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Dyrr Keusseyan May 2017
If silence is gold, then speech is bold,
the heart stays young yet the mind stay old,
whispering chants destroy the walls of our world - this prison,
even in Cold or Heated Hell. Whispers of Wisdom...

At war, after war; all but hell burned to dust,
Would survival depend, let us not pretend, on friends you can trust
Destroying dark demons of old; for all must
A battlefield for whispering angels, and devils of wartime lust.

Minds Anchored, Hearts plenty, yet no hesitation
To choose to alter course to develop potential,
Light and dark; never apart, both passive and active
Whispers of Wisdom reach us, whenever; whatever we practice.
Dyrr Keusseyan Apr 2017
Sweet Like Pear, Softer Then A Melon,
Sweeter then an Orange, Bitter like a lemon,
Softer then a touch of rich blossom leaf,
Love me with sin, can i caress You with My Heat,

Love me sweeter then a daphodiles scent,
Love me bitter, like a lemon, a dark ***** cent,
Love me a Lover, clamors in the dark,
All Through the Night, Lovers never apart,

Love me like darkness, purge me as we roll,
Love me like Light, with and without control,
Love me like The Moon, Blossoming at Night,
Love me like the Sun, every morning we take flight.

Like A Flowers at a tomb, We make love till we die,
Like A Morning dew, We make Love at Sunrise,
Like A Breezing Wind, We make Love like the Spring,
Like A Cold Winter, We Make Love Like a chillin wind.
Like The Autumn, We Make Love in Many colours,
Like The Summer Time, We Make Love In Splendor.

Sweet Like A Pear, Like Flowers blooming,
Sweeter then an Orange, Such Fine Tuning,
Sweeter then You No Other is,
Let's make Love again, but after we kiss.
Dyrr Keusseyan Apr 2017
For Eternity I Do promise,
That Each Sentient Woman will become A Goddess,
You may fail and try again,
For Eternity A Woman is my friend,
And I Swear for Eternity,
Each Woman will become A Divinity,
Her Force is Sacred Never Misused,
Safe from pain, never abused,
And One Day it will be our turn,
To Be friends and forever learn,
That A Woman is the most wonderful Being in All Of Creation,
There will never be a greater affirmation,
A Woman is Sacred A Woman is Holy,
To Hurt A Woman is the greatest folly,
To Love Them Like The Sun, To shelter them from the rain.
To Fight for them until none is in pain,
Towards A Woman One must be Honest,
To Love them and treat them like A Goddess,
We must pray as we slay.
And strike all night and day
Until The Great Day where we raise Our Swords,
Female Energy, Our Dear Goddess, The Universe is Yours.
Dyrr Keusseyan Feb 2017
If Kindness becomes language, Love can be found,
Honest Love wraps us in wings, all sentient life; safe and sound,
Ignorance reaping, cleaving, but kindness exists,
                                                         ­            Cursed, evil forever sleeping!
Thankfully, knowledge we obtain, enters and exits,
                                                          ­           Knowledge itself ... also seeking!

Truth, Always found in both large small findings,
We stand together, perhaps at times! but ignorance forever dividing!
Much truth Hiding from our youth...
Much Youth Hiding from Truth...
           ... makes our hearts swollen weeping,

Can't seem to be perfect only solitary!
Solitary measures yet found in all actions.... ordinary.

All calm, even when good is wrong .. at times, plays us a sad song,
All wrong, find strictly truth, in good gone a'foul!
All even, balanced measures in all ends,
Let us not pretend, all begins, ends; with caresses ... for self to befriend!

If Kindness becomes language, love can be found,
If Love wraps us in it's wings, all sentient life Heaven bound.
Not much truth to bare, actions of Divinity,
Are but simply fare, simple pleasure, but done for eternity...
Dyrr Keusseyan Dec 2016
Somewhere holding a pen, or even a gun,
Wisdom of old, behold: "Truth will always outwit, outrun!"
"Your dress doesn't make you a Saint"
I stress:
"false attainment always met will false acquaint!"

Despite colored robes, it's taint, both, with and without meaning,
Understand an etheric form invisible, trusting processes without seeing,
Always being, even asleep, one who's will be freeing,
Endless sentient loss due to Many illumined, at times, fleeing.

Tasks given; even blessings for the taking,
History rewritten, but some read between the lines:
                          "History!  You are in the making!"
Betrayal, mistrust, endure One for Many must:
For Many of One will become Saints: Your Empires shall crumble to dust!

Somewhere many holding a pen, also many a sword,
Carry on! Bury On! Light shall always somewhere be restored.
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