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ogdiddynash Jul 2019
majestic adjectives of contrary harmonies,
adverbs in adversity that modify our satisfactions,
gut punch our eyes, scramble the taste buds,
now inoperable, incapacitated to distinguish
what is disturbed - what is sweet - what is impossible.
my days ending is nearer to my god than thee,
the crumblings of what I’ve got left,
stale panko crumbs,
here come they in 1000 radium-tipped projectiles of
serious humorous self-destruction,
gifted to you few itinerant followers
brave enough to follow me into the deeps of
radioactive incomprehension,
in no particular disorders
a thousand times
Arisa Mar 2019
I can own
seven wonderful tiny old rectangular turquoise Sri Lankan Jaguars.

But I cannot own
seven Sri Lankan wonderful rectangular old tiny turquoise Jaguars.

That makes me sound crazy.
Learning English was incredibly difficult.
Penne Feb 2019
Rough, sandy
Malodors of Brandy
Unlimited space
Yet strangling

Dark, hollow
Look again
Fell deep in the hole
Cannot breathe in this loophole

Wind wafting through its cardboard
The more I think about it
The cooler it gets

I had one similar
When I was just a mere familiar
Horsing around it as if it was my home
What made it comfortable
It was always locked
It was always not a liar

It was better than anyone
I do not know what kind of sorcery it used
But it always eased my fuse
When I am confused, in a ruse
I can breathe after all

You can imagine anything there
Flap its sides as if you are in a plane
You can paint animals, forests anytime
Unlike reality

Turn it into castle
Or a storage of treasure
A hideout
Military base
Safe and sound

Quiet, does not shout
Does not turn angry
Cut, it will not yell
Not misunderstanding
Attachment syndrome with a non-living thing
So are these ghosts surrounding

My philosopher's brain is no match for society
Add that with my dash of absolutism
I played along with the appropriatey

But why, did it betray me now?
The more I stayed
The more I get scared
Tsunami of bad dreams slapped me
Cannot get out
But nowhere to shelter to

Feeling I do not need aid
It is better to sabotage my faith
On my own
Than admitting that I am terrified
Sensitive like the morning flower
Than to be hurt by the outside
Than involving anyone
Since everybody around me are dunces

So stay
Once more
Get this occupied
Even if it is already roaring to break free

Where no one will see me
See me be myself
Abnormal self
Weeping, childish self
And come back again and again
anotherken Dec 2018
I would cry
Until my eyes dry.
I would feel mercy
Without knowing
what should I see.

I would love
Until that love has lost.
I would share
Oh, I would dare,
With people who don't know me.

I would sleep,
Knowing that I did wrong.
But what could I do?
It's already been done.
There's no turning back.

If I restrain myself,
I would never see the light of day.
I might as well hit the hay,
Away from the fray
But I don't want it.
I want to be who I am!
No more spins and turns,
No more colds nor burns,
I could feel a slight yearn
To go into a repeat of patterns
But no more!

That elegiac feeling came to me,
A wonder-filled wonder of ecstacy
Like a fraudulent father confessing to thy brother
Like a sickening sick sicko hurrying over the slippery slide into the well.
Like an adult ant attempting to attempt the actual act of impossibility,
It's all coming to me!

I would cry out in joy.
I would cry out in shame.
I would keel over and shed a tear.
But I always know.
That we're in tow.
km Nov 2018
we are the same

we are different

you and i
well, we're just in love
November 12, 2018
Emily Oct 2018
Smooth, like
Top-shelf drinks,
Fresh churned butter, and
A con man’s tricks.

Sharp, like
Well-aged cheese,
Finely honed steel, and
Sarcastic words.

Quick, like
Just-launched rockets,
A jester’s wit, and
Those not yet dead.

Slow, like
Just-woken sloths,
Chilled molasses, and
A Southern drawl.

Stuffed, like
Just-mounted deer,
A child’s bear, and
Stomachs after feasts.

Hungry, like
Late-winter bears,
Inquiring minds, and
Black holes in space.

Well-spent words,
Crafted with care, and
Filled with meaning.
Thanks to my cousin Michelle who helped me think of a third meaning and examples for a few stanzas.
Emma Sims Jun 2018
Meticulous, Prodigious;
Pedagogy, Melancholy;
Sanctimonious, Sacrilegious;
Fallacy, Facetious, Flippant.

Contumacious, Efficacious;
Equanimous,  Calamitous;
Sclerotic, Spasmodic;
Fastidious, Feckless, Fecund.

Rebarbative, Pervasive;
Petulant, Redolent;
Wheedling, Withering;
Fulsome, Friable, Factotum.
Words I find amusing
unadored Mar 2018
anxiety is not an adjective.
running late for your job interview
is not ‘giving you anxiety’.
you are nervous
you are apprehensive
you are worried
you are a dictionary full
of possible word choices.

anxiety is a mental illness.
a faulty amygdala
that causes my body to prepare
for a threat that isn’t real.
the excess of cotisol
penetrating my tissues
is ‘giving me anxiety’.
i am drowning on the same air
that is keeping me from passing out
i am having my lungs squeezed
between the fingers of an iron fist  
clasping at my damp skin
prickled with sweat
suddenly it’s a swealtering day in july
even with snow packed under my boots
i am gasping for air
i have an anxiety disorder.
Jessy Dec 2017

these are things people want to be
things people strive to be
things i want to be


these are things people don’t want to be
things people avoid being
things i can’t stop being

****** up

these are things people refuse to be
things people don’t accept
things i am

sure, they’re just adjectives
but they’re so much more than that
hunny Jan 2017
so genuine it seems fake
cries easily
animal lover
overly sweet
accidentally inconsiderate
cant whisper to save my life
non confrontational until angered
hard working
obnoxiously loud and annoying
avoids messy situations until i HAVE to face them
loves being feared / having power
hates directly hurting people
too freaked to apologize
very touchy
emotional intelligence starts with knowing yourself
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