.
To stop our follies, machinations of evil, our only comprehension.

Self imbued with self, potential forever increasing,
Only we can develop ourselves, I AM a human being,
Blessings for the taking, when blessing self,
May all find themselves, their balance, before their time of death.

Change is difficult, but never deadly,
Choose self and potentiality for eternity.
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
The Tree Nymph
Dyrr Keusseyan Aug 2016
The Tree Nymph chants with grace,
Mesmerizing  men by plenty, soon lost, displaced,
Her voice, charming songs of paradises and victories true;
Sounds like colors, various, like a thousand rainbows hues,
But deceptive songs heard only men whose hearts are empty,
And whose souls are petty, despite they toiled plenty.

For these men who seek women and The Nymph also seeks them:
Evil men full of blackness, foul and dread,
Who foolishly travel to the source of the enchantment,
Only to find themselves slain by this female *******.

No heart broken if nonexistant,
Persistent ignorance formed by constant negligence
Yet before dying comes a sweet caress
For slain are these foolish men, Nature is blessed!

From Her body only one guarantee,
Without sympathy, from the enemy
From her blood pure: Holy Vessels,
But only after a pain; unbearable

Her Body sometimes Tree, Her blood always a Holy Sap
Her wisdom an elixir which none can grasp,
She is wet and her branches grow children who will soon run with the wind
Not from the rain, but from the ***** of men who have heard her sing.

Forever shrouded, mysteriously clouded intent
Dreaming of men who wept, with whom they slept, only to met their death
However it is noted, The Tree Nymph sings true and pure,
For men who are evil, the only cure

A purge for those who sing as they hurt and curse
At Women: The Ocean of eternal birth.
Dyrr Keusseyan Jul 2016
A simple and respectable lifestyle is not found in either fortune or poverty, nor high or lower classes, it is found in being integral with what we have learned so far in life.

When soaring in life to the fullest, you find simplicity and plainness as the most joyful level of reality.

Studying Zen is similar to washing ***** clothing, the clothing is initially clean, the dirt comes from the outside.

One can be both strict and clear, yet compassionate and caring. One should be crystal clear in his relationship with his own mind, yet, magnanimous in dealing with his friends and acquaintances.

One shouldn't expose others weaknesses crudely, when one loses his temper completely on others blunders, he is basically fighting a weakness with a weakness.

If you do not want to learn, then you must earn,
If you cannot earn, then you burn.

Your Heart is a Shield and your Mind a Sword. Your mind can be like a weapon to attack others, if you defend yourself with your mind you will be paranoid and won't avoid confusion. Your Emotions are like a defensive mechanism, if you attack with your emotions you will clearly lose your ground and become confused.
Jul 2016 · 1.3k
Lost in trance
Dyrr Keusseyan Jul 2016
Most people lost in trance,
No moral No virtue, none taking stance,
Corporations, profiling the masses for profit,
Wisdom, a lost art, never a conversation topic,

Most people  lost in trance,
Thinking, intellect seems active...  but at glance,
The masses follow but a single or many devils dance,
Compassion forbidden, ignorance in forever expanse.

Wickedness spreading even in a happy song,
The Path of Ancients, forgotten, what has gone wrong?
Spirituality always seen as an unscientific farce,
A pure state of consciousness, truly: a lost Art.

As a the masses defile, few seek purity,
All with masks on, fearing true reality,
Fools fooling fools, a vicious cycle,
Kings and pawns, dreaming of power and titles.

Lost in trance, for others amusement,
Greed seekers doing even the devil's recruitment,
Pollutants in all, mind, heart and body,
Lost in trance, devoid of potentiality.

A few fools, feeding on ignorance for money,
Truly, lost in trance, a lost humanity.
Jun 2016 · 504
Whispers of Wisdom
Dyrr Keusseyan Jun 2016
If speech is bold then silence is gold,
the heart stays young yet the mind stay old,
whispering chants destroy the walls of our world - this prison,
even in Cold or Heated Hell. Whispers of Wisdom.

At war, after war; all but hell burned to dust,
Would survival depend, let us not pretend, on friends you can trust
Destroying dark demons of old; for all must
A battlefield for whispering angels, and devils of wartime lust.

