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Jackie Mead Aug 2022
A perfect circle of white,
Hangs in the sky tonight,
Casting a luminous light.

Clouds pass by the front of the moon, moving slow,
Changing the moon's light to an ethereal glow.

Just as quickly the clouds are gone.
Perhaps, a moment of realisation, the moon can never be outshone.
Last night the moon and clouds had their own dance going on.
Jackie Mead Jun 2022
A day of joy.
We see our children, girls and boys.
They bring our grandchildren and we get out the toys.
Love and laughter fills the room.
Then when everyone's gone, my spirits descend into gloom.
There is just one person missing, and that is my dad.
One special person I miss every day but the worst time of all is Father's Day.

Happy Fathers Day, Joe, wherever you are. ❤️
Still difficult, 6 years later.
Jackie Mead Jun 2022
The sound of the sea, a thunderous roar, as it crashes and breaks upon the shore.

The wave has travelled from afar, tossing and turning, gathering speed.
Unaware it will be the cause of a feeding frenzy.

Sat on the beach, enjoying the sun, children playing, having fun.
Above all other noise, a loud squawking can be heard, this, the sound of the Seagull bird.

High in numbers, flying high in the sky, they hover, occasionally they swoop and dive, excited for the crest of the wave, with each rise.

Within the foam, a treasure is found, small fishes are the feast of kings for this scavenging bird.

I sit on the beach enjoying the sun, and all around a feeding frenzy has begun.
The gulls feast on their fishes and children feast on ice cream, both meals considered fit for kings and queens.
Jackie Mead Apr 2022
Went through a spate
Of staying up particularly late
She said, she found peace at night
Peace was a girl with curly hair
Who lived in a shoe box under the stairs
Silly poems, if your having a bad day, I hope they bring you some cheer
Jackie Mead Apr 2022
Had a secret hiding place, at the bottom of a Glen
He would always say he found Zen in the bottom of the Glen.
Zen was a buddha made of stone
Who sat peacefully and all alone.
Jackie Mead Apr 2022
Was stone-deaf
He Owned a restaurant and was also Head Chef.
He always said, too many cooks spoil the broth.
The broth was mucky, never clear.
Best drunk with a pint of beer.
Jackie Mead Dec 2021
The sun has set on another day, the sky settling a darker grey.
The Moon has not yet graced us with its' presence.
The  nearby businesses, shedding light, fluorescent.
Illuminating the water in yellow and blue columns.
Like candles flickering in a church, in a scene, oh so solemn.
People are walking home from work, some meeting for a drink or perhaps something to eat.
Swans are gathering in a group, taking food from a human hand, such trust rarely given.
I am lost in my thoughts as I watch the scene before me on the still waters, and just listen.
Listen to the sounds of the end of the day.
Last night walking home from the Chiropractic. It was a wonderful scene, one I hope I did a little justice to.
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