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Flatfielder Nov 2020
Give me silence
Let me retreat
My time has been stretched
Memories faded
I have to admit
Were they faults or rejections
These no achieving deeds
The search for love
Quests for answers
Fled that vulnerable scene
Stifled thoughts
Blocked laneways
Unknowns remained
Rescued and mastered
By the very next of kin
Way back and now
Maddy Kay Feb 2020
As I sit in my mother's room writing this piece,
I wonder to myself,
"Do I keep fighting? Do I just tell her how sad I am? Or do I keep my emotions to myself?"
With the questions in my mind, a headache at hand, and deep sorrow in my heart,
There is only one decision left to make;

As I fend off of the courage that is thrown at me,
I fight the voices away telling me to stay on the ground,
To just be alone forever and to just keep quiet,
I do the possible and get up;

I walk to her and just look her in the eyes and I give in,
I break down in front of her for the first time in 2 1/2 years,
The first time I'd cry in front of her since my first love broke it off with me,
The first time since I felt somewhat safe around her again;

She would ask what was wrong and when I wouldn't answer she would hug me,
Hug me until I couldn't tell her what was wrong to her face,
She would bring me to a place where no one else could bother us so that we could talk,
She would be the first to listen to what I had to keep to myself after all of this time;

When I would be done, my lips would quiver and my eyes would be red from tears,
My heart would be beating faster than a race horse fighting it's way to first place,
My head hurting from crying too much,
My mind racing at what she would say;

She would just stand there and listen to everything,
Everything that I had been mentally saying for the past 2 1/2 years,
Everything that was not right with me,
Everything that should have been said in the first place;

She would hug me and tell me everything would be alright,
She would tell the other kids to leave me alone for the rest of the night so that I can think about things,
She would leave for a bit to get food for the hungry tummies that were hyper from being cooped up inside from the winter weather,
She would return with the same love she felt for me when she first had me as her firstborn child;

I would finally feel at ease with the world for that moment,
I would finally be able to be honest with her for the first time in what felt like forever,
I would finally be able to be happy,
I would finally be able to find my true self after all of the terrible things that no one would be able to even think about;

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone,
Though it may take you years to see it,
You will get there eventually,
And though you might know my story;

Mine is just an example of how far you can go from being the worse kid to handle with,
To the most remarkable teenager that no one can stand to be without.
Even though no one besides those closest to me know my story, I have come far from where I begin in my life. I have been heartbroken, beaten down to the core of my soul, and I have fought off many battles that have put me through so much to the point that I didn't think I could handle anything anymore. But I have found safety in those that have loved and cared for me since the beginning even when I thought they had given up on me.
A-McIntyre Aug 2019
i find it hard to comprehend the brightness of your light in my darkness. i find it hard to see that i could do the same. my spirit lifts to hear your voice, my head gets dizzy to hear your name. your laughter envelops me, your kindness an avalanche of mixed feelings and emotions. i don't believe this is real. i stumbled down, into the ocean, fighting for my breath, you came and saved me, without question, without taking rest. that sounds big, because it is, you know not what you've done. until i wake up, ill just be thankful, of all the people you could have tried to save, i somehow was the one.
Reimers Jul 2019
I was once left alone with pain
Cried for help, but to no avail
Maybe because I was too mundane.
No one special, just an ordinary gale

Never been  look at twice
Ordinary like a grain of rice
Forgotten like a sunken ship
Wishing that this life of mine, I can skip.

As I fall in my self created abyss
Something peeked through
A small light that felt like bliss
At that moment, something inside me started to brew.

My heart resonates with the light
Thawing its prison of ice
Releasing me from its plight
Once again, I can experience paradise
Henry Nolan Oct 2018
From just a face in a bus,
You've traveled through time.
I never saw it coming,
Where you could actually be mine...

At first you were all that there was,
All I could think of, all I could see.
The one girl I thought, I felt, I knew,
Would make my life feel complete.

We grew older, we grew fonder,
Making memories out of thin air.
Meanwhile having you by my side,
Made the butterflies, too much to bear.

You made earth feel like heaven,
You lit a flame in my heart and soul.
Then my feelings for you took over,
I literally and voluntarily had no control.

