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Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Could this bee the end of Bee Bee?

Humble came flying through the trees,
After the evil Blues-Bee
And Humble could see Bee Bee up ahead,
Being chased by their enemy.

Humble was trying to dodge the Blues-Bees fleas,
As they were leaping through the air at him.
He would kick the ones behind so hard,
Punch the ones in front of him with a grin
And dodge the stones the worms were hurling up,
With their tail’s being used like catapults.
All the while, Humble was speeding as fast as he could,
To save Bee Bee from the Blues-Bee, for he was no good.

Two fleas leaped at Humble and he dived down to avoid them
And they crashed into each other with an almighty bang;
But as Humble looked up, all he could see was the Blues-Bee,
Flying over the cliff edge, chasing Bee Bee, oh dang!

As Humble flew after them, he saw the Blues-Bee,
Suddenly change direction and fly off into the distance.
Bee Bee was not in front of him, so Humble stopped and turned around.
Bee Bee was lying on the ground; her face had a look of sadness.
The Blues-Bee had stung her heart and she was hurt,
But they had been through too much together,
For Humble to ever bee losing her!
So he flew to her as fast as he could.
She said it doesn’t look good,
A light bulb appeared in Humble’s mind.
Honey!  You’re right!  
Honey would bee good to fight,
The bitter sting of The Blues-Bee.
She needs a remedy.

She said I have used all of my supply; I have nothing left to give;
But Humble did.
He reached into his fur coat and in the pocket next to his heart,
He found the *** of Honey, Bee Bee had given to him,
When they first started dating.
He had kept it from the very start.

He took out some honey and covered the wound,
Then he said to Bee Bee, I’ll take care of you.
As he held his hand where Bee Bee had been stung,
He gave her a kiss and from behind the grey clouds above,
Out came the sun…

It shone directly on Humble and Bee Bee as they kissed.
When they had finished kissing, Bee Bee said,
Look out Humble!  He is behind you!
As Blues-Bee sped towards Humble determined to not miss.
Humble held Bee Bee tight and with all his might,
He used his wings to protect them both,
As Blues-Bee’s shadow removed the light.

Blues-Bee crashed into Humbles back, stinger first
And then bounced off Humble and began to cry.
My stinger…Not my last words…why!?
What have you done Humble?
Why did it not go through your wings?
Humble turned around to face Blues-Bee and said,
You never believed in any kind of love.
I always believed.

So now you can fly along,
It won’t take long
And I will take my wife home with me.
And you?
You will soon bee gone.
It’s time for us to leave him behind Bee Bee.

Blues-Bee flew into the sky and around in circles for a while;
He didn’t know where to go.
As Blues-Bee fell from the sky to never bee seen again,
Bee Bee pulled the stinger from Humbles wing
And said that must sting.
It’s left a little hole.

That doesn’t matter; I can still fly.
So let me fly you home before we lose the light.
You know you called me Wife when you were talking to him?
You do realise we’re not married, right?
Well I thought if you would like to bee my Queen,
Then that is something we could try to fix tonight.
We could go get married soon, if you like?
You haven’t even proposed!  
You never know.  I could say no.
With you I always know, that you are my only choice.
My inner bee speaks with your voice.
You are my way to happiness;
You are the best I will ever get
And if you say you will not marry me, then I will bee heartbroken
And love will never bee and my heart will never rejoice,
But at least I know, knowing you left me awoken.

Well I had better say yes then;
Can’t have you giving up on love.
It’s the best thing that you do.
I think it’s time I was more than your girlfriend.
You know you do have that huge heart of yours.
I guess the stories of love are true.

So Yes!  I will marry you Humble!
I want to fly with you…forever more.
Together we can Bumble.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee Bee the Bee

Hi everyone; this is Bee Bee.
The two of us are engaged, to bee married. (I’m so pleased!)
We think it’s time to settle down.
We think it’s time to start a family.

I have had my adventures
And somehow I managed to find myself a Queen.
She is so beeautiful!!!  
Check out me;
She is so pretty
And me, with this face; it’s now full of smiles, I’m alive!
It’s time to join the rat race once more and build our own hive.
The reason I go to work is to provide for her;
Because seriously dude, look at her!

She is worth all the honey in the hive
And for some strange reason she chose me to fly,
Next to her until we are old and worn out.
I will tell you how much I love her;
No, I will shout!
I love this bee!  My Bee Bee!
Bee Bee and me sitting in a leaf,
I am sooo happy!!!

We have been together a while now;
Flown through the darkest rain clouds.
Burst up through the cumuli and nimbus
And held each other tightly as we dropped back down.
We have so many people to love,
But I love her the most;
So please, join me in raising your thimbles
And let us all toast,
The most beautiful bee I have ever seen!
The most beautiful bee there is…Bee Bee.

In our future hive, my honey is her supply,
As she is my honey; look deep into my eyes,
Not around the eyes, deep into my eyes
And you will see my truth, honesty and pride.

Yes I am with her, because she makes my heart purr.
This sugar rush is more than enough,
To keep me falling in love.
Every day and in every way, I love her more,
Because every day it only gets better and better, my love.
Just when I think I could not love her more,
She says something, or does something, that I simply adore.
She cares so much that I can’t help but love,
Each and every thing that she does.

I could talk to you about her for the rest of my life,
Without ever being bored;
But right now I am in a rush.
You see I need to get back to her smile.
She brightens up my day, my night and forever I’ll,
Bee in love with my Queen.  
My Queen Bee Bee.

It has truly been a pleasure talking to you all, I must say,
But the ceremony will soon bee under way
And she would never let me live it down,
If all my talking meant we had to show up to our own wedding late.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Don’t bee late for Flight-school

Ok…Are you sure you have got everything that you need?
There is nothing you have forgotten?
Nothing you want to get before you leave?
Are you sure you don’t need to use the lavatory before you go?
Oh!  Have you got enough honey?
Enough clothes to wear?  Some beeswax for your hair?
Are you sure you are ready to leave?

Don’t worry about me Mum, I’ll bee ok.  
I have been preparing for this day since I can remember.
Oh!  Have you got your mittens?  It gets cold in September.
Mum; chill out.  I’m going to bee fine
And the next time you see me I’ll bee able to fly!
Now Son; are you sure you don’t want me to give you a lift?
No Dude; thanks, but it’s only a short trip…

It’s time for me to go.
Oh I know, I know; don’t bee late, hurry along
And go and meet your mates, don’t bee late.
I’m sure he will bee ok Love.
We love you Son.
Yes!  We love you Humble!  And his Mum gave him a great big hug!
I love you guys too and I won’t bee gone long.
Just a few days and I will bee done
And then you can say “You know he flies as well now, my Son.”

With that Humble walked out of the door
And soon he met his mates, all four.
They were up ahead so he ran to catch up.
Oh ‘ello Humble.  What’s up?
Hey Bee-Real, what are you doing here?
Just walking little Prince here to flight-school.  He fears.
He worries too much if you ask me;
Got no sense of direction, see.
Oh well; what will bee, will bee.
Hey Humble.  Hey Prince.  How’s things?
Don’t ask.
Bee-Real laughed.

Hey Humble.  Hey Blondebee;
What do you reckon we are gonna see,
When we walk through those big doors?
Bee-Real said “You’ll see ‘em all flying about an’ that, I’m sure.
They got nothing better to do, I’ll bet ya.”
Hey Tiny Dancer.  Hey Hum;
Today’s gonna bee fun!
Yeah, for you it is, you already know how to fly Mr. Superfly.
Some of us just have a natural ability; Hey ladies.
Said Tiny Dancer as two bees flew by.

Humble and the others,
Had to walk through the offices of the Bee-Air institution,
Before they were eventually lead to the building,
In which their training instructor was waiting,
For them to begin their training mission.

So there it was…Flight-school.
Wow!  That’s cool!  
Said Humble as they opened the huge doors,
To reveal a huge area painted sky blue from wall-to-wall
And in the centre of the large room there was a swimming pool.

What’s with the water, Bee-Real?
That’s for when someone fails.
If your wings get wet because they are not like a shield of steel,
Then they say pack your bags.  It’s time to bail…

Well; see you later guys.  I’d love to stay, but I gotta fly.

As Bee-Real left and the small group of four joined the line,
Flight Lieutenant McFly began to talk.
After a little while the training had begun
And soon it would bee time for the tests…

As Humble walked up to take his place for the first attempt,
The Flight Lieutenant said,
Show us what you got kid!
And Humble did!
He flapped his wings as hard as he could!
He rose off the ground a little and then he floated back down.
Nice attempt.  Try again.  
Some of the other bees were joking behind the Lieutenants back.
Hey you; I can see what you are doing over there.  
Stop clowning around.

Humble tried three times and it didn’t work.
Tiny Dancer tapped him on the shoulder and said My turn.
Then he leapt into the air and flew around the room.
Well done lad.  You really know how to zoom!
It seemed like everybody else did too;
To Humble at least.

Eventually, all that was left was one last bee.
Even after being trained by Flight Lieutenant McFly,
Humble was running out of time.
Everyone else had learned to fly.  They were all watching.
There he was…the last bee in line.

Nobody believed he could do it;
Not even him…
Until he only went and did it!

Humble soared into the sky!  He flew so high!
And so fast around the room
And as he passed the bees below, he shouted out Zooommm!!!
He was gone in a flash,
So quick to dart back up into the air
And as he landed in front of the cheering bees in his class,
After flying behind the artificial clouds and trees,
The lieutenant said,
“Congratulations!  You have all passed!”

Nobody fell into the swimming pool.
Humble later found out that nobody ever does.
As he flew home, he felt, so cool!
And all along the flight path that he took home,
Could bee heard the sound of Humble B. Bumble,
Qualified flier,
Humming along…

At last Humble had found the right note to sing his unique buzz.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
Time to bee invited to Honeycombe

The news of Blues-Bee’s demise had far reaching effects.
The worms had disappeared deep underground
And the fleas had all fled.
Harmony was going to bee restored,
To the happy place it was a long time before.
This was nice to hear for a Bee who was far away,
For he had already lived through The Hive Wars.

