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v Jan 6
A second hit,
I’m clean
I’ll say I’m clean.
Natalie Bowers Jun 2018
Caught in this space between (life) and death,
Trying to muster the (will) go on,
To (get) back the joy in my hollow eyes.
I wish I were (better), stronger, enough
For (my) loved ones, who anchor me when I drift away,
They call out, “(Darling), come back to us”.
Madhumita Apr 2018
Some girl I never knew
knew an art that wasn’t kung fu.
She did not whistle well
when her peaches didn’t sell.
And a boy I never liked
loved her not at first sight.
He kissed her on a day it didn’t rain
never to lay eyes on her again.
Nary a soul whispers her name,
nary a heart feels any shame.
She was pretty not so long ago,
this girl I will never know.
NaPoWriMo Day 25
Poetry form: Ambiguity
Day Dec 2015
Falling in love with a boy who smokes
but never having the courage,
to ask for a cigarette
can you find the symbolism?
Day Nov 2015
when looking to help,
don't give a man a life jacket
when he's dying
of thirst
because kindness born from ignorance
can be
just as cruel
as hatred born from pain.
Nothing Much Feb 2015
I am spectacularly
Ignorant. I cannot understand anything
Complex, not to mention intelligent.
Somehow, I am miserable at
Every new thing I attempt, I
Fail at the same things I watch my peers
Excel at.
Over the past few years,
I have found that I am worth
Absolutely nothing. I hate myself
More than I ever thought was possible.
I really don't think
I'm going to be okay.
Now go back and read every other line.
Erenn Dec 2014
This much I know now
My heart's been crying forever.
It stopped, when

beating to the 
same rhythm.
Dedicated to someone I've fallen deeply on HP:)
V Anna Dec 2014
How can I,
fall again?
When you're no longer
**with me.
Ember Evanescent Oct 2014
I sort of know why things are this way
I sort my thoughts about it into little glass jars inside of my mind

Making light of my troubles I smile past them
Making light beams shining through the darkness that is my heart

The race that I belong to of crooked misfits without the appealing
rebellious pride
The race I run everyday wondering how I'll ever chase down Time and pass it at the finish line, but I can't keep up and Time, just like Life, goes too quickly

The club trumps my heart everyday, every moment, and I do loathe being second best, yet again
The club of Inadequacy that beats me ****** and bruised everyday

The fairness of your face can alter your fate and change whether you are adored or disliked
The fairness of reality is horribly off balance and nearly nonexistent

So I must act fine and dress fine and look fine because only the lovely are loved in this world
So I must act fine even though I am not okay because I can't be what I am not and I get to be what I was born as and that is my identity and my identity only gets a single definition, only one single meaning I get to be Me and that means Me, it can't mean Me as well as Lovely.

and I just can't be a double meaning.

Repost if you cannot be a double meaning.
Please comment! I love to read interpretations of my poetry or your thoughts on my work or on poetry itself as an art! :)
Repost if you cannot be a double meaning.
Please comment! I love to read interpretations of my poetry or your thoughts on my work or on poetry itself as an art! :)
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