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tumbledry Aug 2023
Let me sweep the sidewalks with my tongue
Would you help me?
Escort me on a tour along the ridges
Of your perfectly straight teeth?
Kiss me like the world right now isn’t reality
And we’re 18 again too nervous because
We’ve never been to another subdivision before
Taking shortcuts we’re not sure about
Meeting halfway in the middle
Biting to hold on and not disappear
Into the others great caverns.
My own tongue dances without yours
Tracing the backstreets of your mouth
The alleyways and dips
Teasing the gates to your pearly whites.
Regardless of how often you move
You never quite forget the roads leading home.
Merry Jul 2020
The girl is pacing
For love she is waiting
No kiss on the lips
She is receiving
Prabesh May 2020
You will never know, I will never tell the speed
My heart raced when we finally kissed that day
That instant liberation from every other need
Felt like we were the ones for Shakespeare's next play

Your perfume and shampoo smelled like a garden
My conscious self flash backed to my last shower
You finally tamed this creature out of the barred den
The thirst is quenched, this lion king has found his lost power
You make me free
jules May 2020
naked bodies entangled,
souls intertwined.
she had never experienced
a love so pure and divine;
the essence of their first kiss
intoxicating as red wine.
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