He happened to overhear a conversation about a bee one day.
His name was Heroshima and he knew of Humble’s hive.
He heard how it had been attacked and was almost destroyed,
But fortunately The Queen had survived.
Blues-Bee had hired a group of ***** rats,
But try as they might the bees never succumbed to the attack.

One night Heroshima said this bee has been through enough;
Bring him to me.  His hive is welcome to move in with us.
There is plenty of space, so make haste with the messengers.
Go find this Humble B. Bumble, wherever he is, never mind the danger.

Tell him about us and tell him he should come to bee with us soon
And he will bee welcomed always into Honeycombe.
So bees were sent out and eventually Humble was found.
He didn’t want to go; he wanted to go home,
But the bees were insistent and gave Humble a crown.
This is a sign of our loyalty to you.
Come live with us in Honeycombe as a King; you can start anew.
Your Hive are all welcome to join us too.

Humble took the crown and said thank you friend.
We will take a look around
And then placed the crown on Bee Bee’s head.
I guess this belongs to you, Love.
Oh no sir, it is yours.  You have been so good.
You are to bee made a King and you may choose your Queen.
I have no need for a title; I already have all that I need with Bee Bee.

Then neither do I said Bee Bee throwing it away.
But sir!  But maam!  You have no idea what that crown is worth!
We have no wish to rule your domain anyway.
Let all bee’s bee equal and rise from the dirt.

You shouldn’t bee throwing it around.
It is made from the finest honey.
Then you can have it, take the crown,
I already have my honey, buddy.
Humble held Bee Bees hand and said lead the way…

I will just fetch the crown first sir.  Ok?

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jackie Mead Sep 2017
The Frog and The Bee lived merrily on a log, in a bog in the middle of two Rivers, the River Louse and the River Wry.

They were best friends with the Mouse who had a house on the River Louse and the Elf with one ear and the Fly with one eye who lived on the River Wry.

One day the Frog, on the log in the middle of the bog, said to his dear friend the Bee, it's about time that you and I, the Mouse with the house on the River Louse, Elf and Fly had another adventure.
The Bee buzzed excitedly and said 'what did you have in mind?'
"Well" said the Frog, who lived on the log in the middle of the bog on the River Louse, where the Mouse had his house “I was thinking that you and I and the Fly with one eye could get together with the Mouse, who has a house on the River Louse,and the Elf with one ear and set out for the town of Cry which is on the River Wry”.
” I've heard” said the Frog, who lived on the log in the middle of the bog on the River Louse, where the Mouse had his house “that there is a horse living by the course of the River who because he is getting older needs some help getting his master and friend round the very long bend.”
“I thought you and I and the Fly with one eye and Elf with one ear and the Mouse with a house on the River Louse could come up with a plan to get the barge, the horse, his master and friend around the River bend at the town of Cry on the River Wry”.
“What a great idea” said the Bee to the Frog, who lived on a log in the middle
of a bog, let's go summons our friends, the Mouse with a house on the River Louse and the Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear and help the master and his horse round the River course”.

So the Frog and Bee set out to find the Mouse with the house on the River Louse and the Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear and explain to them that there was a horse who needed their help to get a barge and his master and friend around the River bend.
The Mouse with the house on the River Louse and the Fly with one eye and The Elf with one hear were easy to persuade, they all agreed to let Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, to take the lead.
Frog said to the Elf with one ear “we need to you to be the eyes for the Fly with one eye and help him find his way to the town of Cry on the River Wry”.  
To the Fly with one Eye, Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog said “we need you to help the Elf with one ear and be his ears, working together to find your way to the town of Cry on the River Wry”

The friends set out on their way to the town of Cry on the River Wry, Frog, who, lived on a log in the middle of the bog, croaked very nosily as he hopped from lily pad to lily pad from River Louse, where the Mouse with the house lived, to River Wry and their destination the town of Cry.

The Bee buzzed happily on the shoulder of the Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, and accepted the ride with his friend to the River bend at the town of Cry on the River Wry.

The Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear set out together, the Elf with his perfect eye sight led the way to the town of Cry on the River Wry.  The Fly with his perfect hearing kept the Elf safe from harm and alerted him to any creature that may be nearing.

It was a beautiful afternoon and the friends would get to the town of Cry on the River Wry soon, the Frog and the Bee, the Fly and the Elf and the Mouse with the house on the River Louse, would help their friend the horse and his master get around the very long course of the River at the town of Cry on the River Wry.

After several hours, the friends all agreed it wouldn’t be long now until their friend the horse would be in sight and they would use all of their skills and all of their might to help their friend navigate around the bend of the river at the town of Cry on the River Wry.

The Frog croaked to the Bee, look our friend is in front of you and me, the horse is close to the River bend and he will soon need all his friends to help him round the bend close to the town of Cry on the River Wry.

The horse was pleased to see his friends, the Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, the Bee and the Mouse who had a house on the River Louse, the Fly with one eye and Elf with one ear, he began to neigh and cheer, at last he would have some help from his friends to get him, the barge and his master and friend around the river bend.

The Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, asked the horse “how can we assist you and your master?”.  The horse replied ” of course I need good eyes and ears and lots of noise to guide the master, the barge and me, the horse, of course, around the river bend.”
The Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of a bog, replied “I have an idea, the Elf with one ear has perfect eyes and the Fly with one eye has perfect ears, myself the Bee and the Mouse with a house on the river louse can all make lots of noise, together we will all work to assist your master and you, the horse, around the river course".
The horse did neigh as if to obey and went to find his master.  With a collar around his neck attached to the barge he lowered his head and began to walk.
The Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of a bog and the Mouse who had a house on the River Louse and the Bee made as much noise as a trio of three could possibly.
The Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, did croak, the Mouse with a house on the River Louse, did squeak and the Bee did buzz and together they made an awful lot of fuss, and the horse did neigh as if to say, he heard them all just fine.

The horse continued to walk and the Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear did appear, and encouraged the horse to walk on, the Fly with its perfect ears did listen to his friends, The Frog who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, the Mouse who had a house on the River Louse and The Bee, and talked the horse around the river bend.  
The Elf with one ear and its perfects eyes did talk to the horse and describe the course of the river at the town of Cry on the River Wry.

In no time at all the horse, the barge and the master, his friend had gotten all the way around the large bend of the river at the town of Cry on the River Wry.
The horse did neigh as if to say "Thank You" to his friends, the Frog who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, the Bee, the Mouse with a house on the River Louse, The Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear and invited them to stay for tea.  
The Master was so pleased that he fell to his knees and said to the creatures big and small "thank you for your help today it is fair to say that without your noise, your perfect sight and perfect talk the horse would not have made the walk around the river bend".
"Now" said the master to the new set of friends "lets set up camp past the river bend and have a cup of tea", "thank you" said the Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog and the Bee, "we’d love a cup of tea".

So this very odd group of friends sat around and made mend with a cup of tea and a fire to keep them warm as they swapped stories for the night and tomorrow the friends would make their way home.

The Frog, who lived on the log in the middle of the bog, turned to his special friend the Bee and said “thank you for believing in me”
Another story based poem, it's a bit epic, thank you to anyone who takes the time to read it.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee in the distance

As Humble flew along,
He could see some bees flying away in the distance.
He was so excited to see new bees,
That he flapped his wings as fast as he could,
To fight his way through all the turbulence.
The wind was against him, the bees so far,
But he was determined to meet them, so he flew like a shooting star.

There were two bees that seemed to bee following,
A much smaller bee who was in front.
Humble thought it must bee the leader,
Because it dodged quicker than the others could.
It zipped in and out of the tall corn stalks;
It would disappear down…and then shoot back up!
He could see the broken pieces of the corn as he flew above.

He didn’t know why they didn’t all just fly over, there was no rain;
But once more they all suddenly vanished again.
So he dived in after them and quickly made his way through the corn.
He had a few close calls and nearly hit his head more than once
And then suddenly he flew past something lying on the floor;
It began to shake its head, it was only stunned…

Humble quickly realised he had been chasing a much bigger wasp.
I’m out of here he thought and was quickly up and gone;
But out of the corner of his eye he saw something as he rose,
He saw the difference in size between one wasp and the other;
There was no way he could just go.
He had followed the wasp but now there was a bee;
It was further in the distance, but he couldn’t just leave,
The wasp to catch the bee, so with all his speed,
He sped after the wasp, giving it all that he had got.

As the wasp in front of him forever gained on the bee,
It suddenly felt a hand on its stinger and Humble gave it a twist,
With all his might, he span around as fast as he could,
The wasps head was spinning quickly, navigation on vacation
And with a mighty crash, there was a huge cloud of dust and a thud!
Humble kept on flying, feeling dizzy himself,
But he saw the line of the horizon and once more all was well.

Once more he got closer to the bee and said wait for me!
The bees eyesight wasn’t the best
And it could only hear a wasp still chasing, so began to flee.
It darted to the left and quickly back to the right,
Humble kept a close eye on its movements
And lined the bee up in his sights.

He was getting closer, so the bee flew straight up into the air;
Humble was determined to follow, so flew up without a care.
As the two bees rose up, going higher and higher,
Humble began to lose his strength and his body began to tire.
Soon his wings stopped and he could only drop;
The clouds above grew smaller and soon he would bee gone.
He closed his eyes and tried to flap his wings,
But his energy was gone, it wasn’t happening.
The ground approached at speed, he thought he was toast,
When suddenly a hand grabbed the back of his fur coat.
He tried to look behind him but he could not see,
The bee who was carrying him to a place of safety.

