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Emma Feb 5
What would things look like
if I could press
Take myself back to that moment
and make sure it never
What would it be like,
to not be
To know then,
that you had nothing to do
with me;
Were just drunk on
To push you away
and be
Before feelings complicated the mix?
What would it be like
to have never
loved you?
To like myself
better again,
To be sure
—once more—
that I would never be so
What would it be like if I’d never met you?
Austin Draper Jan 21
What means it, that I a man
Renounce the fabric of souls?
Lineage not in thought, but surely in clan.
Stay silent til perish. Yell out in anguish. Having holes.
Let us see,
Who I could be.

I am a pious man
And take this from my belief,
Death means nothing to us
Glory awaits loyal men.
I shall not know answers
Until I have long perished.
But God loves me, and her.
Must an angel fall for me?
Evil has Genesis,
In the majorities sake.
The world is to end soon.
**** opens to wicked men.
Barren, worldly ******.
Birth the christ unto our kind.
Visions of futures past
Are at the hand of my God.

I am a pious man
And take this from my kinship,
Children grow in heaven
And grow ripe in jesus’ reach.
Though not as one being,
God, Jesus one in purpose.
Do not indulge in fruit,
But replenish the Earth’s land.
With those of my ***** birth.

I am a pious man,
And take this from my namesake,
We are generous men.
Neighbors above our purpose.
We proselyze our word
Golden and Holy Teachings.
I pray to my Savior
As if he sat next to me.

I am a Pious man,
And take this from my Wife’s love,
I am glad I changed me.
Abandoned the world, two years.
I love our children so
Reflected of Holy light.
I have so much more faith
Than any men ever needs.

I am my own man,
And take this from my questions,
Few answers manifest thoroughly in session.
And inconsistencies are greater than.
I love a Pious Woman,
I fear what she must know
I know no gladder Teachers,
Than a priestess in her veil.
But give her another man.
As I’m cursed with knowledge so.
I await her enthusiasm
To convince my soul to grow.
But I mostly know my answer
So I fear her response.
I am no Pious man.
What awaits me at the morrow.
Be Myself I can.

I am no Pious man,
And take this from my hardships,
I love a Pious Woman
While on a Godless trip.
It changes things when your ex girlfriend thinks you go to ****. I thought I could believe in what she did, but I couldn't lie to myself. Alternating in Rhymes, and 5 to 6 syllables.
Greg Jones Jan 10
I dream of a dream that dreams of me
And in this dream is only me.
Only me, and yet it seems,
This dream begins so differently.
A man is standing where I stood
Beneath a lamp post wearing a hood.
I approached this man to understand
Who this man could be.
I remove the hood just to see
This unknown man is actually me.

Me in every way, and yet, in every way, he's not.
Same nose.
Same ears.
Same face and eyes
But it was the details that gave me the most surprise.
Like looking in a ***** mirror,
The imperfections were growing clearer,
This me that isn't me.
From the void beyond the lamp
Came more of me.
Me with scars.
Me with blue eyes.
Me with long hair.
Me, a female.
Me, a radical.
Me with apathy.
Me with confidence.
Me, missing limbs.
Me, defeated.
Me, triumphant.
Me, me, me.

All of me here at the same time,
Separated by choices we made
Or choices made for us.
We all looked into our familiar stares
Awaiting answers that never came.
An endless sea of me
With so many possibilities,
But we all go separate ways.
Florenza Dec 2018
There is no way out there is no second chance
There is no innocent child ready to dance
There is a fight there is a death
There is a girl ready for her final breath
There is a tear running down a face
There is a walk at an unsteady pace
There is a sadness that causes uncontrollable madness
There is a day that they call the end
There is a foe once a friend
There is a story That ends in indescribable glory
There is a chapter they say is the start
There is a boy who gave his heart
There is a stranger killed for the cause
There is a queen showing her flaws
There is a knight fleeing in cowardice
There is a king finally powerless
There is a princess who saved herself
There is a bottle fallen from a shelf
There is a choice remembered for a lifetime
There is a friend at the end of there line
There is a pauper climbing the ladder
There is a servant turning madder
There is a dragon wanting a life
There is a baker without a wife
There is a witch who did not burn
There is an executioner who was given there turn
There is a hero for once defeated
There is a villain who never cheated
There is a sidekick learning at last
There is a spell that was unexpectedly cast
There is a loss never to be forgotten
There is a final meal left to rotten
There is a nemesis left misunderstood
There is a toddler robbed of its childhood
There is a parent hated for mistakes
There is a family that’s hole still aches
There is a feud based on a gamble
There is a scratch caused by a bramble
There is a legend based on their existence
There is a village that showed there persistence
There is a country fighting for what’s right  
There is a day that didn’t end in night
There is a lesson that should be remembered
There is a love that cannot be measured
Amanda Nov 2018
If there are other
Dimensions that means we are
Together somewhere
I'd choose you, in any lifetime, in any version of reality. I'd find you and I'd choose you.
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Sky, overcast, mute,
Crows left school,teach other birds,
Hasty alternate
Kristina Weeks Nov 2018
I know that there was once a time
I wrote a poem about us
I talked of alternate realities
And in you it rose a fuss

