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noah May 9
nothing but dead air
for so long
the radio static
hums loud and strong
noah May 5
since Dec. 6 2019
i've been sick
noah May 4
warm drops of water drip past my eyes
like the hot sparks of insanity in my mind
so i'll keep my visions to myself
and with them i'll go to hide
noah May 4
go through life
hating everything yet
still expecting
noah Apr 25
walking down main street
but for once it's just my feet
quietly beating the ground
my soft breath's the only sound
the lights are on in every home
but still i know that i'm alone
idk i wrote this in february
noah Apr 25
it was never love
it was a little kid
obsessed with the image
of sunshine and ivy vines
of summer nights and hugs so tight
that he'd lose his breath forever
and become a god himself
it was the dream
of an abused child
a dream of a love that was endless
and unerring and true
it took 2 years of therapy to realize i never loved you
noah Apr 13
i am
not real
im the icky feelings
that float in your brain
im a stuffed person, a memory of pain
black and green
dirt and bugs, everything unclean
a stone in the grass
a bone by the tracks
made from sky and trees
the kind of love that weakens knees
im everything there is to see
everything and everyone
except me
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