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Jason Apr 17
We were in love, successful, and happy,
We had a graphic novel series and a hit CD.

We did everything together, I stood tall beside her,
Then some insecure scientist turned on their LARGE particle collider.

Right was down, and down was blue, and blue was east,
Now she's married to another man, and I got no teeth.
Ever imagine what alternate realities might be like?
What if the large particle collider activation in 2009 mixed all the realities into one big jumble?
Trefild May 2020
got to meet a pedagogue
who might let out of his
effing gob
some mockeries
something like this
"perhaps, he has a paralysis"
when in the course of classwork
you're not taking
notes of what's on the blackboard
that snot's painting
got to meet an insolent boy which
might start an altercation
since that ***** is annoyed with
3 out of 5 you've rated
his "top significant" work with
despite the case that
it's simply according
to the teacher's direction
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
i dream long enough
to imagine another life
when you and i
were on fire
where i was your queen
where you filled my lungs with laughter

i dream long enough
that an imprint of your memory
is left on my retina
so all i can see is the king of comedy
who held my heart
in another life
i dreamt of a man in another life
sarah crouse Jul 2020
sometimes I wonder
who I would be
if my life was different
if I was born by the sea

alternate universes
the possibilities are endless
I could be rich and famous
or die broke and friendless

It could be small differences
like coffee or tea
or it could be big
like living in a different country

I could be born in the '50s
or far into the future
a universe where there's magic
that be way cooler

sometimes I daydream
of what it would be like to
live in a world where
the skies not blue

I wonder where I am
in these fantastical places
but I hope I'm ok
where ever my birthplace is
Äŧül Jan 2020
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Tatiana Dec 2019
Hey Lord, I hear him.
He's not whispering.

"Dear Lord, I'm nothing but a pile of bones
picked clean by the crows
I want to go home."

Oh Lord what will you do?
I still hear him crying out for you.

"Lord, I know I'm a sinner at best
but please let my heart rest
they deserve to know."

No, he doesn't know how long it has been.
His heart has crumbled with his flesh.
His body won't be touched again.
Lord, if he is a sinner
then what does that make me?
I don't pray. He pleads to you on broken knees.

Lord what have you done?
His voice has left my head.
Have you shown your mercy and let him rest?
Or did you take away my senses
so I no longer have to deal with the dread
of a sinner's regretful heart again.
I feel like the poem I originally wrote has so much to say and I'm not done saying it just yet.
Link ^ to the original poem so you can get the full story.
Em MacKenzie Aug 2019
Told me to close my eyes and count to ten,
I counted down to one and then back up again.
It almost feels like it’s a crime
how blatantly I waste my time,
what does it matter? If it would shatter, it would still be mine.

Nightly I brush my hands against the dark sky,
I know it’s painted with splotched stars but not seen by the eye.
It’s creating ice cold fingers,
and a chill that lingers,
though bold, I was never a fan of cold.

It’s just that I’m trapped in another space,
my time and reality are lacking trace,
I’m right that I’m in the wrong place.
Or maybe we’ve just all been dead for years,
no one wants to add to their fears,
but the thought is turning gears.
It’s plausible, not impossible.

Told me to close my eyes and spin around,
counter and clockwise I whirled until I was on the ground.
I feel too old to play hide and seek,
strong night vision but perception’s weak,
I’m lacking balance, it’s never been in my talents, it’s looking bleak.

It’s just that I’m trapped in another space,
unable to alter my choices in this case,
the isolation and void I just can’t face.
Or maybe I’m just separated from the galaxy,
outcasted from the place I’m meant to be,
stuck in the shoes of an alternate reality Emily.
Growing more deranged, some things don’t change.
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