Minds Anchored, Hearts plenty, yet no hesitation
To choose to alter course to develop potential,
Light and dark; never apart, both passive and active
Whispers of Wisdom reach us, whenever; whatever we practice.
Jun 2016 · 806
The Pulse of Life
Dyrr Keusseyan Jun 2016
Despite the rising and falling tides,
Despite the news that constantly divides,
Despite each moment, where lives are lost,
Despite each moment where lines are crossed,

Despite living in a world which seems like hell,
Trust be told and evil forever dispelled,
Within us deep, from head to feet,
Exists a being of beauty, for now, asleep.

A Pulse of life in the center of it all,
Love and Wisdom can breach any wall,
Live for others you find but inaction,
Live for yourself: eternal potential and passion,

Despite most living not for giving,
Despite the hell that we are all bringing,
Despite the Universe's lack of action and reaction,
Life is what you make of it, your energy has attraction.

Live your life, but be clear,
Perceptive and wise, but not too austere,
Simply put, you are that truth, truth in the making,
Don't wait for the rest; until they awaken.
Jun 2016 · 515
In my Evil Dark Room
Dyrr Keusseyan Jun 2016
Dark chains - bind us all,
tied to another, look at the wall
drawing & symbol' on this wall seem true,
Is no reality for me - nor for you

Said Chain cannot be broken
Nor can it's locks be ever open,
For this cave - Love is of no avail,
One speaks of truth - to be justly impaled?

"For one can only speak of blunder
cries of pain turned rain from thunder
a path or spell, trapped in or under
primed a task to a dictated hunter
to curse, to maim, to harm one other;
If one should speak of love or compassion
Not wealth nor example but positive action
If One speaks of truth, or of which; but a fraction,
It will be viewed as a wrong, as an abstraction."

For the crowd boasts one happy hell,
for the fallen, as it is - there is nothing new to tell
All is squalid, unheard of pretend - my friend
garbage cans to propaganded pineal glands
wedding bands to the holy soldier with no hands,
or to walk alter aisles with knees lost and dammed,
some horses better left unsaddled -
condemned to capers of deserts untraveled

A frozen thistle - thought to be in re-bloom
a hidden aged wonder in my evil dark room
Dyrr Keusseyan Jun 2016
Reflections invisible, O self, eternal, rising forever high,
Wings of Justice, Wings of Darkness, in ether, forever fly,
At any age at any stage,if Kindness is our roots, Heaven's our Ally.
Light in-divisible, seeing both just and evil, forever reflecting in the sky,

Time forever passing, Eternity contain both truths and lies,
Evil time shared, Of all truth beware: Illumined Minds cry,
For a Caring Heaven, Watching all men. A Mighty Mirror in the sky,

reflective and cool, all men were once fools, yet successful when they try,
Be yourself, Love yourself till death, enlightenment comes in time...

someone dies, A Soaring flame, now becoming wise,
an image imprinted, now in the Mighty mirror ...
forever watching from the sky.
Jun 2016 · 5.5k
The Orions and The Witch
Dyrr Keusseyan Jun 2016
The Orions, mysterious forces who contacts the witch,
When She is ready to be sworn,
In secret they teach Her how much the soul is rich,
Some think they're are Goddesses, Spirits or even Norn,

She studies all truths in secret,
Energy is always knowledge,
But due to humanity's key weakness,
Their own Truth, Potential, they can't acknowledge!

She studies Magik and Spirituality,
Nothing more commoners hate: a shining light,
Knowing witches didn't win often in history,
Alone She stands, alone She became bright.

Yet one day The Orions appear,
For the Witch is now ready,
She becomes Wise, all fears disappear,
The Illumined path she travels; Perceptive and Steady.

Truly when you are truly yourself,
You see life's true beauty,
And the Witch is forever blessed,
One day...
She will join the Orions, Becoming A Witch for Eternity
Jun 2016 · 768
Wandering Souls
Dyrr Keusseyan Jun 2016
Wandering Souls

Not all those who wander away, are forever lost,
Many lifetimes our paths somehow crossed,
An infinite Ocean of life to explore,
Expanding eternally, in size evermore.

Wandering souls find anywhere a comfortable abode,
Mind full of experiences, an ever writing tome,
Whether among many, or all alone,
Eternally traveling, The Universe, our harmonious home.

