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A wolf named Kaos runs to and fro'
Howling and bellowing this wolf needs his home
Unlike Odin's wolves, Geri and Freki, Kaos cannot live on blood and wine alone
Kaos lives on his love and home, far from being alone
The wolf named Kaos cannot live on blood and wine alone
The wolf named Kaos needs his love, and needs his home.
K E Cummins Jun 27
Today a thousand burdens coalesced;
Mind-monsters made meal of me.
Grief carved my face. Cry not, cry not,
We have no room for more tears.

In the morning, I saw dawn rising,
And a grey world turn green.
The sky was emptiness, blue bold music,
Over the sun that swift leapt high.

So cry not, cry not, my friend in sorrow,
Though masked faces weep in silence.
We are not alone in this desperate anger;
Dim lies the light before dawn.
Experimenting with Norse verse patterns: kennings, alliteration, consonance, etc. Any Beowulf scholars out there?
illeador Jun 19
Shame that in a world
Full of strangers, and family alike
I dream of being alone
With no sense of humanity around.
I dream of fields
And mountainscapes,
Stretching so far and wide
I forget that I am not
The only one around.

Shame that in a world
Where being ahead in tech and possessions
Is so worshipped and envied.
Gone are the days of the living gods,
Of the earth being so unknown,
Of stories and lore told
But not yet realized or proven.

I want to know those gods.
I want to hear them
Whisper to me through the trees.
Shuffling pine needles in greeting;
To hear their steps distrupt
The creek bed beside me,
As I'm all at once alone
And yet in full company.

I want to hear Thor
Beat his against his anvil in the clouds.
To hear Freyja
Dance among the pine bed floors,
Whisper through branches and brush.
Hear Loki,
Giggling through the howls of a wolf.
I want to sit, and speak
With Odin, the Allfather
Learn from him
What he gave his eye to know.
To watch Tyr,
Battleworn and scarred,
Spar with all his pupils.

Will I ever know
If I get to see those I love again,
In some neverending afterlife?
Will I dance with them among the clouds,
Or feast with them in the Great Hall?
Ragnarok needn't ever happen.
Humanity did it all its own.
In the unending silence,
Those living gods are now dead.
And we killed them.
Rhiannon May 2
Should we head onwards towards our future?
Make the best of what we've got.

Or set our sights on new beginnings,
And face the ragnarok.
Nikkita Mar 27
From ice to fire
To land from sea
The deepest desire
Stands carefree
Before the endless
Rides of night and day
Two siblings happy to say
They see him, sorrowful raven, mess
Not a haven in his mind
To appease the lost divine
Yet a stirred soul lies behind
This truth bound by a whine

In chase still alive
A little they smile
No haste given
No sadness forgiven
Left now with the empty sky
Of fully woven worlds
"With our dull ****** swords
We fight to try and lose high
But what of a stray ****
In a forest of boreal trees
Funeral only awaits my plead
To forever cease"
Liz Rossi Mar 24
last night the wolves came.

there are plum bruises across the sky
and mountains burnt white with faded sun and there’s a path seared sharp into the pines that brightens as the sky dims.

there’s a nameless man beneath the gallows
squatting like a carrion-bird at a ****. a
smile splits his face like a wound
there’s blood like spilled wine, great grinning
pools of it, and the snows are thirsty to drink

and there’s a woman with a story like a knife
and nothing to lose, and she sharpens her words and follows the fraying path into the woods.

the wolves come.

they always do.
Liz Rossi Mar 24
black eye no eye three eyes,
do you hear the ravens?
you measure yourself in summers;
lie down and let the snows fall,
cut-glass pines and grey sky
and the path scarring up
into the clouds.

these are the winters we wait for,
these are the winters that claim us.
close your eyes and fill your lungs
with snow and ice
and snow and ice.
Onora Feb 9
In the pit of snakes lay Ragnar
Son of Odhinn
The King of Kings
Father of Legends
Blue eyes look to the sky
Snakes bite into his flesh
Saxons Cheer
“Death to the Heathen!”
Hatred in their eyes
As the King smiles and dies
The war has just begun
Adrian Dec 2019
Into all of eternity,
Over the despairing
Expanse of Ginnungagap,
Across the Bifrost rainbow,
Through the golden fields
Of the prosperous Fólkvangr,
And into the trunk of Yggdrasil,
Life forever moves through the nine worlds,
Binding us all together.
Was gonna create a poem about moving on, but my fingers hit the keyboard in the “wrong” way, creating a norse poem. If you dont know some of the names, look them up, I find norse mythology very interesting.
Chris Jul 2019
I fell asleep on ocean shore,
Sharp rocks as my bed,
I don't feel them anymore,
I don't feel cold I must be dead.

The sky split clouds of eden's door,
The stars shine as my eyes,
I lay low strecthed on the floor,
With the silence deep inside.

As the heavens keep on burning,
The machines of men are turning.

Valhalla, how I waited to arrive!
Your ravens and your anger,
Were always in my mind!
Valhalla, realm beyond the world of known,
I am among the dead, I am among my own!

I fell asleep on dragon's tail,
With arrows in my side,
The last of them already sailed,
Leave my lying with a smile.

The rain washes the salty air,
And through tears wind blows,
My fingers ran through golden hair,
Valkyrie please fly me home.

As the world just keeps on turning,
And the human hate is burning.

Valhalla, how I waited for your light!
Your splendor and salvation,
Father Odin in his right!
Valhalla, land of gods, for evermore,
I found my peace in your everlasting war!
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  I hope I don't rest in peace, that I think would be the dullest, most boring death/afterlifeof all possible or impossible afterlives.
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