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Dec 2018 · 268
Sarah Tayler Dec 2018
I told a boy about my heart once
He had held me like I was going to break
And looked at me like I was star dust
Like he held a piece of heaven and wasn’t quite sure how he obtained it
I told a boy about my heart once
It ended with me on the pavement
Tears streaming down my face
He stood over me, pain in his eyes  
Not quite willing to touch me
Not quite willing to walk away
Sarah Tayler Oct 2018
I tried to fool myself into thinking that the burns on my arms weren’t from playing with fire
That the bruises on my lips were from love
and not the hazy frenzy our numb minds allowed
I pretended not to have hands to hold anything possessivly
but in the end it was my legs that held you tightest
Closer that anyone could be
Too close for me to ever scrub your scent from my skin it seems
Vol II
Hold her like she’s falling apart, because well, she probably is.
I write silly dark things
Sep 2018 · 1.0k
Vol. I
Sarah Tayler Sep 2018
I’m special in the same way that those other girls are.
Beautiful and individual.
But there’s nothing special in me that would seperate me from them and make me the one you choose.
And you have chosen not to choose me.
Because you chose us all, and sat on your throne of lies while we paraded around you.
And I won’t parade anymore.
Things I’ll never say
Aug 2018 · 419
His name
Sarah Tayler Aug 2018
Everyday, hate forgets to find me,
Like He forgets to know me,
The sky, only blue when the sun shows face,
turns grey and forgets when she falls from her place,
So He lives, asleep to how I move,
And I move, awake to how he lives.
If his memory would fall from my heart,
I only pray my heart would not fall from his memory.
Though I know, in the same way the water is displaced in the river,
He holds nothing forever.
In constant flux, only real when together.
So as hate forgets to find me
And hope forgets to claim me
I live in pursuit of my own pain
Charred in my desire, that ever burning fire.
To simply forget
His Name
I write in class instead of paying attention.
Jul 2018 · 250
Old gold
Sarah Tayler Jul 2018
His words told of old gold and the colours of kings
Of fabled tales passed through bloodlines
They never followed the pattern of the well trodden path
the cliche guidelines
The aligned stars or divine signs
Instead, his words told the stories of something older
Of hidden secrets and unsung melodies
Jul 2018 · 297
The Advent of the girl
Sarah Tayler Jul 2018
New sights, state lines and new frames of mind
Buildings, kissing skylines like mother and child
Paintings of people I’ll never meet nor know
Their eyes speak of things they never said, never told  
I can see what they want
I want the same
Their humanity saturates the colours of the paint and their veins
They had their secrets, but now I have them too  
Polaroid cameras, toothy grins and breaking the rules
We’ve never been so far from home
But we’ve never felt so free
Dancing on cobblestone beaches
And staying up well past three
Board games and liquor
I can’t feel my face
Is it my smile or my cup?
Or the sweet velvet taste?
My lips chapped from the cold
Your lips waiting my return  
Life is good, life is wild
And I’m well ready to burn
Blotted down on the plane.
Jun 2018 · 952
Sarah Tayler Jun 2018
their first
and last mistake
was thinking that she was a flower
or anything fragile or gentle
though she looked like silk and velvet
she felt like broken glass and iron
and it cut deeply into your skin
your mind
your soul
spilling your blood as she went
perhaps rainstorms and romantic lullabies
are more your kind of fairytale
but you'll never again deny her power
her dark and wondrous power
like lightning across the darkest of clouds  
the fire and brimstone of Tartarus
the grey and wild lashing of the ocean
- s.m.t // draft
concupiscent (adjective)
1. lustful or desirous
2. eagerly desirous
May 2018 · 345
false worship
Sarah Tayler May 2018
Some days I am so convinced that I hate him that I can feel hell in my blood
But it's the days of weakness
Those rain filled, grey-scale days
that have me writing with the residual stardust
left in the corners of my eyes  
left from when I was star struck myself.
I think to myself,
"if I can just get these words out, maybe I'll finally be free."
But the words never end
they are the never-ending flowing music of the spheres
and I begin to understand what "all truth is song but not all that is sung is truth" really means
They sung that boy's praises and I joined in until I learnt what a lie was
It's in that moment
I wondered if  I perhaps understood how Lucifer felt as he led worship
creative writing class// holla
we switch between love and hate like whiplash. Ah, the love we find in college

