You speak of fucking
And I just want to make love
Our first time was more the latter
Our second the former
What an interesting combination
Love and lust
I've never felt as connected to someone emotionally
As I do when having sex with you
Because I can usually disconnect the two
Except with you
Except with you

This poem I'm writing
Really is not a poem
Because the people who define Poetry
Say that it's not a poem,
But who gave anyone the AUTHORITY
To define poetry,
And who gave those people the right
To NAME the Poetry Authority?

People can say
All sorts of Crazy Shit
And call It poetry.
I suppose I can say
That Crazy Shit
Ain't really so crazy after all
And call That poetry too!

Definition of Selfless: Putting others before yourself to the point where "you" don't matter anymore.

Definition of Pain: One of the two things that I believe all people have in common. The other thing? Love.

Definition of Love:  --ERROR-- Lost in translation.

Definition of Nothing: Nothing...

Definition of Feeling You've got tons of it don't you?


Don't you?

Definition of Me: A personal title I call myself. Also known as "you" in a sense.

High and mighty and greater than "you".

Because "me", a self proclaimed name that doesn't deserve its definition. Because "I" am hurt, and in "pain", and out of "love", and too "selfless" to take care of "me". So that makes "me"...


Go on... Define me.

When you can remember apologizing a thousand times in your head
But can't remember if you said it out loud

The Shattering Nov 2016

When you wish to be lost and found at the same time

The Shattering Nov 2016

When you see someone who's feelings conflict with your own in a conflicting ball of conflict and your chest decides to spasm

The Shattering Oct 2016

Becoming she who hurt you until you couldn't breathe for the tears...and causing that for someone else

The Shattering Sep 2016

what you don't realize is there
until you don't have control of the wheels under you
and you're forced to look back at your deeds

The Shattering Sep 2016

A time to start pondering new wishes
and how close you know you can get
to them before the hours chase you
back to the cot where you started

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