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the dictionary may tell
of these words
and their definitions
but those pages will never
portray the true meaning
in the context of you
Andrew Rueter Sep 2021
Definitions aren’t meant to fully convey
the meanings of words
in all their complexities and nuances

definitions operate as hints
to help us with a starting point
and as we become more familiar with terms
new functions and usages become apparent
until those words are added to our lexicon

like our conversations with one another
each conversation adding definition
to our understanding of the other’s existence.
Kara Shirlene Sep 2020
In times of fear and doubt.
Are things life is about.
To guide us on our way.
Reminding us everyday.
Are what we need to show.
So the world can see and know.
For us as a whole.
And Elation.
Lifelong for our Soul.
©KSS 12/2012
Ephemeral (adj). Lasting for a very short time.

Ephemeral (adj). His love for me; my love for myself.

Ephemeral (adj). The summers of my mind.

Ephemeral (adj). The amount of time I had with him.

Oblivion (n). The state of being unaware of what is happening around you.

Oblivion (n). The state that I live in.

Oblivion (n). The state that I entered when with him.

Oblivion (n). When I can't seem to get out of my head.
I get questions about my username all the time, so I figured I'd write about it.
S4A Feb 2020
all is well
only time will tell
is she well?
do you ask to define her
or to further understand
why she no longer can confide in others
attempting to define intimacy
placing love in several endeavors
she has lost the denotation
of a natural organic salvation.
who let you define her
without her did you know
they would be lined up.
you don't know her true value
and now she can no longer find it.
I now know none of us do
real love never fails
and not one of us prevailed.
dear future self
love has failed you
recollect because in the end
you were still you
without it.
sunshine Jan 2020
The one soul I can’t live without
and makes me smile endlessly
Ece Ozkan Jul 2019
You know the first few questions one asks, when they meet someone new:
What do you do? Where are you from? Where do you live?
Then they eye your clothes, how do you dress up.
They give a verdict based on what they hear, what they see.
That's who you are.

I don't have an answer for these anymore.
I gave up on my previous identities.
Left my job 2 weeks ago.
A job that gave me a certain identity for 8 years; a brand name, a comfort zone.
Left my clothes behind, donated or gave some to friends.
Clothes that defined me; my hippie skirts, my tweed professor jacket.
And finally, leaving the country I lived for 8 years.
In just 2 days.

Who am I now?
I am ME.
More than ever.
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