He started to flap his wings and shouted let me go!
He wiggled to escape but still the hand had a hold.
He span his body around so the other bee was closer to the ground
And he said let me go or I will fly down.

He was so busy trying to look over his shoulder
And reach the hand that had a grip,
That he didn’t see the sun flower ahead,
But the other bee did.

With a huge use of energy the other bee span them both back around
And let go of Humbles fur and disappeared without a sound.
Humble was moving too fast, to change his flight path
And suddenly he crashed and landed softly into the sun flower...

And as for the other bee?
Humble heard a laugh…

By the time he had found his composure
And made his way out of the flower,
The other bee had disappeared
And Humble was left alone to wonder…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Beeside signs.

One day Humble was in his nursery class learning,
About the A-Bee-See’s;
When the teacher, Miss Guide-Bee,
Told them all that later that day,
The would bee meeting the Seebee.
She asked if they would all listen to what he had to say,
Because it may help them in the future, maybe, one day.

They were taught about what bee’s needed to do,
In the future to co-exist
And how every part of the bee machine,
Was needed to continue helping the hive to live.
If every bee knew their role in society
And did not criticize other bees for the way they chose to live,
Then maybe, with time, things would all work out alright in the end, maybe.
Imagine if we were all, all we could be.

He said look out for the signs that nature sends out for us.
If you believe what nature is trying to tell you
And if you truly trust,
Nature will lead you along the road you are meant to bee flying.
Some bees give up believing,
But if you trust in the law of nature and her insight,
She will help you steer clear of the darkness
And you will always fly in the light.

If you see a sign that says this option may be good,
Then listen to your heart and try to trust.
Maybe it will not happen as you would like it to bee,
But nature sees the entire world and eventually,
If you trust in destiny
And realise this is how things were meant to bee,
Then hopefully you will avoid the negativity
And hopefully you will find the bee you were meant to bee.

All bees make mistakes, but if you learn from them,
You can change the future and your life can bee re-written,
From that point forward; if you want it to bee.
So if the universe is screaming out, that is a bad idea bee!
Then listen to what the wind is saying, for the wind is free,
To blow its air wherever it may choose.
So fly like the wind; choose to win and not lose.

Do not give up,
When you could bee flying up,
On a dream, along the jet-stream.
Now; please open your books…

Remember, if you see a sign of happiness this way,
Look for love, for it will bee near-by;
That is all I have to say…

For the rest of the day, Humble was looking out for signs.
On his way home he saw a sign that said Bee Happy.
It was outside a shop, but Humble realised it was a shop for babies.
So he carried on looking and saw a couple of bee’s kissing.
He didn’t know what this sign could mean, but he knew he was listening.
Then he saw two newly wed bees;
He heard them talking about where they could take their honeymoon.
They didn’t know where they wanted to bee;
They just knew they wanted to get there soon…

…Eventually Humble arrived home and as he opened the door,
He saw his parents holding hands, very much in love.
His Mum was watching BeeTV as his dad, Dude, just snored.
Bakes-a-good-crumble said hi love, how was your day?
Did Mrs. GuideBee give you a message to pass on to me today?
Or is everything ok?
No; today we just talked about what I wanted to bee when I grow up.
So what did you tell her love?
I don’t know yet, but being in love sure looks like it could bee good;
Oh and Blondebee wants me to go out with her
And her parents on the weekend.  
Is that ok?
Sure Honey…
Go have fun with your friend.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Not another! Bee Bee love poem.

The love Humble had for her hit him like a bolt of lightning.
It would have been frightening, if it wasn’t so exciting.
His heart raced, he could not remove the smile from his face.
Surely this time it must bee real?  
He didn’t have enough hope left to waste.

Sure he was sure that she was the one.
She was unlike any other that he had ever met.
He knew he was wrong to start with a blonde;
He had always loved the brunettes.

So Humble B. fell in love with Bee Bee.
Some would say it is elementary,
But I think it is much more sophisticated than that;
It’s fate, it’s destiny, it’s a drop of the hat,
To the beautiful Bee Bee, Humbles Queen.
The everlasting love he had seen in his dreams.

Bee Bee loved Humble as much as he loved her,
And now their tale of love was spinning in a whirl,
And writing itself, for no author was needed,
To tell the story of the Bee’s; the book had been seeded,
And now new love was everywhere to bee seen,
For little Humble B. and his beauty Queen.

Destined to last, no turning back;
They would fly with each other from now until the end.
The trials and tribulations are all just the facts.
The fantasies are what makes it feel like a Godsend.

Two Bee’s who are meant to bee,
Together forever living in Harmony.
Sure they may argue and occasionally cry,
But they both truly know how they feel on the inside.
Destiny has played their hand,
And now together they fly over the land,
And all they see, they see with each other.
Love finds their true love and forgets all other lovers.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019

In the pines, in the pines,
There lived a bee who shivered the whole night through.
His hair was dyed, his enormous size,
Meant he didn’t have to listen to anyone and he ruled his crew,
With fear and intimidation;
He sought to bee the cause of social dysfunction.

The Blues-Bee was hardest to bee seen,
When the moon was up in the sky.
He would move between the shadows unseen;
His reflection cast no light.

No soul, no noise, just endless nights.
No smile, no toys, just one bad idea; it was time to fight.
He had raised a band of blues stingers
And he knew there was only one way; his way.
He couldn’t stand the way others sang;
It was his depressing buzz that made all other bees fly away.

Blues Bee and his gang travelled in search of sound;
They were never happy and travelled under the ground.
The fleas and the Blues Bee travelled with the worms.
The worms would lead the way through all the dirt
And the Blues-Bee would tell them what to do.

He heard a noise, so they burst up through
And appeared at a picnic party birthday celebration.
There was a grasshopper playing the lute
And the Blues-Bee took it away and imposed his condemnation.
Hey give it back!  I built that!
I’m just here to bee with my friends.
The Blues-Bee said nothing; he was a bully
And the lute was never seen again.

Blues Bee jumped down a hole;
The lute he stole was never to bee returned.
The grasshoppers friends said let’s go after them!
But the grasshopper said in the end they will lose
And there is a lesson here to bee learned.

The group they sat and listened to her words;
The rivers flowed through to bee forever heard.
She spoke of peace in a time of conflict;
She taught them how to just move past it.
She taught a generation to see further…
So they named her Lila.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Inspiration May 2016
I will tell you a story
In all its glory
Explaining the
****** *****,
Creating much more than
The eye can see

Its a story about a vibrant flower
So beautiful it needs to be to attract the buzzing honey bees

The story goes some thing like this

So you can see the flowers multiply through the years
Make two
Four and many more

The bee
flys along and sees so many Beautiful flowers
Longing to devour
But which one
So many colours
Flowers cascading
So shameless

Stands still

Its a big bright pink one
Circular in shape
Its the one
Open, with so many soft small petals
Glistening with the rain drops
Shining in the sun
Sparkling with beauty from within
Makes the bee meander to thee

The bee needs to reproduce

Stops and fills
Spreads the seeds
Allowed to please

What you dont see is the story
Combined with the
True glory
Of the extra ordinary *****
The beauty
Of the buzzing bee
With the  gold assigned

So free
Frantically to find the
The hive

Taking nectar
Making honey, wax, all kind of f
Fascinating lines
Made from hexagon
They divide into the lines

They are full with precious delights

The story continues
The more you learn
The more you yearn
To see a honey bee

Together the bee and the ****** *****
make harmony
The vibrant flower allowed to duplicate
More beauty for all to see
For all to feel

The special honey bee procreate and makes
creating ambiance
Such a clever bee
A savont; such a worker
Magical tyrant

Buzzing madly yearning to create
the sweetest honey
A honey bee can make

Its like you to me
You're the combination
Make migrations in me
Spreading beauty from within
To others to proceed
And begin

I feel it with you;
Vibrant flower
Honey bee
Coming together
Creating so much sweet honey in me

It's a wonderful story to me
You see
The story of the flower and the honey bee
So my house mate thinks poetry is stupid...he said...let's see if u can do this...write a poem about a flower and a bee and pollination.
Not only that this but the words
****** *****
VIBRANT FLOWER (he mocks the first poem I wrote as an adult, that used this as a description of a naughty part

Listen to The story of the Flower and the Bee by jvalent1 #np on #SoundCloud
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee ambitious.

We always seem to fly together;
I’m gonna fly out on my own.
I sure do like working with you,
But inside my heart I live alone.
Maybe one day we will find a way,
For you to become the bee I travel with in peace;
But I don’t see that happening any time soon, unfortunately.
You have been a good friend to me for all this time
And when I return, I will find you
And I will bee…so happy!

But for now I must fly solo;
One day I will return.
I will come back one day to this hive and all that which I know!
But for now, I have to go.
Next time you see me I will have a thousand new stories to tell.
Do not waste your life dreaming about me;
Do not linger and cease and yearn.
We will meet again some day, I promise,
So do not bee too concerned.

There is no ‘Us’ for me, in this place, at this time;
But give it time and things could change.  
Maybe we will find our way.
Until that day I will save all my honey
And wait on you in all ways.
If I can bee of service, then nothing could bee a trouble to me.
If you would like a spoon full of honey to pour into your tea,
Then please;
Allow me.
I will oblige you this morning, for I have nothing better to do.
You can only see me thinking of leaving here, through teary eyes,
But smile, please, you can already see I need to find a new view.

I am a little bee with big ambitions!
One day you will see me
And hopefully my dreams will have come to fruition.
The orange horizon sure does look tempting to me;
I wonder how far the sky goes?
I have been speaking for years now about how I would leave,
How I would find out what lies beyond;
I only stayed this long because I was worried it would bee too cold.

I guess you already know what happens,
When a bee begins speaking about leaving.
It never seems to chase its dreams;
Well, I will be a unique bee!
I’m heading over the trees!
Going to disappear behind the bushes;
I will bee last seen heading for the sun!
My mind is made.  I have done my days
And retirement sure looks like fun.