sometimes i think im hungry, but im just bored
Apr 2018 · 795
Sarah Tayler Apr 2018
Some nights, I told you lies that would make Satan proud.
Other nights, I was more honest than a wood nymph captured.
But whether I was lying to you, or telling you my darkest secrets, those confessions were indulgent for the best of reasons.
You wouldn’t remember a thing in the morning.
Apr 2018 · 315
Sarah Tayler Apr 2018
i think sometimes
we are so worried
about trying to be happy
that we forget
what exactly
that looks like
all we have is now :)
Jan 2018 · 317
Sarah Tayler Jan 2018
i remember.
i remember every kiss
every touch
every sound
every single piece of moment memory
i remember
and now, i must forget
its not about pretty words. its about blatant truth.
Oct 2017 · 1.1k
Sarah Tayler Oct 2017
Sometimes, I like to think
that the reason I wilt
is because I am a flower.
Flowers are beautiful things,
are they not?
It's why we pick them
and its why they die.
Beautiful things always
die in the end.
Its the way things go.
The sun rises
and it falls.
Nature takes its course.
Suppose I was beautiful once...
But suppose someone came along
and plucked me from the ground.
Its why I wilt.
Because he did just that.
Dec 2016 · 1.0k
She Is Perfection
Sarah Tayler Dec 2016
From her flawless golden skin
To her flaxen hair and wide eyes
She is the goddess he wishes he had
She is perfection
Pixelated perfection.
And how can I compete?
Pixels instead of skin cells
Nov 2016 · 480
Sarah Tayler Nov 2016
Thunderclouds clash in flurry of lightning swords
In a fight that causes their blood to fall
In the life giving form of rain
Maybe will add more later...
Nov 2016 · 563
Cries of the broken
Sarah Tayler Nov 2016
A child in need
Some peace we plead
A hope for a better future
Together we cry
And all die inside
Then trust it'll end with your call
Oct 2016 · 888
Sarah Tayler Oct 2016
The world needs a drop of sunshine
A dribble of molten gold
For in this barren wasteland
Kindness stands out in the cold
If your heart is wilting
And the sunshine far and few
Keep blowing on your flickering light
Because for someone that drop is you
Be a drop of gold
Jul 2016 · 715
It Wasnt a Dream
Sarah Tayler Jul 2016
You were here.
Your dishes are in the sink
Unwashed, like you always leave them
A coffee cup, grey with a white handle
The one you always use
Without even a sip, the flavour ghosts on my tongue
Strong, sweet, and black
Though now cold, I know it was scalding
The way you always liked it
Your scent still lingers on my couch
A wave of sweetness with an underlying dark note
Just like you
*But it was the one I always loved
I haven't written in ages and I was inspired by a ******* bin....... go figure.
May 2016 · 941
Sarah Tayler May 2016
I am thankful
For even the smallest snippets of time
Spent laughing with you
Because they are mine forever
No matter how few or far between
Apr 2016 · 741
She was Beautiful
Sarah Tayler Apr 2016
Do they ever wake up
And wish they weren't where they were
That they were somewhere else
With someone else
Do they ever wish that they were back in the past
When things were simple
When life was wonderful
Back in that beat up car
Tangled hair streaming through the air
When they were young
And the world was dumb
And she was beautiful
Inspired by Beautiful: Ben Rector
Mar 2016 · 728
Sarah Tayler Mar 2016
A silvery moon
Reflects forgotten beauty
On a silky sea
The silver reflection of the moon upon the ocean as I flew over it, reminded me of the small things and made me smile. It helped me remember beauty does still exist, as strange as that sounds.
Jan 2016 · 714
Sarah Tayler Jan 2016
An endless supply of words held me together
Strung up in a line to keep stringing me along
Perhaps I'm fooling myself to believe the muddle of letters
Or it's just natural to want to not believe what you've known all the time

To think a few words could keep the flame flickering is amazing
That the smallest notion could move the ocean
Or that time could reverse a crack in the shell of a heart
Maybe one day the walls will stop building themselves to let something in
And the tide will finally flow again, bringing you with it.
Does this even make sense? I think it's another one of my jumble poems...

Feedback is ALWAYS sought and majorly appreciated!
Dec 2015 · 835
Sarah Tayler Dec 2015
Your weight left an imprint on the couch
And it haunts the high ceilings
Now it's fading slowly like a feather bouncing back
Because you are no longer there to renew the stamp
And so it will fade, until it is but a ghostly memory
Just a little something written in a few minutes..
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
Sarah Tayler Nov 2015
So many hearts breaking
So many souls shaking
So many people lost
Lost and looking for a home

So many tears they're crying
So many wish they were dying
So many being crushed
Crushed by the weight of the world

My heart aches for their losses
I cry out for the crosses
Scraped across their arms
Arms that were never meant to bleed

I wish I could reach them all
I wish I could hold them all
All the daughters who think they are worthless
All the sons who think they cant make it

