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Continue to try
Push yourself harder
Be that power source
In order to make your world sharper
It all starts with you
Always be on the move
With strength and vitality
You can find your inner groove
My love and I went out a'walking,
that is when we both ceased talking.
Loving, being free and alone together
despite the rain and inclement weather.
Yes the rain fair soaked us through
but it felt just like a shower for two.
All of this along with chirping birds
the moment we stopped using words.

© Pagan Paul (17/07/19)
Secreted behind these four walls
Palace under siege
Is it death or freedom for me?
to compliment Old Fashioned Sanctuary
Sent away by my Husband, secreted behind four walls

Walls that are six feet wide and ten feet tall

Sent away for safekeeping by my Husband, The King

With child in my belly and just a Lady in waiting  

I do not know the reason, why I must hide

Why I must remain hidden without my Husband by my side

I am not bound by chains, my hands and feet are free

My place of safety has a friendly name, they call it, Sanctuary

In this Sanctuary that I dwell

I live cocooned in my personal hell

Although, as I say, not bound, I am not free to come and go

The Guards of Honour outside my door are not standing for show

I have no communication with the outside world

My thoughts and mind are in a constant whirl

Is my Husband being true? Whilst I'm here inside

Or does he have a mistress providing him with warmth at nights?

I do not know how long it will be

Before my Husband comes to set me free

Will he bide his time, wait to see if the child is a boy

Before he confirms I am his one love, the Mother of his pride and joy

I should not worry, I should be happy

Here in the dwelling they call my Sanctuary

But by day I worry about my fate

Will they come for me at night when it's late?

Wake me up, take me outside the doors

To be met on the green by the Executioner with his sharp sword  

One day my fate will be known

Hopefully I will take my rightful place beside my Husband, on the throne

In the meantime I remain inside these four walls, as I say  not bound but not free

For now, this place is my lonely existence, my Haven, my Sanctuary
Sanctuary wasn’t always the safe haven we see it as; the Queen was definitely still in danger.  People would often dress up as tradesman to get access to the Queen with the intent to harm.  The King would often be away for months at a time and the loneliness and the surroundings must have been hard to cope with.

This Poem is my interpretation of how Sanctuary must have felt at times, with no communication and very little visitors.
Is it a bird is it a plane
It hovers in the sky and looks almost as if  suspended by a chain
It moves stealthily and with grace
Its job transporting people to a foreign place
Wings spread wide on either side
It streaks freely across the countryside
It leaves a white smoke trail as it flies
15000ft high the trail still visible on earth to human eyes
The plane caught my eye , as it passed on by and I was for a moment hypnotised
Mesmerised by this gargantuan flying piece of metal
Which glides through the skies like a butterfly flitting from petal to petal
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
We appreciate beauty in many ways, as we get older
Jackie Mead Jul 1
There was a young Monkey called Mr Lee
Who loved to hang out, swinging in the trees.

One day suddenly from below, a Giraffes head appeared, real slow
"Hi" he spoke my name is Ted
"I am looking for somewhere to lay my head"
"Not here" replied Mr Lee
"I am afraid there is no room for you in my tree"
"Oh" Ted the Giraffe replied and walked away with a heavy sigh

Mr Lee feeling he had been a bit mean
Offered Ted the Giraffe a leaf so green
Mr Lee said " I am sorry I didn't mean to say,  there was nowhere for your head to lay"
"I am swinging from branch to branch, tree to tree, I  don't usually have visitors, its usually only me!"

"Thats okay" said Ted "I have found myself a soft hay bed"
"But what you are doing looks like fun, do you fancy company of another one?"
Mr Lee considered the request, it would be fun to have the company of another one.
"Yes, indeed" he did reply "although you are rather tall, I believe your knees would knock on the floor"
"I dont want you to hurt your knees whilst your swinging in the trees"
"Why don't you walk by my side, we can talk as we cover the countryside"

Ted the Giraffe was delighted to make a new friend.
And that is very nearly the end.
Just enough time to say have you made a new friend today?
It does not matter how you look, how tall you are or how you speak
Noone likes to feel lonely
Take the time, say "hello" boldly
Children are not bound by heavy chains
Make a friend dont refrain
Say "hi" again, again and again
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