Good times overcame the bad ones,
Even if the bad times I spent alone.
I just wouldn't learn I couldn't have you,
Next thing I knew, another bottle was gone.

Finally you were mine, and then you weren't,
It was too confusing for me handle.
So I mustered up the strength I needed,
To blow out the candle.

I moved on, I kept on walking,
But I guess my heart stayed in place.
Sometimes wondering, and dreaming,
Of the next time I'd see your face.

Just when I thought I had forgotten you,
My life had suddenly become a storm.
I was shocked, burned and paralyzed,
Asking, 'Where was this coming from? '

I was destroyed, almost defeated,
I was lost, and kicked to the ground.
Wondering 'How could this happen? '
While praying for me to be found.

Hard days and longer nights,
Was all that there was.
I felt stone-cold and distant,
Stuck in time as it would pass.

Back home, things would get better,
I'd move on and live the days away.
Little did I know I'd be rescued,
By that same face from yesterday.

Crazy how life is,
Out of the blue you appeared.
Ready for the challenge,
And your heart, you volunteered.

Although I may still be lost,
You've been showing me the way.
Held by your hand,
I've been getting through this day.

What will be will be,
Past tomorrow I'm not sure.
You've been making me hopeful,
That you may just be my cure.

It's a long bumpy road ahead,
With lots of turns and bends.
But your heart is strapped up and ready,
With its hope and the warm love it lends.

I may be broke, I may not function,
I may be too much to fix and repair.
I won't be disappointed, honestly,
If I hear a good luck and take care

But it all might just happen for a reason,
It all might go well.
I'm not counting myself out
I've come back from hell.

I'm not afraid of tomorrow,
For tomorrow may just be my day.
With you by my side...
All gold can stay.
Kaitlin Evers Oct 2018
Lost. Where am I? Cold earth beneath me; bleak, vast, dripping darkness surrounding me. Alone, and lying at the bottom of the Devil's Kettle. I search inside of myself. I am empty. No mettle to stir, nothing inside myself to waken me from this darkness. Drip, drip, goes the saddening darkness enshrouding me. Once I had zeal. It is hard to imagine now. I am a shell, or not at all myself. There is no help. None who know of the black hole in which I lie. And if they did, how could one reach down a hand to lift me up? God! God! God! The One who blessed me with strength, the One who took my strength. Cast me not headlong; lift me up with your victorious right hand. God! God! God! Day upon day I cry out. Day upon day the earth beneath me lifts up.  Pain, pain, it washes away, weighted chains are falling loose, He elevates my sunken earth. Until the hole I lie in is no longer a hole, but is level earth in the light of day. Birds twitter, flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining through the trees. My world completely changed; and better than last I was here. Life and new song are inside of me. God! God! God! Out of the miry bog you have rescued me and strengthened me anew. Praise! Praise! Praise! Blessed be your name!
Sierra Blasko Sep 2018
Reflections are tricky things
Man didn't create them
Only trapped them
Hung them on a wall for his own vain glory
The glassy stillness of a lake
Was first
To echo reality above it
It ripples like a gateway
At the kiss of a stone

It calls, it beckons
l have mystery lurking
What will happen if you
Little you
Dared to pass through
With no intention of return?
One might find oneself upside down
Standing in the sky
And brushing their feet against the stars
Or there might be monsters
Real ones
Which we can touch and feel and fight
And see while fighting
The seeds of monstrous things
Separate themselves from us
In the last few seconds of life
And we see them laid out

Even knowing this
The water calls
To the nine tenths of us it possesses
Enticing us
With the idea of a world
Identical to ours
I think
Have you ever stopped
Counted the branches?
It would be impossible
So we assume

And as the water accepts you
Hair, drifting like seaweed in the tide
It whispers to you
Just a little deeper now
So you go on
Until you discover, or drown

Until you are pulled upwards
Arms grasping you around the chest
As your lungs burn with the ache of tipped scales, the balance within you lost
And you hear the voice whisper
Breath warming your ear

Not like this
My friend
Not like this
ClawedBeauty101 Mar 2018
I'm going to tell you a story about what a relationship in this day and age should look like

Except this isn't my story to tell. This story goes to the wild Turkey's, for love, they will fight

You see, I work at a rescue center, and we have 4 turkeys. 3 male, and 1 female.

