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nevaeh 7h
he really pulled up to my house
wearing a ******* cowboy hat
and blasting thanks for the memories
like some kind of ******* loser
it was an american flag cowboy hat too
nevaeh 14h
your'e my best friend
you do not make me feel used
you are not one of many
you'e the only one
that matters
it's okay
it's okay
it's okay
i miss you too
and it's okay
you'e a good friend
you're my best friend
and that's okay
calm down, we're okay
nevaeh 1d
we all sit back
and watch our lives come together
perfect mirrors of those who came before us
we all pretend like we haven't become
the very people we once feared,
loved, hated, and needed
the most
rotten apples never fall far from dead trees
nevaeh 1d
look at all of us
high out of our minds
on pills and smoke and
hearts intertwined
wow man im really just vibin
nevaeh 1d
makes me want to bleed out
and empty my head instead of my stomach
agagagagagag im actually doing great idk whats up with this edgy ****
nevaeh 1d
i wanna be your pretty girl
sink into yours arms and feel your skin on mine
i wanna be gentle and soft and loving
glowing like an angel in the sun
i wanna be gold and white
cold against your deep heat
and isn't it funny
the way your soul flames
and mine frosts over
everyone assumes
that you're the sun
and i'm the moon

yet your hands are always cold
and my skin never cools under their touch
what are we if not angels in disguise?
nevaeh 1d
this one goes out to all the moms
that lost themselves
that gave up hope
or never had any at all
all the moms that left their kids here
all alone on this sick earth
without a heart to lean on
or half a mind to trust
this is to all the moms
that broke their sons heart
or made a girl impossible to love
this to our moms
and to these moms
i say

i loved you, you were my mother and i had to love you, because i was just a baby, and it isn't my fault that you never loved me back.
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