In it I spoke about our lives
Multiple and each one different
Some were happy some sad
Our story always recurrent

In the end I spoke of us
I had come to a resolve
In our story of talks and shows
Soon the times would dissolve

But as our time together has passed
Our story has evolved
Something inside me started to change
In my story you became more involved

Now in this story of talks and shows
The original plot is new
What once was an untimely end
Now begins and ends with you

So if you’ll let me I’ll write you in
In as many places as I can
I can’t lose you now you’re part of me
Our life together just began
Thera Lance Oct 2018
She steps in time with him,
While he steps out of time to all that there is.
Softly, silently, they dance,
With silver moonlight striking down
And black leaves falling.
They dance in a garden,
Of sorts, always of sorts.
The trees there black and bent,
Angled like broken flower stems strewn through time.

The only green there is,
Along murky waters that show no futures,
Of places that should have been
And a universe that never ends.

There is no wind, yet…
Leaves flutter,
No, they whirl!
In still air they whirl in the undercurrent of thought,
Perhaps, just perhaps,
This time of dancing doesn’t have to end.

The couple twirl,
One in time and one out.
Never quite in sync,
But always in unison.

The man steps out of time with the garden,
To a place and time where
Clear pond waters swirl with blue light
Just beneath the surface.

With her hand still in his,
But her face gone from sight,
He snags a red fruit from an unbent tree
And lets green leaves catch in his hair.

A twirl and a breath,
Held long and deep,
Brings him back into her arms
And to the garden with footsteps marked with rust
And to night skies with no starlight.

The apple’s skin breaks beneath their teeth,
And seeps into the spaces between their thoughts.
The same thoughts that summon this garden
That blooms green beneath their feet.
Andrew Sep 2018
Scientists made a discovery fundamentalists don't consider great
The universe expands and contracts at the exact same rate
So we live the exact same fate
In an infinite state

The white light at your death and birth
Are one and the same
So with the rhythmic rotations of Earth
We play a counterclockwise game
Of repeating in vain
This wondrous maze

The theologians needed a recovery
From this revelatory discovery
So they formulated an alternate reading
To the biblical teachings
To continue preaching
And lost soul reaching

They say Jesus is the equality of man
And God is the impact of love on this land
Satan is the other side of love's demand
Guiding hatred's hand

So to hear God
Is love's nod
And ****
To bond
While to properly follow Jesus
Is to forgive those who beat us
For they'll be a fetus
Once the future leaves us

Heaven is the state of being in love
So when your soul floats above
You'll return to the one
Who fills you with fun
But you must live righteously
Rather than divisively
To plant the seed
Of immortal glee

Babies go to purgatory
Being murdered for the
Infinite story

David is aggression
Judas is regression
**** is the oppression
Of living in depression
With no one for confession
Private problems become obsessions
Forever learning painful lessons

The apple of knowledge
Is the invention of college
For the intellectual solace
We're insignificant mollusks

The theologians surmise
Our demise
Will be from our loss of faith
Which will bring a dark weight
To those with unclean fates
Filled with hate
Repeating slates
The theologians plead
To join their pious breed
To avoid endless punctures
And gain godlike structure
For living an examined life
In the land of strife
They can plan the fight
To get you through nights

They say the Bible uses fiction
To convey truth
To cure our addiction
Of being uncouth
And the deformed
Should be warned
That those unmoved
Will live in a tomb
Of eternal doom
Kit Scott Sep 2018
They say I should settle down
find myself a woman and have some kids
they wonder if the girl I saved
will be the one to tempt me with her kiss

They tell me to find a house
to stop my endless wandering
they tell me to stop drifting
it's my life I'm squandering

They claim the evil is gone
there's no need for me to fight
that I've won the war
for the side of light

They whisper that it's over now
and that I've lost my mind
running away from my home
going looking for fights

But I have a home no longer
no house to call my own
the war is over now
the king back on his throne

And so I, the weary hero
have no place any more
and so I will drift, listless
till they call me for the next war
There is adrenaline in my veins, but I am far too tired.
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