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Used to input additional information.
(Informative knowledge)

Used to insert determinative clarification.
[Clarifying knowledge]

Used to represent reflective choice.
{Intersubjective/Intraobjective knowledge}
Tegan Apr 2014
nothing is ever finished
do not believe in the definitive
life is a spectrum
black and white exists
to those who live fixed
grey is the colour
of a question
that has no answer.
An aversion to yes or no questions and complete decisions.
Tanaka Mupinga Apr 2014
Since Love is a word that is clearly defined,
I was sure it would be much less than easy to find.
But please decipher it’s meaning be my Rosetta Stone
How to manifest in person to keep me from alone
The one I’ve wanted and needed to fill my vacuous soul,
One whose substance would fill my red but black hole
My collective attention would never escape her.
How can a concept so complex be drawn out on paper?
We’d be perfect and free we’d be perfect as “we”
But love is too broad for such specificity.
I’ve hoisted my thoughts until they were too high to still see
Wondering how love could even be in the dictionary.
Alas I’ll search ‘till transformed, my hairs all turn grey.
The only place I’ll ever find love is in the section after “K”.

— The End —