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KM Hanslik Sep 7
We only smoke when breathing feels too slow
The harder you build me up the worse the letdown goes,
& I've been back and forth between my anxiety and the truth
only swallowing the pieces that'll go down smooth
It's a slippery *****, trying to hold onto hope
maybe someday you'll find some self worth in the dark
stop lighting fires with everything that holds a spark;
I've been living too long at half mast
letting my hazards flash at half past
3 when the **** wears off and nightmares have passed
and sleep can cut you a break but even that doesn't last,
living good but we've been living fast
too fast to see liberty, too fast to find sympathy
I've been living with this raw regret
that I won't see tomorrow, yet
I've still got dreams they've just lost their gleam
sugar coat the way my heart tears at its seams
and getting lost is just another means
to find the right path
stake your claim wherever you think it might last;
empires were built and destroyed
long before atomic bombs were deployed,
long before the middle class became unemployed
so don't be acting like you've seen it all before
like you've knocked on every door
even though you've hit the floor, there's a lot more than pain in store
work through your thoughts before picking at others' locks
some things aren't what they seem and aren't meant to be seen
but I believe the truth will come
over you before all's said and done,
keep your head where you can find it
don't get your ego locked behind it.
Chris Saitta Aug 7
Moon of Pythagorus, such proofless arithmetic derived,
No sigmoidal curves or cold calculus of the divine,
But pale barbarian, war-bringer of straight lines,
Your sea drifts commandeered like lit ash-spears in line,
Or the thrashing of wind-whipped rags of horses’ manes.
Moon of Pythagorus, the phantasms of your campfires
Of waiting armies flicker like fireflies along the stream.

Burn me, Moon, with your fire-tongued spears,
Your haunt of horses, unbridled and reared,
Burn an eye through my heart like the oculus of the Pantheon,
So I can see my pulse beat against the ash of naked footsteps
Of those who make false shrine to me.
Yes, Rome...
Chris Saitta May 24
The dead lie like Rome,
Like toppled sunshine in stone,
From a boy who had blown
Into the seashell of the Forum,
Heard back in restoning, the alley of home,
The narrow, basket-flowered angiportum…
But, lips too strong, let out unknown
The stone-witherings of Medusa
And the bone dust of empire.
Tuan Do Mar 13
Dressed in steel,
Spear in hand,
The general conquers in four directions.

Dressed in law,
Brush in hand,
The minister governs all ranks of men.

Dressed in Gold,
Wine in hand,
The Emperor watches as his empire grow.
Ah, but is this not the way of the world.
Kayu Venture Mar 6
Invincible for the empire roman;
That fury and vengeance was his language;
How Viriathus as vanquish around 200 years;
And lusitânia wasn't clears;

Port du graal was it's the place;
How was hidden the Holy Graal;
The secrets and wars was case;
And raise the Portugal;

The Kingdom for war and conquer ;
Was spoken by a glory Europe;
The spanish, french,english and Dutch ;
Bowed over the mighty Avis Master;

The glory and death of The Empire ;
Was not clear , the kindgom was gone;
The King D.Manuel II wasn't the bel;
But was bare wire;

Know Lusitania is lost;
So high is the cost?;
We never know the reason;
But Iberians gonna be the new season;
Xgaizer Mar 5
You look at me like I was everything
You follow me like i was a King

You treated me like I was your Queen
You smiled at me like I'm the only one you seen

You see me like I was your Prince
Save you in so many evil whence

You see me like i was your Princess
That can save you on so many curses

So I give you so many kisses
build an empire with those sadness

Let us make a promises
build walls with those pieces

I put you inside my chest
And love you for all the rest
whence means a place at least for, just bare with it. thank you so ,much :)
Alex Feb 23
In my dream
I was in love
With a boy with skin like stardust
And eyes full of hope

We took over the world
Found new friends
Fought our enemies
Conquered the stars

My boy had a smile
Like set of razors side by side
Ready to cut down
Anyone who opposed us

He loved me
With his whole heart
Made me a queen
Of the universe I’ve made up

We travelled together
In a ship made of comets
Sharing our vision
With other planets

Sometimes we lingered
In our beautiful garden
With plants of every kind
I could sit there for hours
There were troubles in our paradise
Revolts, wars, a plague or two
Yet with his sharp mind
We always found a way out

His hands wrinkled with time
No longer a boy, but always in my heart
We had no children, but our legacy
Would survive in the memory of millions

Eyes bright like the sun
Turned into supernovas alike
He would sit by my side
As I read aloud

I grew old too
Joints squeaking with every move
Eyes no longer recognising
Our flowers from afar

Then there came a day
When he couldn’t get up
So, I stayed by his side
Worrying that this moment would be our last

He wanted to tell me something
Something to remember him by
With fragile hands he took my face
His skin feeling like sand

My heart was crying for him
Yet, I tried to look strong
He opened his lips
Letting out a breath…

That’s when I woke up
Lying inside my bed
My love dying alone somewhere in my mind

I tried to get back,
To know what he wanted to say
Yet as time moved on
I couldn’t even remember his face

Only the stars that shone above us
As we lied on the grass
His quiet breath as I read him
A story about us
Shamitha Dec 2018
I once lived in a magnificent empire
of your love,
splendor than the ones
I have dwelled in before.
It is now aflame with the sparks
of my sadistic desire,
to set you ablaze
on your grand pyre.
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
shaved my head again last night,
watched empire records and saw deb and shaved my head again last night.
ate spaghetti, my best friend got into college
my best friend got into college and we ate spaghetti and shaved my head again
we shaved my head again cause we watched empire records and i saw deb and i saw deb shave her head and i thought that looks awesome
so we ate spaghetti
and she got into college,
she’s already in college but she got into a different college
so i made her spaghetti and we watched empire records
and we watched empire records
and ate spaghetti
and she shaved my head cause we watched empire records
and now she’s going to college
a different college
she’s already in college
she’s going to a different college
i didn’t text that dude
i didn’t text that dude, and he didnt text me
i saw his girlfriend on instagram
his girlfriend posted on instagram and i saw it
a picture of that dude
i was maybe going to text him
i was maybe
going to text him
but then i saw his girlfriend
on instagram i saw his girlfriend
his girlfriend posted on instagram
a picture of that dude
so i didn’t text that dude
cause i saw his girlfriend
i woke up and my cats were on me and my arm was asleep
my arm was asleep
my arm was asleep cause my cats were on me
my cats, both of them,
two of them, my cats
were on it, one of them, one of my arms,
both of my cats
both of my cats were on one of my arms
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