There is a great big world out there to go and see;
Going to travel and view it all, just you watch me!
I have already flown a whole mile today!
And once I have rested, I will fly again!

The ocean may bee difficult to cross over,
But I will find safe passage aboard a ship.
I will hide from newspapers and angry eyes,
But I should bee ok to make it to the other side…I think
And when the ship docks into port,
I will find the nearest sugary drink.

This is my plan so I thought I would tell you before I set off…
So; tell me.  What do you think?  
Am I ready…?
Or not?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Reign Jun 2022
The energy of the flower attracts the bee
It’s pedals it’s scent it being itself create this need
The need to be in its presence
Pure definition of 7
What is it with this kinetic attraction
Of polar opposites that attract
While this wild flower has its garden mate
The bee still pollenates
For with out this bee the flower full bloom will never achieve
Theres a small death inside if the bee should leave
The bee see this dogwood as a creation that marvels the 9 wonders of the world
It’s beauty is the prototype of all things defined in lust
The mind is hesitant to trust but only when it’s rushed
The smile opens the heavens so summer rays reaches the earth
Smiles, convos, time is exclusive
To experience this creation almost seems abusive
For this dogwood belongs to a rose
The bee loves this dogwood but an insect is
Only a friendly companion and Thts as far as it go’s
The dogwood root is intertwined with the rose
The bee has live the dogwood knows
The dogwood likes the bee but loves the rose
The bee is aware and choose this road
To the bee this dogwood is the Bible to the Catholics
The Quran to the Muslims
The hopes the dreams and that love them
Seasons change petals whither
Feelings change never quicker
The mind n the heart battle n bicker
You love her you can’t you never be either her she loves yet another but cares for you still
Her soul sends chills
The power of the trumpets of the four horseman is real
She breath
She’s growth
She’s life
She’s pain And a puzzle to figure out but hides pieces from sight
This bee must take flight
This bee must take flight
Still n always concerned of your life
But there’s a dogwood a rose
But no existence of a flower bee in sight
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Way to bee!

As Humble walked with his parents into the bee nursery,
He saw the other proud parents with their own little bees.
Eventually the teacher said, excuse me parents,
I will have to ask you to say your goodbyes;
We must proceed with today’s event…

As the parents left and the larvae bees took their seats,
The teacher, Miss Softly-Spoken said
Today children we are going to have A Spelling Bee.
I would like you all to welcome The Spelling Tree!

The Spelling Tree walked in with a miserable face.
The Spelling Tree was Mr. Dictionary in a tree costume
And he didn’t like this place.
One day I will get away from here, you will see…
Now, now Mr. Spelling Tree, no need to bee grumpy.
A is for Air.
B is for Bee!
C is for Cloud, said Mr. Dictionary…

He really didn’t care anymore; he just wanted to leave;
But life in the hive wasn’t all fun and games.
You were given a job that you had to do every day
And this one was much better than his last position.
He was fired as a clown for not being happy enough…
The irony of misconception.

The rest of the day, the children played many games
And they all became friends in the end…

As the parents returned to collect their children,
The larvae were playing a game called,
‘Guess what I am meant to Bee!’
They were pretending to bee whatever they wanted to bee,
Imaginatively and figuratively.

Humble was buzzing his own little tune,
So out of sync with everybody.
The other children were trees and clouds and flowers and leaves!
Humble decided to pretend to bee a Bee.
He did it so well, nobody else could tell,
What he was pretending to bee.

As the families all left, Humble, of course, was last to leave.
His parents told him to say goodbye to Miss Softly-Spoken
And she said
“It was a pleasure to meet you today Mr. Humble B. Bumble…
Way to Bee!”

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019

As I flew up, into the air,
I looked back one last time at the hive.
All the bees were standing there.
Some were happy and proud to see me go; some were still crying.
As they held handkerchiefs up against their noses,
I saw the twinkle in their eyes, was the sunshine reflecting;
They truly did pull at my heart strings.

But this was no time to bee questioning my decision.
There is a whole world out there!
And I don’t know what I could bee missing!
So onward good friend, up, up and away!
My radio-wave-head thinks today is going to bee a glorious day!

As the hive became smaller, as it grew further into the distance,
I regained my focus; let the adventure commence!
So forwards I flew, over places I have known.
There were still faces I recognized below
And there were still places I wished I could go;
But there was no time, because time flies!
And so did I; further into the sky.

I could see the ant hill, swarming with an army of friends.
The days of war between our people were over
And I hope they will never return again.
A couple of ants flew up to have a chat and say goodbye.
They told me I was the talk of the town
And wished me luck, but they had to fly.

So off they went, back down to reality;
I was still gliding along on a possibility.
What could bee out there?
What will I see?
I couldn’t believe I was finally fulfilling my dream.

For so long now I had been thinking about going someday,
While all the other workers were out drinking
And only interested in pay.
I saw a better future, where the amount you owned did not matter,
Because there was enough for everybody and endless laughter.
All quarrels were temporary, no lasting family feuds.
I still dream of a time, when I fly home to you;
But now I can see the border approaching.
This is it!  It is finally happening!
So close to freedom, so full of fear,
But I am an aeronautical engineer and a space pioneer.
The past is behind me and it will still bee there when I return;
Today is a present, the future calls me,
Time to let my engines burn!

Faster and faster, I fly only forward!
No looking back now, as I travel through the air waves.
I have never been so excited!
I had never imagined there could bee a way,
To smash through the sound barrier!
I broke the speed of light!
I have passed through the boundaries of what was my old life
And now I am becoming a stand-alone bee!!!!...

Hello chum.
I quickly turned around to see.
What are you doing here!? I said in amazement.
Didn’t think I’d let you do this all by yourself did you?
You know you’ve always been my favourite, but you ain’t the bravest.

We’ve been friends since you were a nipper
And your girlfriend sent me along to keep you safe; ok skipper?
So, where are we heading?  Anywhere nice?
What girlfriend!?  What are you talking about!?
This is my journey!  My life!
I travel alone, as one bee leaving home!
Not a bee and his mate,
Having a look around and then gone when it gets late.

I don’t know about that buddy, I just do as I’m told.
Well I’m telling you, go!  Leave me alone!
This is my adventure, I cannot worry about you.
There really is no need for you to come along too.
Oh it’s not a problem pal; I ain’t got nothing better to do
And it looks like a laugh, doesn’t it.
So; what you up to?
Oh bother!…Humble said with a shake of his head.
Did you not listen to a word I have said?
Go home, I don’t need protection; I’m a unique bee!
And with that I flew into a hole in a tree…

As I came back out with a nonchalant attitude,
He simply said you should watch out for those little dude.
Look where you’re going and that;
They sneak up on you, them holes in trees.
Never see ‘em until you crash into ‘em; know what I mean?
I just wanted to check I hadn’t left anything that could go rotten!
And that there was nothing in there that I had forgotten.
It’s my tree of things, you know, in case I, er, ever need anything.
Of course it is flower-power…can’t have enough trees.

And so, with that, my solo flight became a tandem.
He flew alongside me for a while,
But eventually I managed to ditch him.
There was a scout one day; we met him by a stream.
He told us the wife had given orders,
For Bee-Real to return to his Queen.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee-ing rejected

The path to love is a long and winding road
And the road is in 3D when you fly through the air.
You can bee left behind so many times,
That you think that it will never go right,
Until you make it there.
There are so many ups with love,
But without love you are only ever let down.

Humble was no different, he wanted to bee loved like everybody else,
But sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times you try,
You always end up at the end of the night going home by yourself.
Humble was a trier, he would ask out every bee that he liked,
But try as he might and as much as he would have liked,
It seemed nobody would ever love him
And he was alone most of the time.
He had been rejected so many times that he decided to make a list.
The first one said this; the second one that
And this is the story of Humble B. Bumble and his love-life…
Ain’t it sad?

You’re always crying, boohoo.
You’re too happy; I am nothing like you.
You are just like me, because I like nothing about me.
We don’t think the same; you’re not fun, you’re a pain.
You are annoying me, buzz away little bee;
You have my sympathy, but you will never bee with me.
You’re too quiet, you talk too much.
You’re too weak, you’re not tough.
You’re too slow to make a move;
You’re too fast with your response to bee telling the truth.
Your clothes are bad; your hair is bad.
You’re far too sad to bee a bad boy.
You’re just having a laugh, you’re never serious;
You must bee delirious.
You’ve not cool, don’t bee a fool.
You’re too nice; you’re not nice enough.
You’re too far below me, you are not heading up.
You’re not ambitious, nor smart,
You’re never victorious and you are no work of art.
You can’t sing or dance; you wear the wrong kind of pants, no bling.
You live with your ‘rents, but you don’t pay rent.
You have no honey, I like honeys.
You ain’t funny; you are far beneath me.
You’re not pretty, you’re too silly.
You have no style, you are not unique
And you don’t have a perfect smile, ugly bee.
You think you are great, you’re always late,
I don’t like your face; we’re just mates.
I like him, you will never win.
You are such a loser; who is gonna choose ya?

So many times Humble searched for love
And when it was good it was really good!
But when it was sad, it was real love, I guess;
We will never know…
Do you think Humble will ever bee truly loved?...

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee happily ever after

So Bee Bee was ready, the larvae were on the way.
She was worried about looking after new larvae;
But now all female bees could grow up to become mothers in the hive,
If they wanted to bee.
So the brood could bee smaller
And anyway…
Humble wouldn’t want it any other way.

Bee Bee was with the man that she loved
And Humble loved Bee Bee, oh so much!
But he was always worrying too much
And he couldn’t hide his true feelings;
Like when he was nervous, or when he was in love.

