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Slur pee May 31
I watched his body move in waves,
His limbs left a hazy trace,
A fluid ghost trapped in my gaze;
A blurry frame, possessed by the music
Invading our veins-
I’d get up and do it if I felt safe, but
I’m afraid,
To want the taste
Of friction clinging to our skin…
To crave, the heat of our rhythm
To feel his sweat, his steamy breath-
Dancing on my neck, my heaving chest
To have his fingers pressed into my soft flesh;
To share a moment more intimate than ***,

I watched his body move in waves
As he swayed,
In an uninhibited display
Of the primal connection
Between our souls entranced in passion

Slur pee May 30
I dreamt a dream of you and me
Intertwined as one- no ends, blurred seams.
Only infinite beginnings;
Your soul seeped into my being,
A heavy, intense feeling sunken deep within me;
Your presence necessary like breathing.
If only life weren't so fleeting
Our love could blossom freely.

Slur pee Feb 22
I can just almost feel your touch.
The heat of blood as it rushes
to my cheeks, to leave a slight hint
Of a tint that’s almost ******.
Hush my moans with your warm soft lips,
Cover my skin with fingerprints.
Disarm my defenses, I’ll melt
directly into your existence.

I can just almost feel your touch,
It haunts my flesh, until it hurts
A phantom pain, a lonely curse.
The delicate intimacy,
Of being caressed by a ghost.

Slur pee Jul 2022
My cavernous heart will devour you whole,
Only for you to quickly decompose.
Hello? Hello.. Hell, where did you go?
Lost in the darkness that overflows.
Drowning in the depths of its thalassic hold;
Ebb and flow, this pain I know wanes only to grow.
I’m a slave, like the tide to the seraphic face of the moon.
Guided by life to find the perfect place for my tomb,
The cratered space I desire to bury myself into.

Slur pee May 2021
Heart attacks, en masse
I wear a mask when I relapse-
*******! The laugh track’s scratched.
Tied a knot out of my tongue, instead of the cherry stem.

It’s so sad... how when I fall apart,
It’s like I needed that; the blowback,
From a shot through the mouth into a brainstem.
The hole that starts in my nose ‘cause I snort things that erode-
The soul, and leave my bones to hold a fetal pose.
My brain recites such delicate prose,
Whispered to me by the specter of your notes.
A voice I no longer know…

Where’d you go?
My head’s a black hole.
This grey matter’s decomposed.
I’m scared to death, talking 'bout
“Ruh-rohs” and “Hell nos!”
Trying to outrun your ghost
but, I’m stuck inside smoke Os...
Scattered across the ozone,
Riddled with “I don’t knows”

I want to exorcise my heart,
But I don’t want to be alone.

Slur pee Apr 2021
Sweet Mother,
Sweet Mother
Send your child unto me,
For the sins of the unworthy
Must be baptized in blood and fear.
Open your mind's ear, Listener
The Black Hand must grasp this sinner.
For sweet Mother, for our Brothers
We must make them all suffer.
Bathe in blood, and dance bare
Neath the moon's darkened glare,
Where we ensnare the foul creature
Drain her blood and then eat her.
O' Mephala, O' Sithis
Curse all of those that sin,
With the void of death's darkness.
Sealed with Mother's sweet kiss.

Slur pee Apr 2021
When your eyes graze my cheeks
I cringe internally,
They're dead and they see
Every flaw that crawls on me.

But you always made me feel so pretty,
On your springy bed- when you said
"**** the lights and turn your head"
And I would let, darkness consume
My arms, my legs, and you;
With closed eyes and beauty, new.

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