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kenz Mar 24
His one “bad” habit
He doesn’t do school work out of school
yet he has straight A’s
He hates getting out of bed in the morning
yet always makes it on time
But when it comes down to her he tries
He tries to shows her love
Even when she doesn’t want it
He respects her wishes
Even if it hurts his own feelings
He prays that she comes around
So his heart won't hurt
But she's just as lazy
And doesn’t care about him
And his burning heart
kenz Feb 26
The one thing to humble him is a…. certain person
Million of girls chasing after him
but this one he choose to be stuck on
She pulls on his heartstrings by ignoring his messages
And dodges him in the halls
Chooses friends over him any day
For everything they may desire
He cherishes the little love he gets
But it's clearly not enough
He write a paragraph as she write a sentence
He buys a gift, she gives a thank you
He waves her down, she turns her back
It’s so one sided yet he won't leave
His eyes swell and his voice cracks
As lies slip from her lips over and over again
He tries to compose himself for me yet I always notice the change
Its small but there, underlining with every word he says
The puffy eyes and breaking voice
The shaking of the camera
Being put on pause for what he thinks is an answer
He asks for this and that to make him feel better
But what he wants is… advice
Advice on what to do, advice on how to make it better
Advice on how to make them stay
But what he doesn’t want to hear is the truth
It’s that he must stray away
kenz Dec 2021
that girl is..
she never knows how to shut up
she is  trying to hard to hid it but still
shes acts like we are 6th grade
she doesn't know how to stop  
Hi, im kenz and im that girl
kenz Dec 2021
"your words cut deeper than a knife"
they truly do...
lies slip out of your mouth easier than telling the truth
months of telling you my personal business
all for it to backfire on me
I let my walls down
I guess that is my fault
kenz Dec 2021
Constant thoughts running through my head.
The lost of one friendship spiraled
and now its tons.
one after another
name calling and bullying have become common
when its me its ok
lies after lies have unrevealed  themselves
months upon months of fake friendships
down the drain.
kenz Nov 2021
I stand big and mighty.
Indeed I do,
know I'm just a small little mouse,
in this house for two.
Missing you everyday,
without our kids that are gone to play.
Lonely I am,
and I know you are too.
well see you soon love
I so love you
This is about a widow
kenz Nov 2021
It's me again
crying and sobbing,
panicking over assignments.
academic validation is what I seek.
crying and sobbing,
panicking over dance
being perfect comes with a price
crying and sobbing
panicking over fitting in
being "normal" is better than not being normal
its better than whatever is hiding within.
cry and sobbing
panicking, just panicking
life of a teen,
well at least me,
Now its time for me to say goodbye
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