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To ride a bike
To run wild and free
To play hopscotch and marbles outdoors in the sun
To laugh and run
To eat Jamaica *** and Raisin chocolate on a Saturday night
To wait up late to watch a man walk on the moon
To hide behind the settee when Dr Who comes on the T.V
To climb trees
To watch cricket played in the park
To roller skate
To swing as high as the cross bar
To grow your hair as long as your knees
To try and get it to curl with rags in your hair, desperately
To have your family motorbike and sidecar towed home by a taxi
To run on the sand
To watch the Royal Marines marching band
To swim in the sea
To walk on the moors
To be free to explore

And some people don't and that's okay.  These experiences are unique to me.  Allowed by my parents to play wild and free.  Free of the shackles, growing up with epilepsy.
Just remembering.
Jackie Mead Apr 26
A woman full of love comes home.
On the large dining room table, she places her bag, a book and her house keys.
She adds the warmth of the sun, the sound of the sea, the wind whistling through the trees and the voice of her dad saying “Hi, it’s smee!”
She takes off her shoe and empties sand and seaweed, stubbed toes, marmite sandwiches and a surf board.
From her jacket pockets she adds a child’s dummy, a pocket hanky a Frog and Toad.
On the table she places a wine glass, very gently and a bottle of fine red.  A pizza of Jamaican **** chicken to keep her well-fed.
The table is large and there is room for more. She scoops a child’s drum from the floor and places it on top too.
The scrapping sound of a child’s chair.  Also gets placed on top with such love and care.
Looking around for more items to include she adds memories of her family young and old.  Stories which have yet to be written or indeed told.
An image of a young girl playing roly poly down the hill.  A Queens Jubilee commemorative five-pound bill.
The table bears the weight well, it stands tall and upright. The woman she will sleep well tonight.
Thank you, table, for always being there. For the load you carry, your unwavering support. Throughout the years you have witnessed much joy and tears.
Jackie Mead Mar 1
Sunny days
You came again!
You are a balm to our soul.
In an otherwise world of grey,
You bring colour.
In a world of coldness,
You bring warmth.
In a world of silence,
You bring sounds.
In a world of loneliness,
You bring togetherness.
In a world of uncertainty,
You bring peacefulness.
When the pandemic is at bay.
You will bring beauty to another day.
Thank you for staying around!
  Feb 25 Jackie Mead
Daffodils blossom
Like drops of warm summer sun
Spring is on its way

Saw daffodils today so lovely x
Jackie Mead Feb 25
When you walk amongst the flower and trees,
Do you take note of the insects and bees?
Making their homes in the branches and leaves.
Some no bigger than a speck of dirt.
Bees hovering amongst the roses, cowslip, and milkwort.
Pollinating the buds of new flowers, preparing for Spring to arrive.
The treasure they desire is nectar; to be drunk by the Queen of their beehive.

Show your admiration for nature at work.

Beetles, crickets, flies of all kinds, can be found.
Amongst the stem and leaves closer to the ground.
The crickets emit a shrill chirp, the flies hum as they quickly flap their wings.

Listen closely as nature sings.

Popping up their heads from their hole in the ground.
Wild rabbits, take a look around you, hundreds abound.
Squirrels running up their trees.
Escaping predators, storing their tea.

Watch closely as nature plays.

Down by the canal amongst the reeds, dragonflies of a beautiful bright blue.
Flap their wings very quickly, look closely, do you see one close-by?
Be quick they will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Wonder at the swiftness of nature.

Gnats and midges in their hordes,
Creating havoc and discord.
Swatting a huge band of them with your hand; wondering what is their place?
As they make a nuisance of themselves, getting in your face.

Wonder at the swiftness of nature.

Ducks swans, geese sharing the river, swimming atop; Fishes swimming below.
Birds make nests for the young in the safest bushes beneath the largest willow.

Admire the protective side of nature.

When you walk...with an open mind.
You will be delighted at the many forms of nature you find.
Jackie Mead Jan 20
Winter trees, standing there.
With your canopy of leaves stripped, your branches bare.
You remind me of Samson when Delilah stripped him of his hair.
Is your strength diminished in the same way?
When the sun retires and blue skies have turned to grey.
Your trunk and branches in summer, used as a hiding place for feathered birds;
And squirrels that are grey and furred.
Your branches once bearing fruits of gold.
Stripped bare you look solitary and old.
You have a look of elegance whilst waiting for the earth to warm.
When you will once again become mother nature’s store, birds and bees visiting in their flocks and swarm.
A miracle of nature.
A glorious portraiture.
Inspired by morning walk.
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