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Avestani Sep 9
Blackest nights and hearts of hearts
As the feeling hits my bones
Vast illusions take their hold
Welcome evil to its throne

Embrace the stars that guide my fate they've often burned when I arrive too late
It seems I'm running in a vector leading myself back to what I hate
I picked the crown from all the roses, chose to drown yet dreamt of floating, spending precious time just hoping, loves a drug so now I'm doping, heart so broken no use coping, all this ink black blood is flowing, spilling from my tongue it stains the ground pollutes the mud

Wasted words, from wasted tongues I think I've fallen out of love and now this freedom cuts me open just to rip out all these pieces, voices, words, and thesis I've been Clinging to this life, God should just hand me the knife, I'll carve myself a new beginning.

Stab myself with a thousand needles to drive it home once more that there is no growth without pain and from me all the hues of red and black come pouring out in a catharsis of the self inflicted damage I've pursued in the twisted notion that accepting this pain will leave me with nothing left to lose and everything left to gain but as it turns out the gods were never so cruel and never so kind as to let me weather the entire storm to prove to myself that I was truly alive.



Take me, break me, shatter my illusions, drive my mind into confusion, take from me everything I hold true and run it through the strainer that's
you, God of wisdom take my hand and drag me through the burning sands, and take from me right as I bleed through every wound you set me free, crush my faith, tear out my eyes, if I don't make it death is fine, gifted wisdom from divine, is worth this anguished mortal life, show me death and show me light, show me plenty show me strife, cast upon I beg of thee, make me listen make me free.
Avestani Sep 9
I've opened one too many doors inside this labyrinth of my mind
I've seen the birth and death of light in endless dark I will reside
I see the truth as sharpened knives to bleed the eyes from shameless pigs
I see the coffins filled to brims and all the graves we have to dig

I watched the heavens turn to ash and gazed upon the empty throne and as the burning angels fell I realized I felt at home a fitting end to holy tomes a burning city kin to Rome and as through concrete flowers grow the seeds of chaos will be sown

The sea it turns from red to black the sky applauds its thunders clap from whence we came we shall go back into our saviors endless trap

Pursuit of peace no shame be known as wisely told by three blind crones and all the secrets we'd be shown to break the cage we've much outgrown

And now upon the lofty sands we stand together hand in hand and to sing of battles long and gory remembering  our hard fought glory

The venom seeps, the fangs that shred, the warm embrace of those thought dead, the sons of evil took their toll, the sun is dark, the jester folds

And when the end has had its run we flee to halls and fill with *** and give the praise to those we've lost to see this day but at what cost
For now they leave but never gone the tale of Gods will still live on they said our God's have met their end but see they lied they rise again
Martin Boško Apr 22
Exhaustion and cold is what I feel
As I climb the tree called Yggdrasil
From Midgard to Asgard, here I go
To visit Odin and learn what he knows
A prophecy of future that’s about to be
Covered in a shroud through which I cannot see
Martin Boško Apr 22
Odin’s coming, his hand on his spear
The sight of Gungnir strikes dark elves with fear
High on his saddle on his eight-legged horse
Sleipnir radiates primeval force
Burdened with knowledge, he travels the land
Patiently waiting to see the world’s end
Martin Boško Apr 21
Tell me, Heimdallr, what do you see?
Tell me, is the future as good as I hope it will be?
Do I have my love with me by my side?
Do I finally have some sense of pride?
Do we have kids in our beautiful house?
How many are there with me and my spouse?
Will I be able to move my plans forward?
Will I stop being so socially awkward?
Is there finally, in my eyes, a spark full of glee?
Just tell me, Heimdallr, what do you see?
Martin Boško Apr 21
Thor, god of thunder
Take your Mjolnir and defend me from my demons
As you defended Asgard
From Giants and all other evil
Swing your hammer at my eternal foe
May they die with your mighty swing
And I, who needn’t lay low anymore
Shall enjoy the blessings of the peaceful Spring
Martin Boško Apr 18
Does fighting with myself to death
Qualify me for an entrance to Valhalla?
Will Valkyries take me after my final breath
For my life-long war efforts in the most vicious war of all?
Or is it not enough and to Helheim I’ll fall?

Does fighting with myself to death
Qualify me for the Elysian fields?
Will I be judged after my final breath
As having completed my heroic deeds?
Or will Fields of Asphodel be my destination after pomegranate seeds?

Does fighting with myself to death
Qualify me for standing before the heavenly gates?
Will I be greeted by St. Peter after my final breath
And given a halo for the battle between my two states?
Or will I taste hellish torture caused by the demonic blades?

Does fighting with myself to death
Qualify me for reincarnation as a divine being?
Will I achieve Nirvana with my final breath
And finally realise the true meaning?
Or will I be reborn as an animal unseeing?
Tonight I drank from the well of Mímir
Saw where we started, Auðumbla, Ymir
I watched the Ash tree grow tall and strong
I saw it all, the right and the wrong

I saw Fenrir, bounded, subdued
I heard the last crackle and looked as he moved
Loki's last scream, the poison's last drop
I saw it all, I saw the Ragnarök!
In the enrolling darkness
I awake to life once more
Healing after you last left
Regrowing my heart you ripped out

I see you as you are now
The happiness and life in your eyes
The joy my suffering has brought
The remains of my heart filling your empty one

No more, life is now mine to command
To appear before you, the person you made me
While celebrating my pain with your demons
You stand shocked, the thought of me horrid

I stare into your eyes
Once a portal to paradise
Neither say a word, mutter a sound
A moment conflicted with history

I unsheathe my sword
A sword meant for the death of the devil
I drive it through your rib cage,
Puncturing your lonely heart

You stare once more at me
Blood filling your lungs
I reluct to shed a tear
Not for what was, but for what wasn't

I pull my sword out
Your blood now decorating it with honor
I step over your corpse
Warmer now then it ever was

A few places forward
Lies your new lover, a newer specimen
Around him your demons praising
I walk to him, waking him purposefully

He sees me, his last sight
A ghost from a distant past
I leave him to Hela, a ritual for her
The blood angel marks his fate

The demons I slaughter
Their words not but poison
Lies that fuelled an old life
Their corpse the foundation of a new life
The conquering of all the heavens and hells would not bring back that which I've lost.
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