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The blue cat sits over the moon
beside the vase of gun and fire flaker.
under the wanting desires 
Invisible Dragons Eyes are cruising

Waves come in and out, crash
Switch on and off and then recede again
Is the parasympathetic nervous system activated?

Roar…  Miao...!
The white lion stands in the wind of a deep violet night

Ancient PaPa flies through the clouds 
He cried for his blue cat: No more
crimes. No need for detention
May everyone is happy. No more
thoughts of confusions
Everyone can be comfortable with their own reflection

Roar…  Miao...
Yet it counts, this one  cat
filling our courage of days


One cat at a time.
Dedicate to Aung San Suu Kyi’ who under detention 16 times since 1989.
Also dedicate it to all who has democratic spirits and soul.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Bee Plus

Sure it’s nice to learn, but I could never sit still…
(Humble!  Sit up properly in your chair and stop moving about!)
I had my head in the clouds; never my mind on the quill…
(Humble!  Are your listening!?  What was I talking about!?)

The teachers liked to talk and I would nod my head,
But I was only there in bee form;
My head was elsewhere, so I would forget,
Everything they taught.
Humble wants to go outside!
Not bee stuck indoors.

There she goes again,
Talking about subtraction and multiplication, or something.
The truth is I never listened.
She could bee saying something really interesting,
But the sun outside, it glistens!

The sun calls to me and says come out and play!
So when the lesson is over, I am the first bee away
And out of the door,
Like a flash of lightning through the corridors.
I know I’ll have to come back after lunch,
But right now!  In this moment!
I can fly once more!

Somehow I know the answers to the questions they set,
But all the knowledge in my head, when they ask me, I forget.
If it ain’t right now, then it will never bee needed;
So can’t we, just for today, just leave it bee?

They keep on talking about the future of the bees;
But dude, I just want to have fun, so give me some peace.
Yeah, I did the homework and I didn’t even get paid.
I read page, after page, after page, after page
And at the end of the day…
This ain’t that great.

“Well maybe you should get up and teach the class!”
So I did; I got it right and I even made them all laugh.
Then the teacher gets annoyed and tells me to “Go outside!
With the other boys and wait for detention!”
I guess she needs to bee the centre of attention.

Aww Man!  Why you taking all my toys?
It’s just a bit of fun.
I can’t help being a joker
And then you give me even more detention!
For saying,
“Aww Man, you a beekeeper-smoker!”

I can’t wait to grow up and leave this place.
Sure, I’ll go and sit outside again,
With all the cool pupa’s in the breakfast club group.
That’s ok; we’re all mates
And we’re quite aware of what we’re going through.

So there we all are, just having a laugh,
Until we hear somebody shout “Oi! Get your bumbles back into class!”
We reply, we can’t; we’ve been thrown out again.
Then they tell us “Well, just sit there and bee quiet then!“
Aww Man!
Can’t I even catch a break?
Everybody needs to just, chill out…
At least now it’s nearing the end of the day.

Eventually, the teacher calls us back in
And then she surprises us all with a pop quiz!
Aww Man!  We don’t know the answers;
Why you always picking on us?
And of course, you know the result…

I was third in the class;
I got a humble bee plus.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
I've seen it now
mentioned twice
by poets in their lines

somehow I must have
this mission that was assigned

I guess I wasn't quite
paying enough

boy! I sure hope
I don't end up
in detention

I must have fallen asleep
in class


better behave
this way I'll never pass

I just found out
April's poem a day

oh well, too late now
perhaps I'll try it in May
After I posted, I looked. Quite by accident, I have written a poem every day so far. Of course, it's only the 7th!
Sasha Iqbal Dec 2016
Perilous, fiery eyes glaring from a high perch
Hurtling flames amidst the dark woods
Orange and red glowing silently
Elegant feathers of fine dust
Night is prime time for the Hunter
Ignited with colour and flame
Xeric feathers radiating heat, you'll wish you'd never came


ailemA Aug 2015
Long bus journeys,
Pouring rain. Soaked to the bone,
Hunger pains.
Its already dark out,
Almost six. Waiting for the bus,
I feel so sick.
I'm alone. I'm so alone.
I'm off the bus, its seven
According to my phone.
Walking in the miserable dark,
Down the familiar path,
I'm dreading "home", Detention please take me back.
I get in the door, get yelled at and go up the stairs.
I'll just rest my head, I wake up to my alarm.
I'm  lying in bed.
I panic. My homework. It wasn't done last night
I'm crying, if i tell the truth they'll think I'm lying,
Its not alright.
I didn't forget. I didn't forget,
To them I lied and said the opposite.
They said "All the chances I gave you I regret"
"Just do your homework"
Do you not think i try? My essays are incomplete cause i stay up half the night, being yelled at.
So you give me MD after MD, saying it will "help" me.
To you I'm just another wasted youth with potential thats lazy,
I deserve no credentials because my work and attitude is hazy.
You must think that I dont care ,
But really I do, I'm trying I swear.
I cant fit school into my schedule.
Dear school, I really had fun,
With my friends, and now I'm almost done.
But you didn't help,all you did to me was yell.
You don't know me,im just a name and number on paper.
But perhaps my experiences would shock you like a tazer.
Stop being rude to your students, we all have our own ****,
Be nice instead, we all struggle a good bit, be nice dont pretend.
Yours unfortunately, Amelia
The End.
Its long but i was reflecting over (mostly) my junior cycle spent in detention. Education doesn't reflect intelligence.
Gavin Barnard Oct 2014
If I want to read, I will read.
You encourage it,
You apprehend it
By giving us text books
And an entire ******* library.

Yet you took my book
And punished me for it.
The one book I wanted to read.
The one book I got
From your library.

The one book you wanted me to take,
The one book you wanted me to read,
I took and I read and I lost.
Bait and switch created my mistrust.
You've lost me again, but now I'm against.
True story too.

— The End —