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Shane 16h
Place your warm hands in mine,
Stay with me until the end of time.
Lay your worries upon my shoulders
My arms are yours in moments and forever.

Wet your lips…
And prepare yourself for an endless kiss.
As we watch this sunset and our eclipse.
Under the stars and moonlight
Dawn will never find us here tonight.

Forget about destiny,
And what's meant to be.
Just keep your skin next to me.

Put aside any fears or concerns,
Together let’s make this fire burn.
As your eyes speak of attractions
Let our tongues reveal intentions

So come closer until we touch,
A kiss like this you’ve never had such.
Soft at first with passion in between,
Ending gently revealing heated foreseens. 

And this is just the beginning,
This night is our never ending.
We’ll play and tease in the once forbidden.
So give in to your wants and desires,
Come and let us start the fire.

Haven't written one of these in a while :) May edit later
Mykarocknrollin Sep 2019
too close
too near
too cold
too hot
too white
too dark
to me
to you
towards you
trembles me
tingles your cheek
tingles my lips
tempting it
trying it
tasted it
till the next kiss please

Erin Esterberg Aug 2019
Your lips resting on mine
And mine on yours
A moment filled with sugar and bliss
A moment that may be repeated many times
Yet it still brings a smile to my face over and over again
And nonetheless it's a moment I will never forget
lkm Jul 2019
I loved you.
Yes, I did.

But I should’ve known better than to have believed the web of lies you sprouted at me. I should’ve known better than to believe your “I love you.”
Why did I take that bite from the apple, if only I had known it was poisoned. _

My mother warned me about strangers with blue eyes walking down the street. She said that was why she was protecting me.
I should've never let down my golden hair, if only I had known.

It didn’t have to wait until the clock struck 12:00 midnight for it to happen; bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, I’ll have hand it to you, you really had me fooled.
You were never Prince Charming, I needed to be my own Prince Charming.

I’m stuck in a timeless blank, neither moving forward nor back, a canvas that has not been painted yet and sadness is the only color I know.
I’m afraid I don’t have much patience to wait for a 100 years for true love’s first kiss._

A thousand times you tore my walls down, tore me apart and even when I’m at a chokehold, I thought it was still love.
Maybe I was a fool to have thought there was beauty in the beast.

I traded my heart for something temporary, I lost my voice just to let you step all over me, and some part of me hates that I’d still let you if we were to try all over again.
I’ve become the foam of bubbles lost in the sea because I couldn’t hurt you the way you hurt everyone.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
I’ll never bee kissed

Every weekend, Humble would go to the same bar,
In the same part of the hive, with the same group of mates.
He always went on the same Friday night and nothing ever changed.
Until one day there came message that The Pollinator band,
Were playing a gig outside the hive at Bee Pride
And as Humble arrived, he saw all the honey-fungus mushroom lights!

There was a huge crowd, so Humble pushed his way through
And eventually he made it to the front.
Some bees were drunk, some babes were happily screaming
And there, stood next to Humble, was a bee-punk.
She looked like the other bees, but she was a tattooed rebel.
She looked at Humble and his bees-knees began to wobble.
Then in-between Humble and the bee-punk stumbled her boyfriend
And Humble thought, typical.

Later, Humble couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
The crowd of bees began to split apart;
I must bee dreaming, he thought,
As the music disappeared.
No sound to bee heard from a thousand cheers.
All he could see, all he could hear,
Was a Queen of undeniable beauty approaching.
The beat of Humble’s heart began to quicken,
He was in shock at the look of this fox!
She was unlike any other and he hadn’t even been drinking.
He knew right away that he loved her
And he would forever love her for all his days.
It was Colpo Di Fulmine; make no mistake
And luckily for him, she felt the same way.
She walked up and gave Humble his first kiss
And his entire life was changed
And then she said “Hi Cutey, what’s your name?”