The one female and 2 of the males are rescued.  The last male is a wild turkey. He visits every day without fail

He flies over the fence to visit his female, and she never loved another, not even with the other two

Although there were other wild females, and other recused males, they were determined to keep their loyalty true

And true and loyal they both have always been, and when one of the other males tried to attack

or scare Her love away. The female won't just stand around, she'll put on a fight, and peck at their backs

Their backs are bare, they learned the hard way. Not to mess with loyal love. He can't stay away

Even when I or any other people try to frighten him off, it won't stop him, he still comes every day

If only people could have a strong, loyal, love fighting relationship like these two turkey's.

They've been like this for 4 years... What a lovely lesson we could learn... It's something I want for me.
Turkey's.... Romance... What???? XD XD XD

This is a true story though, sometime I'll post a picture of them but it is the sweetest thing... I've never heard of a better loyal animal love story and it's like.... why can't people be JUST as willing... JUST as loyal.. JUST as faithful... and JUST as willing to fight for one another...

The Lord has taught me so many things through animals I wish I could share to more... but not everyone can relate and I guess thats why i don't share them that often. I hope this at least touched your heart and if you want to read more poems about lessons I've learned from animals, Please comment ;) I would be greatly encouraged by that... I know this poem... isn't really that good but.. I really felt like I should write about it :) Thank you!

Cat Lynn ///
Sarah Tayler Sep 2015
No longer afraid, no longer alone
Because I am a child of God
Saved and rescued, I'm finally home
Because I am a child of God
consumedinfire Oct 2014
The force of hesitation has kept me far from you my King,
The doubt has kept me underwater; my hardened heart has made me cold and dead.
Floating through the waves but slowly drowning, not knowing what joy is or what is suffering.
The waves crash on me to and fro, looking at the dark skies with glass eyes that can't be read.
Water has become heavy; the ripples have shadowed me from your Light,
All that can be done is to wonder at the stars, for they answer "There is a Mighty God"
Lord, may I pray "Rescue me from this sea, I no longer want to dwell in the night".
The heaviness of the water has clenched to my breath, "Lord save me with your golden rod ".
The weeping tears have deepened the tides of sorrow, "Lord deliver me soon ".
If this is the end to my Earthly life, "Lord wake me to Eternal life, take me to your shelter",
I've closed my eyes, 'I'm ready Lord, deliver me from the harshness of war under this moon".
The dark through my eyelids were no more, to open them to the sight of my Savior.
His Mighty hand swooped down to carry me out of the murky water that I dwelled in for too long,
Murky water filled with depression oppressed within my heart and mind.
Finally my eyes were not deceived; my Shepherd has heard my prayer and song.
He lifts me up, soaring on his wings of warmth, my woefulness left behind.
He takes me to his home, his realm that holds his Honorable Throne,
The weights of the world, the anguish from the pain, and the demons have left my head,
They fled from the Light of God, His light shining brighter than any rhinestone.
The Lord takes my hand and walks me through a gentle path beside a riverbed.
"Come walk with me, and accept my complete honesty,
I did not give you life on Earth, so that Darkness could take a hold of you.
You are mine, you were always mine, and I say this truthfully.
Satan has lied to you, to say you were worth nothing so you would not pursue,
He saw the danger of you, a Child of God after my own heart.
Your passion and eagerness to seek me was strong,
But Satan fed little lies in your mind and heart to take you apart.
He told you to give up; life was not worth it, that you did not belong.
That you were worthless, abandoned, and forgotten,
Making you believe that you were too broken to fix; that you were lonely, depressed, and unseen.
Satan condemned you when you stumbled with sin to make you think you were so rotten,
He wants to drag my children down; Satan's plans are ever obscene.
My Child, hear my voice and take these words to heart. You are not an error or weak!
My beloved, I treasure you. I take delight in having you with me.
Don't shut me out; let me in your heart. Let me hear you speak.
Speak to me of your concerns, allow me to lead the path, I ardently love thee.
Go back to your temporal home; don't allow darkness to seep into your heart and soul.
My beloved, I have given you purpose. Be my servant and spread my love.
Don't look right or left, I am your straight and narrow path. I am the end goal.
Seek my truth, bear good fruits and know that I am all around you, in you and above.
R.E. Smith (
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