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Jackie Mead Feb 2018
Molly the Dolly lived in a house
With her two best friends
Ferret the Cat and a Dog named Mouse

The house was small but had enough rooms for Molly the Dolly to sweep with a broom

Two bedrooms, one for Molly and one for guests, Molly of course had the one that was best

A room to bathe amongst bubbles and foam, lay in warm water and revive weary bones

A room to lounge and put up your feet, in front of a real fire, giving out real heat

In this room Molly also entertained guests with cups of tea and slices of cake, muffins, scones and individual tray bakes

On a table by the fire was a chess set in miniature, each character resembling characters from Robin Hood
Maid Marion of course The White Queen beautiful and serene
Robin Hood The White King, robbing the rich and helping the poor made Robin Hood very good
Friar Tuck was a Bishop of course
King John on the other hand so horrid and mean, with a solid Black Heart, could only be The Black King

On rainy days Molly the Dolly would invite her friends in to play, you could never tell who would win, one bad move and the game would spin
One minute Molly would be winning the next "checkmate" would shout Holly Divine the girl from next door, "5-3 to me" she did shout, showing Molly how she was keeping score

Also in this room two smaller beds all soft and plush for Ferret the Cat and the Dog named Mouse
The beds were close to the fire to keep them both toasty and warm and next to Molly the Dolly's chair, so Molly could have them play on her lap when she raised her hand in a single clap

The last room of course was the Kitchen where Molly the Dolly spent most of her day cooking up batches of heavenly soup and baking scrumptious Pies that were full in the belly and good on the eyes

There was a Front Door to usher guests in and a Back Door to usher them out
The garden ran round and about the whole house outside and came equipped with swings and a slide, for fun of course, and a stable just the right size to house a miniature horse, a vegetable patch to grow veg for her soups and trees to bear fruit for the scrumptious pies

The garden went on and on it was so long you couldn't believe your eyes the garden was twice as long as it was wide

The garden ended where a river began and still the river was on Molly's land

On a hot day Molly the Dolly would put on a hat and slap on some sunscreen and  with Ferret the Cat and the Dog named Mouse they would exit the house and hop and skip to the river bank to play

Molly the Dolly would throw some sticks for the Dog named Mouse and small pretend mice for Ferret the Cat
Molly would take off her shoes and her socks  and her hat step in the water not too deep, drink something thirst quenching but not too sweet, keeping herself cool in this natural outdoor swimming pool

At the end of the day the three friends would return to the house inside dry their feet and clean their hands, eat some Pies and drink sweet tea then return to the lounge and settle in
Their favourite show on TV they didn't need anything else for the night just the friendship of these uniquely different three

So now I've introduce you to Molly the Dolly and a few of her friends, where they live and what they like to do.  
I hope you enjoy reading about them too as I delve into their lives and hopefully take you along for the ride.
Some new characters, another epic story, if you take the time to read a bug thank you and please let me know what you think
PS anyone remember miss molly had a Dolly who was sick, sick, sick, she called for the Dr to be quick, quick, quick etc etc, maybe loosely had that in mind when writing this
Jackie Mead Jan 2018
The Frog and The Bee and the Mouse with the House lived together in peace and harmony on the River Louse.

One day the Mouse with the house did declare it was time that he moved out of there.

The Frog and The Bee did not agree and set about convincing the Mouse with the House that he needed to stay on the River Louse.

They sent out invitations to all around to attend tea at half past three.

The tea party was in honour of the Mouse with the house to be held on the banks of the River Louse and hosted by his dear friends The Frog and The Bee.

One by one each creature replied and the guest list rose quickly to Twenty Five.

The Frog and The Bee decided the tea would be civil indeed and The Frog made some scones and The Bee made some honey.

At half past one The Frog and The Bee set up some tables to lay out the tea.

At half past two the tables were laid with the scones from The Frog and The honey The Bee had made.

The scene did look grand, pots of tea and saucers of milk all laid on a tablecloth made of silk.

At half past three the guests started to arrive.
The first of the guests to arrive were The Elf with one ear and The Fly with one eye. The Mouse was delighted to see his friends, the ones who helped get Horse around the river bend.

Next came the Horse and his Master of course to thank the Mouse with the House on the River Louse for his friendship and help on the day that the Horse could not get around the river bend and the Mouse with the House, The Elf with one ear, The Fly with one eye, The Frog and The Bee all pulled together and worked merrily to assist the Horse round the river course.

One by one others did attend, there was a duck who lost his cluck but the Mouse with the House helped him every day until he could at last say "cluck cluck"

Next came a ****** who had forgotten how to weave but the Mouse with the House lay out the sticks until the Beavers memory began to tick and the ****** remembered how to weave.

Then came a beautiful Butterfly with bright red wings.  She told the Frog and The Bee that one day the Mouse had found her crying and sighing her wings had faded and she did not look grand a thing of beauty.  The Mouse ran back to his House and in his shed found a can that had Paint in Red on the side.  He took a brush and painted her wings and now the Butterfly all shiny and bright flapped her wings with all her might.

Last but not least the Mayor arrived with his glorious wife by his side.

Mayor and Mayoress Swan did agree that the Mouse with the House should not leave his friends of  The River Louse and they would indeed miss him dearly if he relocated his house.

The Mouse smiled embarrassingly and said "I am sorry he did declare, there's been a mix up, when I said" I must get out of there" it was only to the shops I intended to go but The Frog and The Bee moved too fast or I moved to slow"

The Frog and The Bee and all the guests were all delighted with the news and brought in some music supplied by "Five in a Pen" which of course were all mother Hens and they danced all night until the Moon went in and the Sun came out.

Then the Frog and The Bee said to their friend the Mouse "let's do this again next year, and Mouse can bake cake for the tea, our friends can attend and we'll dance all night to Five in a Pen and we'll eat scones and honey and cake too and we'll do this in honour of all our friends and those who live and work on the River bend"

I wrote this at 2am this morning when I couldn't sleep.
If you've read my other poems The Mouse with a House on the River Louise and The Frog and The Bee, these characters will be familiar to you and the poem will make sense.
I hope you enjoy.
Skaidrum Jun 2015
Twin  vipers on
the windowsill
chasing  young
******  moons
send a  shadow
       off  to fetch  me      
gnashing  gears
'tween ink  skin
  skewing   snake
  tales  so that the
  venom      won't
   kiss   my   cheek
  g o o d n i g h t .
For the twins,
and Lycan.
And Jack Addison...
"Written in my Willow Language for you."

© Copywrite

— The End —