The midwife was there;
There was snow in the air.
The bees were all safe and warm indoors,
Waiting for the ones they already adored.
They had waited so long and now the day was finally here.
The nurse closed the door to all the waiting family and friends,
Who had been waiting for oh so long;
Humble had waited his whole life.
The midwife told them all jokingly, “Get out of here…
This may take some time…”

…As the doors once more opened,
Bee Bee lay there with Hope in her hands,
Giving her a hug.
Humble was sat beside her holding Ethan in one hand
And Fen in the other…
Two daughters, one son.
Two sisters, one brother…
Two proud parents…so in love…

One love…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jackie Mead Jan 2018
The Frog and The Bee and the Mouse with the House lived together in peace and harmony on the River Louse.

One day the Mouse with the house did declare it was time that he moved out of there.

The Frog and The Bee did not agree and set about convincing the Mouse with the House that he needed to stay on the River Louse.

They sent out invitations to all around to attend tea at half past three.

The tea party was in honour of the Mouse with the house to be held on the banks of the River Louse and hosted by his dear friends The Frog and The Bee.

One by one each creature replied and the guest list rose quickly to Twenty Five.

The Frog and The Bee decided the tea would be civil indeed and The Frog made some scones and The Bee made some honey.

At half past one The Frog and The Bee set up some tables to lay out the tea.

At half past two the tables were laid with the scones from The Frog and The honey The Bee had made.

The scene did look grand, pots of tea and saucers of milk all laid on a tablecloth made of silk.

At half past three the guests started to arrive.
The first of the guests to arrive were The Elf with one ear and The Fly with one eye. The Mouse was delighted to see his friends, the ones who helped get Horse around the river bend.

Next came the Horse and his Master of course to thank the Mouse with the House on the River Louse for his friendship and help on the day that the Horse could not get around the river bend and the Mouse with the House, The Elf with one ear, The Fly with one eye, The Frog and The Bee all pulled together and worked merrily to assist the Horse round the river course.

One by one others did attend, there was a duck who lost his cluck but the Mouse with the House helped him every day until he could at last say "cluck cluck"

Next came a ****** who had forgotten how to weave but the Mouse with the House lay out the sticks until the Beavers memory began to tick and the ****** remembered how to weave.

Then came a beautiful Butterfly with bright red wings.  She told the Frog and The Bee that one day the Mouse had found her crying and sighing her wings had faded and she did not look grand a thing of beauty.  The Mouse ran back to his House and in his shed found a can that had Paint in Red on the side.  He took a brush and painted her wings and now the Butterfly all shiny and bright flapped her wings with all her might.

Last but not least the Mayor arrived with his glorious wife by his side.

Mayor and Mayoress Swan did agree that the Mouse with the House should not leave his friends of  The River Louse and they would indeed miss him dearly if he relocated his house.

The Mouse smiled embarrassingly and said "I am sorry he did declare, there's been a mix up, when I said" I must get out of there" it was only to the shops I intended to go but The Frog and The Bee moved too fast or I moved to slow"

The Frog and The Bee and all the guests were all delighted with the news and brought in some music supplied by "Five in a Pen" which of course were all mother Hens and they danced all night until the Moon went in and the Sun came out.

Then the Frog and The Bee said to their friend the Mouse "let's do this again next year, and Mouse can bake cake for the tea, our friends can attend and we'll dance all night to Five in a Pen and we'll eat scones and honey and cake too and we'll do this in honour of all our friends and those who live and work on the River bend"

I wrote this at 2am this morning when I couldn't sleep.
If you've read my other poems The Mouse with a House on the River Louise and The Frog and The Bee, these characters will be familiar to you and the poem will make sense.
I hope you enjoy.
Amanda Jul 2013
Pretty Bee Stings
When I was 14
I laid my eyes upon a bumble bee
He was the most beautiful thing
I had ever seen
And to my surprise he noticed me!
We flew hard wings over feet
We were each others everything
For he was a bumble bee
And I was sweet honey
I thought that was all we needed you see
But he was a hungry bumble bee
Who wasn’t satisfied with just honey
He wasn’t satisfied until he was as numb as a mummy
So I became more like his keeper
Instead of being the queen bee
I knew I deserved to be

When I was 14
I laid my eyes upon a lost bumble bee
He was the most beautiful thing
I thought I had ever seen
But I can’t stand the pain
Of these bumble bee stings

So to that beautiful lost bumble bee,
I need to set you free
So I can live a life of pure sweet honey
Away from the pain of your pretty bumble bee stings.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee Plus

Sure it’s nice to learn, but I could never sit still…
(Humble!  Sit up properly in your chair and stop moving about!)
I had my head in the clouds; never my mind on the quill…
(Humble!  Are your listening!?  What was I talking about!?)

The teachers liked to talk and I would nod my head,
But I was only there in bee form;
My head was elsewhere, so I would forget,
Everything they taught.
Humble wants to go outside!
Not bee stuck indoors.

There she goes again,
Talking about subtraction and multiplication, or something.
The truth is I never listened.
She could bee saying something really interesting,
But the sun outside, it glistens!

The sun calls to me and says come out and play!
So when the lesson is over, I am the first bee away
And out of the door,
Like a flash of lightning through the corridors.
I know I’ll have to come back after lunch,
But right now!  In this moment!
I can fly once more!

Somehow I know the answers to the questions they set,
But all the knowledge in my head, when they ask me, I forget.
If it ain’t right now, then it will never bee needed;
So can’t we, just for today, just leave it bee?

They keep on talking about the future of the bees;
But dude, I just want to have fun, so give me some peace.
Yeah, I did the homework and I didn’t even get paid.
I read page, after page, after page, after page
And at the end of the day…
This ain’t that great.

“Well maybe you should get up and teach the class!”
So I did; I got it right and I even made them all laugh.
Then the teacher gets annoyed and tells me to “Go outside!
With the other boys and wait for detention!”
I guess she needs to bee the centre of attention.

Aww Man!  Why you taking all my toys?
It’s just a bit of fun.
I can’t help being a joker
And then you give me even more detention!
For saying,
“Aww Man, you a beekeeper-smoker!”

I can’t wait to grow up and leave this place.
Sure, I’ll go and sit outside again,
With all the cool pupa’s in the breakfast club group.
That’s ok; we’re all mates
And we’re quite aware of what we’re going through.

So there we all are, just having a laugh,
Until we hear somebody shout “Oi! Get your bumbles back into class!”
We reply, we can’t; we’ve been thrown out again.
Then they tell us “Well, just sit there and bee quiet then!“
Aww Man!
Can’t I even catch a break?
Everybody needs to just, chill out…
At least now it’s nearing the end of the day.

Eventually, the teacher calls us back in
And then she surprises us all with a pop quiz!
Aww Man!  We don’t know the answers;
Why you always picking on us?
And of course, you know the result…

I was third in the class;
I got a humble bee plus.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
I’ll never bee kissed

Every weekend, Humble would go to the same bar,
In the same part of the hive, with the same group of mates.
He always went on the same Friday night and nothing ever changed.
Until one day there came message that The Pollinator band,
Were playing a gig outside the hive at Bee Pride
And as Humble arrived, he saw all the honey-fungus mushroom lights!

There was a huge crowd, so Humble pushed his way through
And eventually he made it to the front.
Some bees were drunk, some babes were happily screaming
And there, stood next to Humble, was a bee-punk.
She looked like the other bees, but she was a tattooed rebel.
She looked at Humble and his bees-knees began to wobble.
Then in-between Humble and the bee-punk stumbled her boyfriend
And Humble thought, typical.

Later, Humble couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
The crowd of bees began to split apart;
I must bee dreaming, he thought,
As the music disappeared.
No sound to bee heard from a thousand cheers.
All he could see, all he could hear,
Was a Queen of undeniable beauty approaching.
The beat of Humble’s heart began to quicken,
He was in shock at the look of this fox!
She was unlike any other and he hadn’t even been drinking.
He knew right away that he loved her
And he would forever love her for all his days.
It was Colpo Di Fulmine; make no mistake
And luckily for him, she felt the same way.
She walked up and gave Humble his first kiss
And his entire life was changed
And then she said “Hi Cutey, what’s your name?”

He was left speechless,
He had actually been kissed!
It was like nothing he had ever experienced before
And no other kiss would ever bee the same since.
This was Humble’s first kiss,
It was unique.
He had finally managed,
To find his true love!
…or did he?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
kenz Sep 2021
Writing is like a bee.
You never know if the bee is good or bad
If the bee will make you  sad
Or if the bee will sting and make you mad
You never know
You never know if the bee will be so sweet with honey that you feel fuzzy inside
You never know if the bee will make you laugh with a little tickle inside
You never know
You know if the bee will hurt you or land and on you and teach you
a lesson that not all bees are bad
You never know
All bees are different and that’s okay
Some bees hurt,
Some bees just want to bee friends,
Some bees tell a beautiful story that fills you with life,
And some leave a mark that stays with you forever.
You never know
You may have a favorite type of bee
And may hate another
You never know
I wrote this is creative writing and thought I would share.
Deh-bee.  Deh-bee.  Deh-bee.  I sit entranced by the rhythmic force of the cargo train rolling by.  This is the third train in 25 minutes, and with each pass, the sound of the heartbeat steals my attention away from the drunken chaos around me.  I glance at the north wall where a small, golden, shadow flickers with each pulsation.  Deh-bee.  Deh-bee.  Deh-bee.   The cargo train seems to disappear as unexpectedly as it arrived, and now I am pulled back into the scene around me – drunk, rowdy bar-hags and middle-aged men with bellies expanding at a rate too fast than can be restrained by their tucked-in Milwaukee Brewers t-shirts and their ******* Green Bay Packers jerseys.  I re-focus my attention to the crew with whom I share this table.