Whether within undesired chaos or well deserved order,
Whether within silence or much disorder,
Even if at times when you're in distress,
Remember, The Universe loves you, being forever blessed!

Therefore learn, live, travel on and explore,
Everyday, love yourself a little bit more,
Forwards Thinking, seeing potential in others and self,
Ever learning soul, Wisdom, our true wealth.
May 2016 · 292
Dyrr Keusseyan May 2016
Looks from others: we are but mirrors of one another,
A true sister and brother: A probable Holy Father and Mother
From Holy Ghost to Holy Host, All Human Beings chosen for starters,
Living our lives of sorrow, others looks weight us down, regardless:

May heaven come knock at our doors tomorrow,
Instead of when our time has come, after much pain and sorrow.
Love found, always found, great relief!
False Love, always false hope, no greater thief!

Yet No Laws No Blockades!
No arrest, No shame!
A Heaven waiting? What is this madness: A Question of timing?
For most abuse cases, all evil met with silence.

Heaven sings, despite much violence,
Innocents Dying, yet Tolerance?
An interminable cycle, yet you find benevolence.
Truth, your only blessing; residing in self residence

Tears shed, from old to youth,
Hearts have to bleed before the World can enter truth.
Dyrr Keusseyan May 2016
Deep In the Universe of which we perceive but a fraction:
Exist an All encompassing Mighty Goddess of Compassion,
Whether scrying a Luminous Being immune to any curse,
Or a simpleton Women, with a few worries to nurse,

Whether at home, or some world's distant shore
Whether sentient ones in distant Heaven adored
Whether in silence or at war, Goddess we whisper or roar!

Wisdom sweet like the Nectar of a thousand peaches
Worlds at Peace, Passages to Endless Realms within our reaches
For Love, Peace above us to Crusades beneath
A Goddess Bold, a Heart of Blissful Eternal Heat.

We fight, and strikes red devils, black knights
For the ones innocent with truthful plights,
Our Hearts in our chest, Truly Only One Holy Crest!
Hearts and Minds United with The Goddess, Eternally Blessed.

Whether one lost or confused,
Whether sad, much trust found, lost then misused
One who speaks dearly forever to those abused
Goddess of Compassion, Light with All Hues.

Even when facing immeasurable defeat.
Whether in the Cold Hells frost or Hot Hells heat,
Whether trouble or sinking fast and deep,
Or perilous journey through Mountains; passages steep.

Compassion an elixir and sword of eternal heat.
With Wisdom together, an improbable defeat.

(edited 9th May)
Whether evil in the Battlefield or crawling evil hidden
Reading Ancient Wisdom or Knowledge Forbidden,
Even if a thousand vile voices slander in unison,
The Goddess of Compassion Eternally, is Warm and Singing.
May 2016 · 1.7k
The Mysterious Goddess
Dyrr Keusseyan May 2016
The Mysterious Goddess
There is a Unknown Goddess, shrouded in Mystery,
Her Temples; desecrated, destroyed since history,
Since time immemorial she has existed,
and somehow, whispers of Wisdom persisted.

The points She makes, mostly missed,
Knowledge She offers, widely dismissed,
For Her songs of virtue, and of beauty,
Are viewed as primitive, exposed so crudely.

Many sail to a far away place,
To see only followers, Legacy disgraced,
Whether be it the place; Her Sacred Books speak of:
An Imaginary Heaven or the Hell beneath us.

However She guards Wisdom like forged iron doors,
Her mind sharp like a Thousand Cleaving Sword,
Her Eyes penetrating like a piercing lance,
Yet when She see her followers, at glance...
The Universe shall sing in song and dance,
as if all for one;
and self in trance.

For darker days to come, many a day without Light or Sun,
Time, one evil and ignorant to strike war drum.
Brightly, unison, shall strike the final blow.
With the Sword of Wisdom, the Sword of Swords:
Better days for all,for evil, will lose, the final war.
May 2016 · 3.5k
Dyrr Keusseyan May 2016

Athena the Warrioress
Athena the Sorceress
Athena the Healeress
Athena the Priestess

Athena fights eternally for Light
Her Heart shines forever Bright
And for Eternity Athena will slay
Those who abuse sentient beings in any way

She is the One who fights for Eternity
Until all sentient beings become a Divinity

— The End —