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annh Aug 2019
my parentheses:
in need of a Venice Beach

‘Soon I was incorporating :( and ;) and ;( too and after that the live emoticons, and now, without any intention of ever reducing the enormity of my human emotions to these shallow shortcuts, to this typographical juvenilia, I went around all day reducing them and reducing them, endowing emotions with, and requiring them to carry the subtle quivering burdens of my inner life.’
- Joshua Ferris, To Rise Again at a Decent Hour
Natalie Bowers Jun 2018
Your chest feels like a cage without (love).
You are left without the (and) between your names.
The (warmth) is gone, an emptiness in your heart
destroys your (will) to live and will
(ignite) a frenzy of hatred, a soul-blackening sadness
(in) your mind,
thinking in terms of (your) and not you’re
and **** the colour from your (life).

It will devour the wish to (give) before you receive,
and (it) will feed on the the sad sentiment that is driving you to destruction,
it’s a (time) bomb, and we must do something.

Read the poem through in its entirety and then read just the words in brackets :)
Used to input additional information.
(Informative knowledge)

Used to insert determinative clarification.
[Clarifying knowledge]

Used to represent reflective choice.
{Intersubjective/Intraobjective knowledge}
Kiah Griffin Feb 2015
I (never) liked your touch.
Your kisses are (n't) sultry.
I (never) say what I mean.
That's why you (can't) trust me.

Your slaps (do)n't hurt.
I (don't) know you love me.
You (never) mean what you say.
That's why I (can't) trust you.

This is up to interpretation. I suggest reading without then with brackets but this is only a suggestion.

— The End —