The CEO’s.  How is it that God blessed me with such an opportunity as to break bread with these four great, inspiring, and humble men?  NO WAY IN HELL is this a coincidence - this is undoubtedly God’s work at hand.  Our waitress walks quickly by, and I notice the uncomfortable glance she casts in our direction, her eyes focused on Vince’s t-shirt that reads in large, red letters, “CEO. Christians Encouraging Others.”

Vince. Boisterous and fearless, he can be relied upon to know everything about anything, and for the benefit of all within ear-shot, he never shuts-the-****-up about his faith or about those who lack it.  Thank God for Vince because without his leadership during our five-hour drive here, I would know nothing about tire pressure, ideal gas mileage, ****, the meaning of great music (a.k.a. R.E.M.), or how to deal with nagging kids. He is a truly model Christian, taking every opportunity to remind us of our calling in this world, passionately ending most conversations with, “This is Satan’s domain - the end of the world as we know it.”  When we were one hour away from the campgrounds, Vince disproved my previously-developed theory that he could not possibly be any more of a puke.  After making sure he still had everyone’s attention, he pulled out his favorite hat and enthusiastically adjusted it on his head.  Featuring another clever acronym, the oversized, navy-blue trucker mesh cap accented with gold rope trimming proudly sports, “C.I.A.”  Christian in Action.  

I share a cabin with Vince and these other heads of households.  These fellows come here once a year “to get away from the wives.”  One of the other fellows with whom I have the pleasure of sharing the cabin is Paul.  Paul forewarned us that he suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, a claim substantiated by the bag of “**** powder” that he proudly held up in the air during the ride here for all to see.  My brother Tom also comes along in order to partake in the outdoor activities, trip paid in full by my older brother, Richard, who has financially supported Tom for as long as Tom has been able to utter the words, “I can’t afford it.”  Thanks to ****’s Christian generosity, Tom’s soul has been saved along with all of Tom’s money as his mortgage was paid off over a decade ago.  Unlike Tom, **** is a tortured soul who suffers from PTSD.  He is also a recovering (to be more accurate, “recovered”) addict, having been cured “just like that” (snap!) when he found Christ in the 70’s.  

Deh-bee. Deh-bee. Deh-bee.  Another cargo train…  Why did I agree to this?  The waitress comes by again, this time with our food.  “Thanks, doll,” Vince says with a wink.  Embarrassed for her, I look away, staring once again at the flickering light on the north wall.  My gaze is suddenly disrupted by the steamy, ivory dish of food placed in front of me.  French fries, bathed in a lake of runny ketchup, sit enticingly in the middle of my plate.  To the left are mountains of milky-white coleslaw, and to the right sit boulders of golden-baked cod stacked one upon the other, towering high as if built to honor to the gods.

Without hesitation I grab the pale, cloth napkin and blanket my legs.  I find myself clenching the sparkling fork as I drive it into the base of the cod shrine.  Ketchup runs everywhere, and as I lift the bloodied mess above my plate, I become too distracted by the sound of Vince’s voice to notice that the cod never makes it to my mouth.  Vince stops and stares at the blunder of food now back on my plate, laughter erupting from the bowels of his cholesterol-encased belly.  

Debbie. Debbie. Debbie.  No train.  I look down at my plate again, the contents of my plate further bathed in ketchup.  My appetite is gone.  All I can think about is that frigid November night two years ago when I found her lying dead, body still warm, in our gazebo. When I saw the back of her head all over the floor, I knew it was too late.  “Debbie and I were going to go out for fish that Friday, but I didn't get home early enough…”  I hadn’t realized that I said anything aloud, but the sudden silence around the table quickly awakens me to reality.  

With a mouth full of chewed cod, Vince looks intently at me and raises his arms. “Man, don’t let him trick you!  He’s out for everyone, and he’s toying with ya.  Shoo him away. Christ is in you. This is Satan’s domain, and he’s messing with your head.”  

His voice trails off as my mind wanders back to that night.

“Greg, are you listening to me?  Cast these thoughts away, man!  The devil is trying to ensnare you. Call upon…”

“Hey, Vince.”  I cut him off.  “The other day I saw this sign in front of a church, and your hat just reminded me of it. The sign said, ‘It’s hard to stumble when you’re down on your knees.’  You know why your hat reminds me of that sign?  

"Let me tell you, Vince.  Let me tell you why your ******' hat reminds me of that ******' sign. Cause your hat says, ‘C.I.A.’”

Vince, silent for the first time since I’ve known him, responds to my comment with a blank stare.

“C.I.A.  ****... In… ***…  Get it?  You see, you’re never going to stumble, Vince.  You’re already head down, on your knees, taking it hard in the ***.”
Thank you to my wife for your patience in editing this piece for me.  I love you, Hannah Klein.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee ware

My first week’s pay!
What am I going to do!?
I have never had this much honey before!
First of all, I will go to,
The joke shop and get me those books I saw.
I could do with some new material,
For when they say “That’s getting old.”
Well, they won’t say that when all my jokes,
Have never before been told.
By me that is,
They have already been said before, on BeeTV;
But who has the time to remember everything?

Oh that reminds me, I could do with some shorts,
For when I am playing Buzz ball;
I will have to go straight to the mall.
Maybe get me a nice new pair of sun glasses.
Got to look the part when I go out to ‘Where it’s at.’;
The place where everybody is.

Got to show off some wing-bling;
Got to get a new hair cut;
Got to buy some new tunes;
It’s time to change my style up.

I’m still gonna listen to rock ‘n’ roll,
Because everybody knows,
It’s good for the soul;
But maybe some babe would like some other kind of tune.
So I will try to keep an open mind,
But I know I won’t bee buying no Buzzy-Fly.
Man, that guy can’t sing!
And he wouldn’t know what a good lyric sounded like;
Or maybe I could buy myself a brand new sky-bike.

I have seen them on the adverts;
They have only just arrived.
Maybe I’ll catch a bee movie too,
So I can quote all the lines.
Already planned to go out dancing,
So I will have to say something.
I’m never gonna get a girl-friend by trying to sing like Bee-Bee King.  
Now that’s a guy who can sing!

I haven’t got the range or the talent,
That ‘The Yellow Stripes’ have; they sure are good.
“I’m gonna fly off!
A bee with seven arms couldn’t hold me back!”…I love that song.
I can’t wait to play my new bass guitar tonight;
Can’t wait to go and buy it.
I will just pop in, go get my pay check and then it’s time to split.

I will look so cool in the new threads I am going to buy.
I’ve got to put aside some honey though, for Mum;
Everybody wants to take their piece of my honey pie.
I have to give her a part of my wage, boohoo; but it is only a slice.
Got to pay the board, but I am still sure,
I’ll still bee the coolest bee in the hive;
Once I get those flared jeans that I have been waiting to buy…

Five minutes later,
Humble came out of the office with a sad look on his face.
I have worked all week and this is all I get paid!??
Man!  The life of a worker bee…it’s a shame...
(Such a shame.)

We work all day for a *** of honey
And there is never enough to go around…
They can talk and talk and say that’s life!
But this sure ain’t funny
And now I can only cry the tears of a clown.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
There it was on the calendar, Saturday May 11,2013. Big red circle around the date and written in black pen in the middle…SPELLING BEE. Plain as day, you couldn’t miss it. One of the biggest days of the school year for geeks and nerds alike.

Today was the day. In two hours, The 87th Annual Cross Cultural Twin Counties Co-Educational Public School Spelling Bee, would begin.  This was a huge event in the history of Thomas Polk Elementary School. It would be one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST in the history of The Twin Counties.

There would be twenty-one schools represented with their best and brightest spellers. The gymnasium would be full of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and media representatives. Yes, invitations had been sent out to both of the local papers in The Twin Counties, and both had replied in the affirmative. Real media, in Thomas Polk Elementary School, with a shared photographer….the big time had come to town.

Inside the gymnasium, work had been going on all night in preparation of the big event. The Teachers Auxiliary Group had set up bunting across the stage, purple and white of course, for the school colours. The school colours were actually purple and cream, but, there was a wedding at Our Lady of The Weeping Sisters Baptist Church later, and they had emptied the sav-mart of all of the cream coloured bunting and crepe paper. So, white it would be.

It looked spectacular. There were balloons tied to the basketball net at the south end of the gym. It wouldn’t wind up after the last game, so something had to be done to hide it. Balloons fit the bill. There was three levels of benches on the stage for the competitors, a microphone dead center stage and two 120 watt white spot lights aimed at the microphone.  Down in front, was a judges table, also covered in bunting and crepe, with a smaller microphone sitting in the middle. There was a cord connecting it to the stage speaker system, taped to the gym floor with purple duct tape, just to fit in. Big time, big time.

The piece de resistance sat at the right side of the judges table. An eight foot high pole, with an electronic stop watch and two traffic lights, donated from the local public utilities commission, in red and green. The timer had been rigged up by the uncle of one of the competitors, possibly to gain an advantage, to help keep the judges honest in their timings. Besides, it looked fancy, and it had a cool looking remote control.

The gym was filled to capacity. One hundred and Seventy Five Entrants, visitors, judges and media were crammed into plastic chairs, benches, and whatever lawn chairs the Teachers Auxiliary were able to borrow, that weren’t being used for the wedding at the Baptist Church. It was time to begin….

The three judges came in from the left of the clock, and sat down. The entrants were all nervously waiting on stage on the benches. The media representatives were down front, for photo opportunities, of course.

Judge number one, in the middle of the table clicked on the microphone in front of him and turned to the crowd. In doing so, he spilled his water on his notes and pulled the duct tape loose on the floor in front.

“Greetings, and welcome to the 87th Annual Cross Cultural Twin Counties Co-Educational Public School Spelling Bee.” There was some mild clapping from the family members, along with a few muffled whistles and two duck calls from the back. The weak response was due to the fact that most of the parents either had small fans (due to the heat), donated from the local Funeral Home, or hot dogs and beer (from the tailgating outside), in their hands. Needless to say, it was still a positive response.

