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Slur pee May 2021
Heart attacks, en masse
I wear a mask when I relapse-
*******! The laugh track’s scratched.
Tied a knot out of my tongue, instead of the cherry stem.

It’s so sad... how when I fall apart,
It’s like I needed that; the blowback,
From a shot through the mouth into a brainstem.
The hole that starts in my nose ‘cause I snort things that erode-
The soul, and leave my bones to hold a fetal pose.
My brain recites such delicate prose,
Whispered to me by the specter of your notes.
A voice I no longer know…

Where’d you go?
My head’s a black hole.
This grey matter’s decomposed.
I’m scared to death, talking 'bout
“Ruh-rohs” and “Hell nos!”
Trying to outrun your ghost
but, I’m stuck inside smoke Os...
Scattered across the ozone,
Riddled with “I don’t knows”

I want to exorcise my heart,
But I don’t want to be alone.

Slur pee Apr 2021
Sweet Mother,
Sweet Mother
Send your child unto me,
For the sins of the unworthy
Must be baptized in blood and fear.
Open your mind's ear, Listener
The Black Hand must grasp this sinner.
For sweet Mother, for our Brothers
We must make them all suffer.
Bathe in blood, and dance bare
Neath the moon's darkened glare,
Where we ensnare the foul creature
Drain her blood and then eat her.
O' Mephala, O' Sithis
Curse all of those that sin,
With the void of death's darkness.
Sealed with Mother's sweet kiss.

Slur pee Apr 2021
When your eyes graze my cheeks
I cringe internally,
They're dead and they see
Every flaw that crawls on me.

But you always made me feel so pretty,
On your springy bed- when you said
"**** the lights and turn your head"
And I would let, darkness consume
My arms, my legs, and you;
With closed eyes and beauty, new.

Slur pee Apr 2021
Er.. Which is it? Monster or man?
Who cares?! He’ll slay the gorgon, ****!
His eyes cast a fierce light,
His hair scared into white,
And for the right price he wields death in his hands.


There’s a pink puffball with quite the appetite,
Doesn’t chew food, he inhales it with all his might.
He can’t fly very far,
So he likes to ride on stars.
Defeating evil as he goes, with every bite.


Test tube mutant cursed with the stupid
N. Sane in the brain, heart shot by cupid
Breaks boxes with a twist
Helpless without his sis,
Won’t stop ‘til Cortex has been uprooted.

Limericks based off videogames.

(The Witcher, Kirby, and Crash Bandicoot.)
Slur pee Apr 2021
I make my own soup and I kiss my own boo-boos,
I tell tall tales about love, hell, and voodoos.

I cover up my sadness with jokes, smoke, and malice
Who knew living a tragic life could feel so lavish?

God and I have a pretty tight relationship
I talk to him every night when my fingers touch my lips.

I throw my bones at dogs and contort my soul for fun,
Chewed up, spat out. I’m just like everyone.

Slur pee Apr 2021
My hellos echo inside this black hole,
My heart’s a no call no show, down-in-the-dumps hobo;
Haunted by the ghost of your sucrose coated love.
I’ve licked my fingers down to the bone trying to
Feel it just once on my tongue again.

My brain’s a necrophage, feeding on your face
Until I can’t recognize the taste- the shape,  
You’re just a skull in a grave, and I crave
To decompose alongside you in the bed you made.

My frame has been shoved down the **** drain
And the incessant drip drops sound just like your name.

I’m a repulsive cultist drowning my emotions in solvents,
Trying to deal with the loss of the most revolting poet.

Slur pee Mar 2021
I can feel your little bites, like parasites
breaking down effervescent days
into still, silent nights; prying porous flesh
with the scent of death,
lingering in cratered moonlit breath.
Is this where i was meant to be led,
repeatedly fed, to these hungered hands?
again, my feet scrape this familiar path
wearing down the dirt that buries me,
internally. covering everything that hurts,
so i can never be allowed to scream.
split my lungs and let them seep,
release all i have held in when i breathe;
weak waves and shallow water
my song is carried, but still, it falters.

feel my microscopic actions and
minuscule movements
as i crawl between your flesh
robbing you of nutrients;
trying to survive and thrive, like little

Creepy crawlers, horrors, and lawyers
keep enforcing these busted borders.
They're stalking my chalk lines;
exploring the fine folds where time slows
And my songbirds carry broadswords,
so it's good morning, Deathblows
every time the pendulum tolls.
My silhouette is wedged between
two threads protruding from my neck
and Beelzebub possessed the helm just
to twist my alphabet into a triple threat,
so when I speak the receiver has
to navigate an end-game quest.
But I promise I'll do my best
against these wretched guests
so long as you heed my request
and enjoy yourself no matter
where the road lays etched.

-SLuR & S.K.G.
I love you Kelly.
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