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Tatiana May 2019
Pressurize and squeeze
the points at which we are weak
force us to release our control with a pop.
We let out an agonized groan,
as our support beams slide out of their joints
and grate against our buildings' bones.
They keep testing our metal
to see if it breaks.
But even as our bodies shake
we remain strong together.
Our mettle was forged in fires so hot,
so we will give it our best shot
and fight them until we cannot.

Mini poem series finished :)
Tatiana May 2019
It seems you've been struck with the meddler's touch.
I can see it in the way you move.
Constantly looking over your shoulder
cringing when you see nothing
not that you wanted to see something.
It's a relief overshadowed by fear
that someone will mess with emotions so dear.
They'll make metal melt and become malleable.
They'll do the same to you if you're valuable.
Melt you down and mold you into something you're not
they'll meddle with the metal and give you a medal
for participating in their meddling
and leave you to cool down when you were hot.
You're right to be wary of strange sounds
just be careful not to turn all the way around
for they're not behind you, they never were
the meddlers are in front of you
messing with your future.

Now you're something that you were not.
Now you're something that you were not.
All that's left is mettle

Tatiana May 2019
Gold shines just as brilliantly as silver or bronze
achievements for the greatest of them all
standing on podiums, they show-off their medals.
Well gold, silver, and bronze shine
just as much as tin or iron
even the cheapest of plastics can be made to reflect light.
Will your champion know what is really gold
or will they be distracted by how it glitters?
No, not all winners are fools.
But the best of them all can determine
the metal of their medals.

There's no real structure to these poems, but that's okay. I like them just fine.

Donward Bughaw Apr 2019
Anong galak sa mukha
ang masabitan ng gintong medalya
at mabigyan ng sertipiko
habang ang pangalan ay tinatawag
sa sira-sirang mikroponong ibig tumutol
sa pagkilala
ng mga huwad na gurong
karamihan ay alipin
nang bulok na sistema ng paaralang
pinanahanan ng mahika-
ng mga baboy at buwaya!

© 2019
Masarap mabuhay nang puno ng mga pagkilala. Subalit, deserve mo ba talaga? O isa na naman itong ilusyong bunga lamang ng mahika.
Star BG Mar 2019
I wear a medal
received in the Olympics of life.
Gold for family
who has run the mile with me.
Silver for my perseverance through
challengers of self-worth.
And Bronze for my gifts
of writing that has expanded over the years.

Yes I wear my medals proudly
as winner in life
moving in the breath of gratitude.
Inspired by patty m thank you
Allyssa Jun 2017
It is the pain in my heart that has saddled onto my chest like a stallion ready to ride into battle.
Except this horse is no more and the reins are rotten and the animal itself is in pain.
It's crying.
What do you do to a beautiful animal when it's in pain?
You put it out of its misery.
Is that what I am to be?
An animal, worked so hard and rugged that the pain is so much that I cannot ride into the war of life that is yet waiting for me to vanquish,
Am I not ready for the medal I am to win for the life I have conquered and it's enemies I had slain?
Am I not ready for the news that my soldiers in battle have lost their way beside me onto a path of their own so that their bravery was no more than the shield I have given them to hide behind?
My stallion, my heart, my pain, my chest, it is rotten.
For the years I have come head first into battle, it does not matter anymore.
For the pain that resides in my chest,
My beautiful stallion, you're done.
Thank you for being the courage I needed, the strength you had offered me,
The love I needed,
And the friend I relied upon when I had none.
My soldiers,
My fleet,
My friends.
They have perished
And so has their captain.
I'm on the verge of losing this battle.
Gill Aug 2016
There are no medals for trying
not in silver or gold, at least
not the ones decided by judges  
or those celebrated with a feast

No medals for trying, sorry
not the ones awarded onstage
not the kind you hang in your room
or keep in a box as you age

Yet there are special medals for trying,
not intended to be kept in a box or worn only onstage
but medals to be used and tested
and treasured as you age

Whether you finish in 5th, 2nd or last, it's okay
being first is not always a must
Honesty, patience and passion makes you a winner
for these are medals that never will rust

It's kind of cool, the poem being timed during Olympic season.
Moji K Dec 2015
Tribute to the fallen
Guardians of the union

Accolade to the warriors
Combatants sworn

Standing straight
Before their Lord

Eulogy to the brave
Salvo of respect

Applause to the Eagles
Conscripts of the sky

Medal of the departed
Proud on their shoulders

Offering to our cadaverous
Salute to our gone brethren

Gone, not forgotten
We think them dead

We perceive them not
Living are they,
in their love of the Lord
A tribute to my army
E Townsend Sep 2015
You are not the only one.
You can be replaced.

I should know.
I've been replaced before.

— The End —