The judge carried on…”Today’s competition brings together the top spellers in the region of the Twin Counties to do battle on our stage. All of the words used today, have been selected from a number of sources, including Webster’s Dictionary, from our own school library, Words with Friends from the inter web, keeping up with modern culture, and finally from two books of Dr. Suess that we had lying around the office. Each competitor will get one minute to answer once his or her word has been selected. We ask that you please refrain from applause until after the judges have confirmed the spelling, and please no help to the competitors. We now ask that you all turn off any electronic media, cell phones, pagers, etc. so we can begin”.

He then turned to the stage and asked all competitors to remove their cell phones and put them in the bright orange laundry basket, usually reserved for floor hockey sticks. Each student deposited their phones, all one hundred and thirty-seven of them in the basket.  We were ready to start.

“Competitor number one…please approach the microphone and state your name and your school” said Judge number two. Judge number two would be in charge of calling the students up, it seemed. She was the librarian at Thomas Polk. She had typical librarian glasses, with the silver chain attached to the arms, flaming red hair, done up in a bee hive uplift, just for the event, and was called Miss Flume. She was married, but, being the south, she was always addressed as Miss.

The first student advanced to the front of the stage. She had bright pink hair, held in place with a gold hairband, black shoes, and a yellow jumper. She looked like a walking number 2 pencil. The two duck calls came from the back of the gymnasium along with scattered applause. All three judges turned and looked to the back, and then turned to face the young girl.

“My name is Bobbie Jo Collister, I am a senior at Jackson Williams School of Fine Arts and Music”. “Thank you Bobbie Joe” said Miss Flume. Bobbie Jo, smiled nervously and put on her glasses. “Your word is horticulture” announced Judge number one, “horticulture”.  Bobbie Jo took a breath and without asking for a definition, usage, root of the word or anything, just ripped through it without fail in three point two seconds, according to the mammoth timepiece at the end of the table. After conferring, the judges clicked on the green street light and she sat down, amidst more duck calls and clapping.

Student number two went through the entire process as did students three through eight. Each one had glasses, no surprise there, and were all dressed in monochromatic themes. Together, they looked like a life sized box of crayolas ready for a halloween party. Each child spelled their words correctly and were subsequently cheered and applauded.

Student nine then approached the microphone, stopping about a good seven feet short and three feet right of it. “My name is Oliver Parnocky” squeaked the lad. “I go to George W. Bush P.S 19 and am a senior.” Miss Flume, grabbed the small mike in front of her and said “Oliver…put on your glasses and move over to the microphone.” She leaned into the other judges, and said “He goes to my school, he doesn’t like wearing them much, and he’s always outside at recess talking to the flagpole after everyone else has come inside”.

“Oliver, please spell Dichotomy” said Judge number one. Judge two started the clock and they waited….and waited…then out burst this voice….DICHOTOMY…D I C H O T O M E E, , no, wait..D I C K O….****!” The crowd erupted in laughter, Oliver was busted. The judges conferred, and after informing poor Oliver they had never heard it spelled quite that way with an O **** at the end, they triggered the red light and Oliver left the stage to sit in the audience with his folks.

The next three kids, all with glasses, like it was part of an unwritten uniform dress code for the day, all advanced and sat down. The next entrant, number thirteen, luckily enough stood from the back and struggled down to the front of the stage. There were gasps and some snickering from the crowd. She was taller than the previous competitors,  and a little more pregnant as well. “Please state your name” said Miss Flume. “My name is Betty Jo Willin and am a senior at

Buford T. Pusser Parochial School”. At this announcement there was a cheer of “Got Wood at B.T. Pusser” from the crowd. The judges turned, asked for silence and the offending nuns returned to their seats. “Miss Willin, how old are you exactly?” asked Judge number one. “Twenty Two sir”. “And you say you are a senior?” “Yes sir” came the reply. Betty Jo was shuffling a bit as the pressure on her bladder must have been building standing there in her delicate condition. After conferring, judge number one said “That sounds about right, your word is PROPHYLACTIC”. The few people in the crowd that knew the meaning of the word laughed, while the rest continued eating their hot dogs and drinking their sodas and beers. “Please give a definition sir..I don’t believe I know that word”. The judges looked at each other with a definite “I’m not surprised” look and rattled off the definition. When she asked for usage, the judges really didn’t know what to do. Should they give a sentence using the word or explain the usage of a prophylactic, which regardless would have been too late anyway.

After a modicum of control was reached, she attempted the word, getting all tongue tied and naturally messing it up. The red light was triggered and she left the stage.

More strange outfits, bowties, hair nets, jumpers, clip on ties, followed. It looked like a fashion parade from Goodwill and The Salvation Army rolled into one. Most attempted their words and were green lighted onwards to the next round, while those who failed, were red lighted back to the crowd and the tailgate party in the parking lot. As each competitor was eliminated, the betting board that was being manned outside by one father was updated with new odds and payouts.

The first round was approaching an end with only three kids left. “Number nineteen please approach and state your name” said Miss Flume. He plume of red hair was starting to sag and was sliding slowly off of her head due to the humidity in the gymnasium.

Number nineteen came forth, glasses, tape across the bridge like half of the previous spellers. He was wearing the most colourful shirt that any of the judges had ever seen. It was not from Dickies, they surmised. “I go to J.J. Washington P.S 117 and my name is Mujibar Julinoor Parkhurloonakiir”. The judges froze. He obviously was new to the district. They had never heard a name like that before, ever. Not even in Ghandi. This was a powerful name. There had been sixteen cominations of Bobby, Bobbie, Billie, Jo, Joe, Jimmy, Jeff, Johnson and Jackson prior to Mujibar. Stunned, judge one asked “Son, can you spell that please?”

Mujibar, not sure what to do, spelled his name, unsure of why he was being asked to do so. “Thank you son” said Miss Flume. The odds on the betting board in the parking lot changed right then.

“That boy is gonna win fer sure” said Jimmy Jeff Willerkers. Jimmy Jeff ran the filling station two concessions over and had fifty bucks on his nephew Bobby Jeff, who had already flamed out on “yawl”. “How was he supposed to know  it had something to do with boats?” asked Jimmy Jeff. “That Mujibar is gonna win…jeez, he’s been spelling that name for years….anything else is gonna be easy breezy.” The odds went down on Mujibar and the money was flying around that parking lot faster than the rumour that the revenue people were out looking for stills in the woods.

“Mujibar…please spell SALICIOUS”…asked the now red pancake headed Miss Flume. Doing as he was told, Mujibar, spelled the word, gave the root, a definition and a brief history of the word usage in modern literature. Judge number one was furiously scribbling down notes, and trying to figure out how he would get a bet down on this kid before round two started.

Entrant number twenty from Jefferson Davis Temple and Hebrew school advanced which brought up the final entrant from round one. “Number Twenty-One please advance to the front of the stage”. After adjusting his glasses, after all he didn’t want a repeat of what poor Oliver did, he approached. “My name is C.J. Kay from William Clinton P.S 68” Judge one, confused by the young man’s name asked him to repeat it. “C.J. Kay” said C.J. “What is your full last name boy, you can’t just have a letter as your last name….what is the K for?” “Sir, my last name is Kay”, said C.J. “It’s not a letter”. “It most certainly is son…H I J K L…rattled off judge one. “It has to stand for something, you just can’t be CJK, that sounds like a Canadian radio station or worse yet, one of them hippy hoppy d.j fellers my granddaughter listens to. What is the K for?”. C.J said sir “My name is Christopher John Kay… not K, Kay” and then spelled it out. This only confused judge one more than he already was, and the extra time figuring out his name was doing nothing to Miss Flume’s hairdo.

“Christopher John….please spell MEPHISTOPHOLES “ said Judge one, after realizing he was never going to find out what the K was for. The crowd was getting restless and wanted to get to the truck to get re-filled and change their bets. C.J. knocked it out of the park in 2.7 seconds…”faster than Lee Harvey Oswald at a target shoot in Dallas”, one man said.

After a ten minute break, to get drinks, ***, re-tape some glasses and prop up Miss Flumes ruined plumage round two was set to begin. This went faster as the words were getting tougher, although randomly selected, judge one was inserting a few new words to keep his chance of winning with Mujibar alive. PALIMONY, ARCHEOLOGY, PARSIMONIOUS, TRIPTOTHYLAMINE , and many other words were thrown at the competitors. Each time the list of successful spellers was reduced, and the amount of clapping and the duck calls were less.

The seventh round began with just Mujibar, B.J. Collister and C. J Kay left. Before the round began the judges reminded the crowd that the words were random, and to please keep the cheering until the green light had been lit. There were more duck calls at this announcement and very little applause. Jerry Jeff was still manning the betting board, the tailgate barbeque was done, and there was only about thirty people left in the gymnasium.

The balloons on the basketball net had long since lost their get up and go, and were now hanging limply like coloured rubber scrotums and were flatter that Miss Flumes hair, which incidently, was now starting to streak the right side of her face from sweat washing out the dye. She was beginning to look like an extra in a zombie film with a brilliant orange red streak across her forehead.

“C.J.” said judge one, “please spell ARYTHMOMYACIN”. C.J. gave it a valiant effort ,but unfortunately was incorrect and the red light sent him off to the showers. This left B.J. Collister and the odds on favourite, Mujibar. The crowd was down to twenty seven now, Bobbie Jo’s folks and Mujibars immediate family.

