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Sarah Tayler Dec 2018
I told a boy about my heart once
He had held me like I was going to break
And looked at me like I was star dust
Like he held a piece of heaven and wasn’t quite sure how he obtained it
I told a boy about my heart once
It ended with me on the pavement
Tears streaming down my face
He stood over me, pain in his eyes  
Not quite willing to touch me
Not quite willing to walk away
Sarah Tayler Oct 2018
I tried to fool myself into thinking that the burns on my arms weren’t from playing with fire
That the bruises on my lips were from love
and not the hazy frenzy our numb minds allowed
I pretended not to have hands to hold anything possessivly
but in the end it was my legs that held you tightest
Closer that anyone could be
Too close for me to ever scrub your scent from my skin it seems
Vol II
Hold her like she’s falling apart, because well, she probably is.
I write silly dark things
Sarah Tayler Sep 2018
I’m special in the same way that those other girls are.
Beautiful and individual.
But there’s nothing special in me that would seperate me from them and make me the one you choose.
And you have chosen not to choose me.
Because you chose us all, and sat on your throne of lies while we paraded around you.
And I won’t parade anymore.
Things I’ll never say
Sarah Tayler Aug 2018
Everyday, hate forgets to find me,
Like He forgets to know me,
The sky, only blue when the sun shows face,
turns grey and forgets when she falls from her place,
So He lives, asleep to how I move,
And I move, awake to how he lives.
If his memory would fall from my heart,
I only pray my heart would not fall from his memory.
Though I know, in the same way the water is displaced in the river,
He holds nothing forever.
In constant flux, only real when together.
So as hate forgets to find me
And hope forgets to claim me
I live in pursuit of my own pain
Charred in my desire, that ever burning fire.
To simply forget
His Name
I write in class instead of paying attention.
Sarah Tayler Jul 2018
His words told of old gold and the colours of kings
Of fabled tales passed through bloodlines
They never followed the pattern of the well trodden path
the cliche guidelines
The aligned stars or divine signs
Instead, his words told the stories of something older
Of hidden secrets and unsung melodies
Sarah Tayler Jul 2018
New sights, state lines and new frames of mind
Buildings, kissing skylines like mother and child
Paintings of people I’ll never meet nor know
Their eyes speak of things they never said, never told  
I can see what they want
I want the same
Their humanity saturates the colours of the paint and their veins
They had their secrets, but now I have them too  
Polaroid cameras, toothy grins and breaking the rules
We’ve never been so far from home
But we’ve never felt so free
Dancing on cobblestone beaches
And staying up well past three
Board games and liquor
I can’t feel my face
Is it my smile or my cup?
Or the sweet velvet taste?
My lips chapped from the cold
Your lips waiting my return  
Life is good, life is wild
And I’m well ready to burn
Blotted down on the plane.
Sarah Tayler Jun 2018
their first
and last mistake
was thinking that she was a flower
or anything fragile or gentle
though she looked like silk and velvet
she felt like broken glass and iron
and it cut deeply into your skin
your mind
your soul
spilling your blood as she went
perhaps rainstorms and romantic lullabies
are more your kind of fairytale
but you'll never again deny her power
her dark and wondrous power
like lightning across the darkest of clouds  
the fire and brimstone of Tartarus
the grey and wild lashing of the ocean
- s.m.t // draft
concupiscent (adjective)
1. lustful or desirous
2. eagerly desirous
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