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nichole r Dec 2014
when our metal collided,
forming a beautiful mess of flames and exchanged paint,
they dragged my unrecognizable hunk of meat,
fire still dancing on my skin,
to a blinding, sterilized building smelling of alcohol and copper
usually reserved for bullets in the chest and praying mothers.

they pricked my arms and legs and chest and everywhere in between.
never was there a moment
where cool palms were not smoothing down
the few strands of hair still attached to my scalp.

howls never failed to fill the night-
every night-
and my father joined the wolf pack
once they whispered
"we have some bad news."

their methods had failed to see my body perfect again.
but what they didn't know
is that instead of dripping recycled blood
down the tubes jammed in the holes decorating my skin,
they should have poured words
in to my running river veins.

especially since I'm entering this for a chance to win classes taught by an actual college professor about poETRY EEP I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO LEARN IN THIS CLASS.

if this poem is not worthy, then please please tell me, or tell me how to make it better, or even if I should pick a different poem all together.

this class/audition is only for high schoolers, and I'm 14 by the way.

thanks fellow poets, and have a creative day !
nichole r Nov 2014
boy, do I miss
everything about
when you kissed
I felt supernovas
exploding and
left bruises staining
neck that
never want
to heal.
nichole r Nov 2014
moonlight reflects
and your skin glitters
like the stars.
you are translucent,
I see the icy chill of your veins-
a striking blue
against the ghostly surface.

an apparition,
contrasted against the dark ink
of the 2 am sky.
nichole r Nov 2014
crisp pages
indented fom my pen's point,
whisper beneath the dry skin
of my cracked palm.
they flutter together,
butterfly wings,
and weave together a time
so melodious.
nichole r Nov 2014
I am your canvas,
your lips are the brush.
decorate me with bruises
the colors of the universe.
haven't written in a while so sorry if it's not very good quality :((
nichole r Aug 2014
I leak butterflies from the slits I'm my wrists
their wings flutter against my palms.
nichole r Aug 2014
ice water clogs up my veins,
chilling me,
as most rises from my skin at dawn.
cerulean lips that match my eyes
spread over bared diamond teeth,
as I convulse and writhe on the steel table.
ribs crackle and split so suddenly
that not even a sharp gasp
can knive itself
past my throat.
organs fails and shrivel together,
abandoning me,
as gloved hands rip them out
from the incision along my belly.
my once silky tresses
fray and dry
before eventually falling out,
outlining my spasming figure.
grey brain matter numbs and
electrical impulses cease to a halt.
no more thoughts...
no more movements...
just a dead body with a beating heart.
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