Round after round were completed with neither one missing a word. Neither one blinked. It was a gunfight where both shooters died. These two were good, and it was never going to end. Judge one leaned over and told the other judges, “we have to finish this soon….I’m due at the wedding over to the Baptist church for nine o’clock to bless the happily marrieds and drive them both to the airport. They’re off to Cuba for their honeymoon.” The others agreed…”C.J. please spell MINISCULE said Miss Flume”. She did so, without a problem. This caused judge one to yell out “Holy Christmas” just as Mujibar got to the microphone. Thinking this was his word, he started as the judges were giving him his word. Seizing the opportunity to end it…judge one woke up judge three who red lighted poor Mujibar, ending his run at spelling immortality. “Sorry son, you tried, but, today a Mujibar lost and a B.J won.”. Before he tried to correct himself, knowing what he had just said didn’t sound quite right, Miss Flume congratulated both finalists and began the award presentations.

Thankfully, next year the eighty eighth version of The Annual Cross Cultural Twin Counties Co-Educational Public School Spelling Bee will be in the other county. Now the job of sorting out the cell phones in the orange basket begins. By the way, Betty Jo Willin had a boy …you can just guess what she named it!
not a poem, as you can's a rough draft of a short story. I would love feedback on the content, not the spelling or grammar as it is in a rough stage still and needs editing.
Amy Robson Jul 2012
A bee is a bee.
Just to be. As a bee intended to be.
A wasp, but a wasp
The shadow
The other
The disillusioned brother
Is not quite how it was meant to be.

Being the bee, to be the bee,
Bumbling, life, freedom, truth to see.
Or to be to be the wasp
Facing anguish, loathing, avarice and loss.

It is not the fault of the bee or the wasp
But it is the energy from others
The fallacy that is our world
It is the ego, the cost.

To **** another for food, for power
Sounds familiar.
Or to love the earth, and feed from the flower.
The nectar of life is rich and sweet
Take not the straight road
But walk with ease, swerve, dance, use your feet
The now has come – we must make a choice

Would you rather bee or a wasp?
dennis gunsteen Jul 2010
buzz buzz
hear the  word in woods
queen bee your a  honey
buzz buzz
i dust the crop
to find are food
by pond an at the creek.
queen bee your a  honey.
you help human with there food.
you are telling your  bee friend what to do.
queen bee you sure  are a barrel
of honey .
that way  i love honey bunny
you are queen bee of my heart.
buzz buzz  you lovely honey  bunny.
my queen bee of my heart.
that give land it's foods of the  land.
queen bee your my honey
noah Jan 2020
once upon a time

there was a bear
who was hungry and lost
and alone.

the bear trundled about a field
of wildflowers
smelling the sweet breeze
and hearing the buzz
of the bees.

one bee landed
on the tip of his nose
she was tired
she hated her job
she felt like she didn't fit
into her hive.

the bee saw the bear
and the bear saw the bee
and they saw each other's sadness.

the bee continued to come to the field
to gather nectar
hoping to see the bear again.

eventually they became friends
and they learned things about each other
the bear looked rough
but he was gentle and kind
and the bee looked small
but her sting was fierce.

the bee loved the bear
but she never thought he could love her back.

she was a bee from a farm
and he came from the woods.

but hope bloomed in the bees heart
when he said
he loved her back
and she vowed to be his
through it all.

she stayed by his side
through the winter when he slept
and in return he stayed by hers
when summers were too hot
and nectar too heavy.

lets get away from this field
said the bear
we can find somewhere vast
and floral and buoyant with life.

the bee went.

they discovered long streams
and slept in dark valleys
and they traveled the world

because the bear loved the bee
and she loved the bear
and they both loved
i guess it's meant to bee <3 i love you bear

A bumble bee
larger than ever

imagination could allow him

decides to attend
early morning mass

out of nowhere

as if it had been
created just that second

by the Lord
God Almighty

imprisoned forever in
the stained glass

the frozen rituals
of the Mass.

And as the Holy Sacrament
is raised to Heaven above

(& inconsequential bread becomes
the trans-substantial flesh & blood)

the larger than life

prays obsessively
droning out the priest’s voice

translating the sacred words
(so it seemed)

into bee

I, now: listening
as a bee would


by this new(to me)language
of the bee.

The Gospel of the Bee?
“Just be! ”

The bee
a Biblical prophet

arguing fiercely & ferociously
with the human words

& our own
concept of God.

My soul stained
with the honeyed light

enthralling both
the windows & I.

As if to show us
that the here & now


the bee climbs
inside the chalice

of an altar

& that God
is nothing more

than the parable
of this sunlight

the beauty of this

held tenderly
in time

& that Love
is what you

in your mind.

I bow my head
(take to heart)

what I’ve been

the moment
made holy

I worshiping
what I have always


believing in all
that the bee said.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee beautiful

We could have flown together forever,
But now I cannot stay.
If only you could have kept the faith,
We could have found a way.

If only you didn’t kiss him…instead of me.
You could have been the Bumble, to this Humble B.
We had our moment and now it has passed.
We have lost all we had,
But we sure did have some laughs.

I will always love you and I hope you still love me,
But my heart only has a place for my true love
And we were not meant to bee.
You made my heart complete.
I only wish you felt the same way…honey.

Bee beautiful.

I will never forget the times we have been through.
You have always been there for me in the hive when times were tough,
But all things they have to go forward and I am going on without you.
We are not what I want to bee…
I am no longer in love.

I will never forget you and the love you gave to me,
But our love was never destined to bee.
I thought I had found a part of myself with you,
But some hearts are only meant to break in two.

I am sure I will heal and we will smile together another day,
But this time is not the right time for us to say,
We should meet again.  Maybe there is a way,
But I cannot stay and be reminded of your face
And the way we always flew…
Some dreams of love they do not last.
Bee beautiful…
Bee the bee that I knew.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
From the beeginning

A heart beats…
A heart beats again…
A heart beats…and then another.
A heart beats…
And then another
And then another
And then another,
Until the rhythm of the hearts sounds like thunder!
Welcome to life inside the cocoon…

Eyes open.  Eyes close.
Eyes open again…a blink as a brain begins to think…
Something is happening…a heart beats, in tune.

A claw drags itself along a wall and the thread begins to break.
Another claw drags along the same wall, searching for a way to escape.
A hole is pierced in a silk weaved shell.
The air blows in as the senses dwell,
Upon this feeling; inhaling, exhaling…breathing.

A heart beats…a claw is seen waving,
Through a tear in the sealed, protective pod.
The hole grows from fingers and toes, moving faster now.
Somebody is home…the outside noise it calls…a sound so odd.
The casing rolls and legs kick the air…this creature has a soul.
A fist bursts through the surface of the shelter, forming another hole.
A hand reaches out from inside to take a hold.
Another fist; another hand, a larvae is emerging
And soon the outer seal that binds,
All the trapped thoughts of a hive mind,
Are broken free and born with a lasting memory.
Knowledge gained through ancestral experiences;
The creature is still learning…
The cage is broken but never the bond.
The Queen Bee watches all her children,
As they emerge from their growing beds
And she sits there listening to ‘The Greeting Bees’ sing their songs.

The egg rolls once more onto its side.
The embryo is now no longer trapped inside.
It pushes open the wall to create a door to the world…
There appears a furry ball with a spike on its tail.
The story of creation is that nature prevails.

As the furry ball elongates to take its true shape,
A head appears from beneath a body.  The creature is now awake.
As open eyes look for the future, straight ahead,
The story repeats, again and again and again.

Another broken outer layer;
Everywhere the open eyes look, another bee is soon becoming.
Some bees have broken out at the first chance,
Others developed later, but they are all quietly humming.

And at the end, when all the embryos were released,
The remained but a single sleeping bee…

The impatience grew, but still they were made to wait…
A heart was beating, the bee was moving,
But still it did not try to escape…
Some other new bees began to crawl away.
Older bees had gathered to see and they were left truly amazed.
The time had come, the hatchling’s were born,
The hard work was done…
For all, except one.

So still the elders waited…

The bees that were free soon found the honey
And with time they gained their strength and ate.
As the sunlight turned into moonlight,
There remained a solitary bee who did things his own way.
He had decided to remain, saved in storage;
He was still building his courage.
All the courage he could ever need…
All that he could ever bee…

When all the other onlookers had given up waiting,
The Queen Bee sat and watched patiently…
And then at last a head pushed through the case.
It saw a face.
The Queen Bee was waving elegantly.

As the bee rolled out of its bed,
It lowered its head to The Queen Bee of the Bumbles.
She looked into his eyes and said…

“I think I will name you Humble…”

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
This is a story about a bee named Humble B. Bumble.
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
It’s not meant to bee

Humble and BlondeBee’s latest date was at ‘Where it’s at.’
All their friends were there too, so it wasn’t that bad.
But by the end of the night, they realised there was no spark.
Sure enough, good friends they were and still are,
But there was no love, even when the two of them slow danced
And by the end of the night,
They each had the same doubts about the romance.

They arranged a date for the following day,
Because they both really wanted it to work.
They went for a fly and made their way to a pool,
And the two of them began to friendly flirt.
But after a while BlondeBee said I’m sorry Humble,
I can’t do this anymore.
I do like you, but only as a friend
And Humble said thank The Queen!
I was worrying for sure.

I do like you too, but I’m not falling in love.
If we can remain friends, that would bee so cool,
But I think we both agree, that this should end,
Before I act even more of a fool.

Yes Humble, it was nice to dream,
But there is someone else on who I am keen
And I think he could bee the one.
You sure move fast, Humble said with a laugh.
I wish you all the luck in the world BlondeBee.
I will see you anon.

The two of them parted and Humble’s new search started.
He still had such hopes on who she would bee.
The Queen had been right.
If it doesn’t feel right, it’s wrong;
But it was time for Humble to go and find his own song,
But who would Humble’s bee bee?

He hummed to himself as he made his way home
And he told his parents what had happened when he arrived.
He coped with it quite well, and only once when all alone,
Did he allow himself to cry.
Soon he was fine and a new love he would find.
There has to bee a way.
He knew his heart would once more fly.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

— The End —