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R Thakrar Sep 2020
The sun reaches in to kiss my skin
When I lean out to greet it

Limbs press in all directions
Saving me from falling

The trees whisper amongst themselves
Painting their shadows on roofs below

I pull the air over my shoulders
Dissolving into the afternoon
Salomé Joanno and Ricky Thakrar
19 September 2020
R Thakrar May 2020
The shock of the old
Cause and effect

Encounter the art of stillness,
Trust exercise

Another world is possible -
You must see before you die

Everyday legends,
A job to love,
Architecture to make you smile,
The restaurant at the end of the universe
Inspired by Nina Katchoudorian's 'Sorted Books'.

- 18 May 2020
R Thakrar Jul 2018
Two butterflies fluttered, at first, alone
Though soon to be together blown
Into a single stream of wind
Theirs, to rise and tumble in
- 8 July 2018
R Thakrar Jun 2018
**** you, virus; all dripping nose, spluttering cough, nasty rash and sensitive nerves. **** you lack of sleep, eyelids drooping. **** you forgotten helmets and punctured tyres. **** you bitter cold night, and neverending space and time. **** you Canary Wharf, with your windy streets and unfriendly rules. **** you to missed signs, leading to wasted miles and wrong turns. And **** you London roads - every lump, **** and bump.

But thanks to caring friends, generous donators and 4,000 fellow do-gooders. Thanks to a bike that is well oiled and shifting smoothly. Thanks to free cycle surgeries, to 'Spicy Bikers' crisps, and an early dawn. Thanks to stunning landscapes and landmark buildings. Thanks to high-fives and whoops from strangers. And thanks especially to Luke, with his hot thermos of coffee at 4.30am.

Another 25km still to go...
9 June 2013
R Thakrar Oct 2017
O' what joy
To complete a task
In one glorious fell swoop
Without follow-up call,
Repeat visit,
Or returns label
- 9 October 2017
R Thakrar Sep 2017
A single entwined mass
Swims in moonlit aquamarine
Anchored against torid tides

With tipsy eyes turned towards alternate shores,
Tongues wag tales to while away time

Two mariners pre-mourning the moment
When water forces empty space
Between their tangled fleet
- 25 September 2017
R Thakrar Dec 2015
If I was asked to
Fold my life in two,
I'd place the crease
Where I discovered Tool
- 28 December 2015
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