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Slur pee Apr 5
The devil lies on top of my windowsill
With whispered spell. In an ensorcelling hell,
He sniffs tricks up his sleeves and his tongue has become numb
To the weeping and gnashing of his rotten teeth.
The words he speaks are only born to deceive.
He creeps into sleep inching towards my infant dreams
And takes their life from me. Hold my throat, abort my screams.
When I wake take all that I see; blind me to the truth with illusory inventions,
Fact erodes with the friction of silky fabrications. Hold me in your visions
As the phantoms sing hymns of their unholy afflictions, for eternities
I shall be trapped in his perdition.

Slur pee Jan 23
Give me an adjective to describe this:
The _______ loneliness.
The itch that persists to ____ my skin,
______ twitch; the urge to give in.
The voices that
_____ me not to resist.
________ nothings in my head,
Death howling in the wind, a hand to
_____ in my grasp, life slips away like sand.

haunting, kiss, finger, coax, bittersweet, extend, tightly, SLuR.
Slur pee Nov 2018
Nomadic motivation moves the masses at midnight;
Meandering, shambling souls moaning for innovation with
neanderthal persuasion. Keep the pace past paleolithic,
and gift the gifted with a wicked sickness. Instilled hatred,
From decades of desecration. The profound **** and violation
of the womb that holds all creation, our embryo of imagination
Decaying with elation while I shift my shells to match the constellations.

Slur pee Oct 2018
Hatred animated across canvas faces.
Acquainted with the animus of the populace,
The phantom of repulsive passion silently passes;
An abysmal abomination
Shifting vertebrae with trepidation,
Contorting form and revolting the masses.

Slur pee Sep 2018
My wishes sit upon a faded sunrise, held close to my side
More and more, I find, you shy away from my eyes.
A fickle lover, who never learnt to say goodbye;
It just clings to your lips like the desire to kiss-
I crave your spit. When I think I’ve gotten you, you slip
Like the ribbon on a gift when greedy hands eagerly open it.
Leave me with your wrapping, and I’ll crumple in the corner
As you present yourself to others my body slowly becomes colder,
Living off the warmest memories of my fading, fickle lover.

Slur pee Aug 2018
Bony fingertips pry,
Cut me open, peek inside;
See the demons where they lie
Dressed in heavenly disguise.
Their feathers tickle my intestines
With sacrilegious sickness.
Bleed me of my illness,
And gift me with forgiveness.
Cradled in the sanctity of Death’s grip,
Touched by hideous intentions
With no eyes to birth a witness.

Slur pee Aug 2018
The only difference is, come spring, they’ll be blooming happily as the night sky stars slowly fade away from me as decaying fantasies.
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