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Third Eye Candy Aug 2018
where our daisies nightly… and our minds politely -
just might be
the rightly garments of
our inner varmints.
or Something has just
Might Be.
but something precisely -
has dawn in a vice. armaments shiny.
and all of our beautiful
dying -

dying ignightly.


so Love is outside
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
I’m a failed poet,
not for the want
of trying, nor was
I afraid to speak
my mind, no, I am
thus classified due
to my readers who
are so ******* dumb
that they never ever
understood metaphors
thought iambic pentameter
was an ego measuring
apparatus and a simile
should be accompanied
with a parentheses, two
dots or an emoji.

I suggest they go and read
Carol Anne Duffy, because
I am just as bad, but not
worse, yet she made laureate!
michael cera Nov 2018
i dont want to write my feelings,
behind the safety of a door,
(stay in here)
can i break down these walls,
hold the things i adore?
(they don't love you back)
Don't need to write you back in,
i should appreciate the space,
(come back to me)
and the friends i have left,
i'd rather talk to their face.
(three missed calls)
So let me put this bottle down,
out of luck or some divinity,
(just one more)
cause i don't want a tomorrow,
if i can't love what's in front of me.

(What's in front of me?)

— The End —