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was never is, and is never was
accustomed to doing what the other does
is always went left, and was went right
at times in the hallway they'd say goodnight

well, they got to talking one day
it seems that was always comes when is goes away
so the only difference between the two
is that one already did what the other will do

since was, was once is and is will be was
they both do something that the other does
now when is sees was and was sees is
they kiss, because is, is hers and was is his

is and was knows will, but will hasn't met them yet
get it kids? i don't claim to know a lot about spelling and grammar, but more than anyone

disturbing messages from trolls on my fb messenger so i thought i would help them any way i could...i am more disturbed about their grammar and spelling than threats haha
Francie Lynch Sep 2019
Love is
As is is:
In the present tense.
Love is Love.
Maria Etre May 2018
My body
can only
so many
before I
The things you want to say, but can't!
Lunar Jan 2018
I liked him; he liked me.
That’s the big problem: it’s all in the past
and nothing can be done
to conjugate the verbs
or change us at the present.
I'm not really writing from experience but I do love word play and poetry is limitless in expressing emotions. It's a good morning, as I eat my PB sandwich and write this.

Bharti Singh Oct 2016
Clinging to PAST TENSE

All VERBS tensed.
All verbs tensed implies our thoughts, speech, and actions.
Emily R Jun 2016
I am the observer, the artist.
I wonder the thoughts of others.
I hear the unheard cries for help.
I see the details that disguise hidden pain.
I want to reach out across the globe.

I am the observer, the artist.
I pretend that I could inspire people.
I feel in my heart I can't.
I touch the minds of the innocent.
I worry that my best won't be enough

I am the observer, the artist.
I cry for those whose survival is uncertain.
I understand that second chances exist.
I say to try harder.
I dream that we will be loved.
I hope I can make a difference.

I am the observer, the artist.
*** is a four lettered word
flaunted by very bad vowels
fevered to ecstacy
by all tangled-up adjectives
Then pounded into submission
by perverted nouns
that take their free liberty
of the subjective
Once surrounded
by the iniquity of the parentheses
you will only utter commas
at the Benediction
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