He was left speechless,
He had actually been kissed!
It was like nothing he had ever experienced before
And no other kiss would ever bee the same since.
This was Humble’s first kiss,
It was unique.
He had finally managed,
To find his true love!
…or did he?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Naririto ako’t inaalala ang aking unang halik
Habang naghihintay at umaasa na muli kang babalik
Ang halik na ikaw ang nauna
Ngunit sa’yo ako’y ikatlo na pala
Wag kang mag alala, hindi naman iyon mahalaga
Ang mahalaga ay naibigay ko ang aking una
Sa isang taong minahal ko talaga
Hindi ko nga alam kung ba’t ako nagpakatanga
Sabi ko pa sa sarili na hindi pa ako handa
Pinangako kong ibibigay ko ang una kong halik sa aking magiging unang kasintahan
Ngunit ayun at ninakaw mo, gayong ika’y akin lang namang kaibigan.
Teka, teka, Kai-bi-gan ba o Ka-i-bi-gan
Hindi ko nga rin maunawaan
kung ano ba sa’ting dalawa ang namamagitan
Gayong mayroon ka na palang kasintahan at ako’y umiibig sa isa ko pang kaibigan
Sa madaling salita, hindi maaari dahil ang mga puso natin ay sa iba na nakalaan
Ngunit kahit pilitin ko man ang sarili kong umayaw
Itong puso ko ikaw at ikaw pa rin ang sinisigaw
At ganun din ikaw
Ngunit ang tadhana’y tila ba umaayaw sa ating pag-iibigan
Bakit ba kung kalian ang mga puso natin ay nagtugma
Ay doon din tayo nakatali na sa iba
Bakit kung kailan natin nakita yung isa’t isa
Ay may nakakita na sa ating iba
Ito ba ang tinatawag nilang “pinagtagpo pero hindi itinadhana”?
Ngunit dahil damdamin natin ay hindi mapigilan
Ay pilit nating sinubukan
Kahit alam nating mali ang nabuo nating ugnayan
Ang saya saya natin noon
Yung tipong pag kasama kita, kulang pa ang maghapon
Kahit nakilala kita sa loob lamang ng napakaikling oras
Masasabi ko pa ring nagmahalan tayo ng tunay at wagas
Kaya binalewala ko na ang minahal kong kaibigan
At para sa akin siya ay iyong iniwan
Nangako tayo sa isa’t isa na tayo’y magiging masaya
At ang puso kong nadurog ay hinding hindi mo na sisirain pa
Ngunit isang araw bigla akong nabulabog
Umabot sa puntong puso ko’y durog na durog
Sinabi **** pinipilit ka niyang bumalik at wag nang lumisan pa
Kaya’t ikay nagpaalam na ako’y iiwan mo na
Siyempre pinakawalan na kita
Sino ba naman ako para panatilihin ka, hindi ba?
Tutal sa relasyon ninyo ako naman yung gumiba
Ako na nga yung nanira, aagwain pa ba kita?
Pero sabi mo kung tayo rin lang ay magsisisihan
wala akong kasalanan
Ay! Oo nga pala, wala talaga
Dahil sa relasyon ninyo, ikaw mismo ang sumira
Tanga din naman ko eh
Kasi alam kong may iba na nga, minahal ko pa
Oo na, ako na ang masama
Ako na ang kontrabida
Querida, kabit, mistress, number two
Kaya dapat lang na ihinto natin ito.
Kahit masakit ay tinatanggap ko na
Tinanggap ko na hindi talaga tayo itinadhana
Masaya na rin ako at ang pagkakamali ko ay nagawa kong ituwid
Kahit ang sakit na inabot ko umaabot na sa himpapawid
Maraming salamat at sa buhay ko ika’y dumating
Kahit hindi man tinupad ng Maykapal ang ating hinihiling
Kuntento na ako sa isang tag-araw na ika’y aking nakapiling
Isang hindi makakalimutang tag araw
Na kung balang araw ako’y magbabalik tanaw
Ay ngingiti na lang pagkat ang nakasama ay ikaw
Salamat sa pag-ibig na iyong ipinadama
At sa halik na sa akin ikaw ang nauna
Ngunit sayo’y ikatlo na pala
Hindi ko alam kung ako’y aasa pa sa muli **** pagbalik
Ngunit sa alaala ko’y mananatiling ikaw ang aking naging unang halik.
Para sa taong nakakuha ng aking unang halik, Gian.
Tejsree Mar 2019
Like a heaven-scent,
Sweet and pure
I craved for more.
" the seven minutes in heaven"
s y k Feb 2019
I sit back, reminisce and daydream of our first kiss.
How it made my head spin,
and livened my heart,
took off with my breath
as we danced with the stars.
Swaying on tiptoes
in the grass to a song,
moving closer and closer
in your arms where I belong.
A smile escapes your lips,
you knew what to do,
entranced by the words
"You've got me wanting you"
You leaned down for a kiss,
to follow through.
For a sweet instant, the world fell to a hush
Stepping back, I couldn't help,
couldn't strive not to blush.

It's a moment that I keep
under heavy lock and key.
I dare not to share it,
I keep it just for me.
Count this an exception, I wrote it down this time.
Let the relic of our first kiss never die.
Snapshot of my first kiss with Jordan. We spent the whole day together after meeting for the first time and it happened when we were back in my garden, dancing to sugar sugar by the archies. Perfect ending to the perfect day **.
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