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Jackie Mead May 18
I remember the day, our darling daughter gave birth.
A newborn grandson given life on this earth.

I remember feeding the ducks with grandchild number three.
Running in the park, buying ice cream, sitting on the bench, feeling happy and free.

I remember spending time with my Mum.
Shopping, walking, talking, laughing having fun.

I remember collecting Alfie from school.
Walking, talking, laughing but not holding hands, at 10 years old he is the image of Mr Cool.

I remember Sunday lunch with our son, his wife and two children.
Their son a bundle in their arms sleeping on their shoulders, the other a lovely daughter who is twelve years older.

I remember evenings spent with friends.
Food, wine, chatter and laughter, no rush for the evening to end.

I remember walks in the park.
When you didnt have to social distance from each other and children played on their boards in the skatepark.

I remember days out in the car, not worrying about travelling too far

I remember far away holidays in the sun.
Jamaica, Aruba, South of France.
Staying out late, holding hands,  moonlight walks on the sand.

I remember travelling to my work place.
Working with others, sat face to face.

I remember lunches with my girlfriend Lesley.
Sometimes walking and talking, other times sat in a cafe or in its garden on a bench, meeting others being friendly.

Each of these scenarios give such pleasure to remember.
But excuse me for saying, it's not the same as cuddling and holding your family members.

One day soon, when it is safe to do.
A big hug has its name on it especially for you.
To my loved ones, family and friends, love them all.
Still under some type of lockdown in the UK.
The internet of course means you can video chat with people.and I video chat twice a week with my Mum but she lives 45miles away and i havent seen her face to face in 8 weeks, i really miss her
My middle son has a child 7.5months old and our daughter has one 3months old and we havent held them in 8 weeks.
However i am so grateful that my family remain healthy.
Hope you and your families remain healthy too.
  May 11 Jackie Mead
Erin Riley
ugly truth
is that our
are what truly
make us
Jackie Mead May 11
The clock stood, tall and proud.
Its tick-tock, very loud.
The clock stood, long and thin.
Its swinging pendulum pointed like a pin.

The young boy came every day.
Stood on the stool, turned the key.
The boy climbed down from the stool.
Then left for the day to attend his school.

The clock stood tall and proud.
Its tick-tock very loud.
The clock stood long and thin.
The swinging pendulum pointed like a pin.

The hour approaching number four.
The boy ran through the front door.
Taking his place cross-legged on the floor.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
Sounded the old Grandfather clock.
Soon the clock would begin to chime
Counting to four in a rhyme.

The boy sat hypnotised watching the pendulum swing.
The boy waited and when it was time, he would start to sing.
1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 4.
Someones knocking on the door.

It was all over in a beat.
The boy lept from the floor to his feet.

Over for another day, the boy had gone on his way.

The clock stood, tall and proud.
Its tick-tock, very loud.
The clock stood, long and thin.
Its swinging pendulum pointed like a pin.
This is random, came to me last night, i have never owned a grandfather clock nor have my parents but anyway decided to go with it and have a bit of fun.  I hope you enjoy
Jackie Mead May 10
The water flew down the flume
Childrens laughter, lifted the gloom

The bride smiled at the groom
Time to get ready for the honeymoon

A golden watch, a beloved heirloom
Its loud tick tock filling the room

The guard stands outside the stateroom
On his head, a hat made with filoplumes

Closing the door of the catacomb
Removing myself from the gloom

Children sitting in the classroom
Come alive when the Teacher hits "Zoom"
Eager now to consume

A pharaohs body entombed
In a pyramid in Khartoum
Known only by a non de plume

Flowers sit in a vase, abloom
Their subtle scent filling the room
No need for extra perfume

I applied for my job with my resume
Perfect for the job I assume
Now working all day in a storeroom

Found my way to the bar room
Whisky, *****, ***, this is my favourite playroom
Now a jukebox to play some tunes
Nothing too serious, I set myself a little project to make mini poems rhyming with the word Boom.  I've tried also not to repeat too often. Given it a go, let's see your efforts. With Boom or another word of your choice.
Jackie Mead May 10
COVID19 sight unseen
Searching for the perfect host
Its slayer hygiene

Wash your hands for 20secs
Hot water on, count 20 real slow
Day 1 how many more

A deadly virus
Invisible to our eye
Keep safe, stay home

Lockdown soon begins
First YouTube, books videos
Now, when will it end

Now missing loved ones
Some temporary, some lost
Not knowing the end

Missing connections
Grandchildren are growing up
Thankful for our lot

Changes, how we live
Holidays, cancelled, postponed
Airlines hit the most

Economy slump
Everyone in a ba hum
Counting days to go

Tonight the Nation
Address social distancing
Changes will be made

Let us chat my friend
As a new normal begins
Online with a gin

Stay safe peeps, wherever you are and whatever you do.
Just my take in Haiku style, hope you enjoy
  May 10 Jackie Mead
Mr Poet
Mesmerized by your beauty
I am forever yours truly
Jackie Mead May 10
There was a young man from West Heath
Who was exceptionally bad at cleaning his teeth
When he opened his mouth
People ran South
From that smelly young man of West Heath
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