My hands are not big enough
My heart is not wide enough
I know One who is..
But how can I make them see?
I was reading through my HP feed, and I saw all these young people, young girls, that were so broken so alone and they just wanted to be loved but didn't think they were worth that much.. And it broke my heart. I just wanted to hug them and tell them repeated that they are loved more than they know and they are worthy of love. You are loved so much that the Father sent his son to die for you so you could live, amd the son went willingly because YOU are worth dying for. I know this kinda seems like a preach....but if you could take one thing from this...just know that you're loved and are worthy of love. Yeah...Ima go now..
Oct 2015 · 942
He didn't come
Sarah Tayler Oct 2015
Sitting on the park bench
The one with the little etches
Names of forgotten loves
Encircled with a heart that's probably broken by now
My hands are warmed by the cup between my fingers
I sip it, savouring the heat it brings my soul
My favourite beverage, Happiness
Checking the time, I figured he should be here soon....
But he wasn't..
I waited in that spot for years
Sipping on my drink until I was suprised and dismayed to find it empty
The sun was going down, painting the sky and the streets in fiery colours
Setting everything alight but me
He never came....
He said he would but he didn't...
My own Future stood me up.
Inspired by the phrase "Why wait for a future that isn't coming?" -Me
Oct 2015 · 654
I don't have answers..
Sarah Tayler Oct 2015
Hearing you whisper
from over the phone
I know the ache of being alone
You choke out the questions
Through all of your tears
Every syllable confirm all my fears
I don't have answers..
And neither do you
But I know the pain of a heartbreak too
Day 10- Pick a one line song lyric to serve as an epigraph to your poem. Then, write the poem to accompany it.
"I dont have answers.... and neither do you.." -When a heart breaks by Ben Rector (Btw he is amazing, check him out)
Oct 2015 · 918
Sarah Tayler Oct 2015
Take each day, just like a step
Carefully placing one foot then the next
Watching closely, all the words
Hearing hidden meanings behind all the verbs

Chocolate mint lullabies
And vanilla streams
The sweetness that used to coat
All my childish dreams

Staying clean, its a messy affair
Watch the explosions they fly everywhere
Shards of broken loves, they stick into mine
Injecting the broken fears that causes decline
Sep 2015 · 1.6k
Child of God
Sarah Tayler Sep 2015
No longer afraid, no longer alone
Because I am a child of God
Saved and rescued, I'm finally home
Because I am a child of God
Sep 2015 · 2.4k
Pine lines
Sarah Tayler Sep 2015
Pine tree forests stretch
In the middle of nowhere
And I'm without you
I'm in the middle of nowhere.......oh look a Mcdonalds!
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
Torn paper hearts.
Sarah Tayler Sep 2015
You ran thinking it was with freedom
But really you just ran away from everyone who ever loved you
Cursing every hand that tried to pull you from the dark abyss
Ignoring every word that came to comfort you and give you light
You ran and you ran and you ran
Out of breath, stumbling, crying, gasping through the shards of your chest
Because you think, "Surely this pain is better than pausing to feel the emptiness."
But when you stop running, your brokenness will still be there
And you will be so far away from anyone who knew how to fix you
(hypothetical situation of what could happen)
Check out my other pieces if it so pleases you :)
Sep 2015 · 896
Parts of me
Sarah Tayler Sep 2015
I am pieces of those I love
Woven in an intricate pattern
It flows and falls and starts and stalls
Ever changing.

And part of you is in my smile.
Ill probably delete and reconstruct this later....
Sep 2015 · 498
My World
Sarah Tayler Sep 2015
Either my world is ideal,
With true loves existence and fairy tale endings
A world seen through sunshine's golden eyes
Or its a dark desolate place,
With whispering voices of "you'll never be enough"
Oh sunshine sear away the tar that holds the ocean down
I have no idea.....
I wrote this a while ago and it was sitting as a draft so I thought, "Eh, why not post it...."
When I re-read most of my work all I can think is "What. the. heck" and yet I keep writing.
Sep 2015 · 847
Sarah Tayler Sep 2015
Stand upon those tables, as a conqueror would his land.
Fall into the ocean, then let its shores clothe you with sand.
Listen to the wind as it whispers to you its secrets.
And know that all it tells are stories that'll leave you speechless.
Breathe in the life, the silken air, of freshly fallen rain.
Eyes alight and smiles aglow, free from last nights pain.
Cuz vivid memories, ah its true, hide mostly in the dark.
So torch a flame and burn the gloom, it only takes a spark...
Savour the small pleasures in life. Live in the moment. Be a rebel.
Jul 2015 · 478
Sarah Tayler Jul 2015
Blue took the gold and the warmth turned to cold,
Silhouettes all wrong and nothing like your frame of mind in view,
I miss you,
Thousands of miles between your smile and mine,
Connected only by green shapes and black lines,
I wish your dishes were in the sink,
Your coat hanging by the door,
Bits and pieces of you to be seen and to feel you close again,
Weeks are far too long,
But I know,
You are too far gone now.

— The End —