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The Day I’ve finally accepefed that I wanna die

As they say no one can see depression
No one can surely say that he or she can feel you
It’s like a gift that surprises you
It may **** you or be happy that everything you feel will eventually go away

I knew I wanted to die when I started searching for ways to **** myself I found it the simplest way to die without anyone knowing, overdose from simple painkillers I could easily end my life silently.
Jun 2018 · 91
Don’t Say It
Don't say you love me
Cause I might not say it back
I'm sorry I can't promise you anything
I can't tell you right now that we're okay

I can't promise you things
I won't say it back
I don't feel the same
And I will never feel the same

Please don't get mad
I'm telling you this now
For you not to get hurt
This is for you
Just please trust me now

I'd like to give you a chance
But honestly i don't feel the same
I can't love you now
I can't force these feelings
I'm truly sorry
Dec 2017 · 383
Dented as you are
"Did you fall for the brains?"

No. I fell for his soul. I fell for the person behind the facade. I fell for his cries behind smiles. I fell for his pains behind jokes.

It was beautiful - falling for someone who is as dented as you are.
Mar 2017 · 3.0k
Dec 2016 · 1.2k
Akala ko ikaw na
Akala ko kasi pwede
Akala ko may chance
Akala ko iba ka

Yun pala nauwi lahat sa maling akala
Dec 2016 · 37.4k
Sa Saglit na Kilig
Umaasa ako
Umaasa na may pag-asa tayo
Umaasa na nagbabakasakali
Umaasa na maging tayo

Mahirap umasa
Pero sa totoo lang
Aasa ako para sayo
Baka pwede...

Sa isang sulyap ng ngiti mo
Natutunaw ang puso ko
Pilit na itinatago ang nararamdaman
O tila manhid ka lamang

Ngunit nakakapagod
Nakakapagod na habulin ka
Na bigyang saysay ang mayroon tayo
Ano nga ba ang mayroon tayo?
Jul 2016 · 382
along the way
Today, tomorrow or maybe soon
might not be our time
but maybe along the way
we'll know why
Jul 2016 · 929
Kung Maibabalik
Minsan tila ikaw pa rin
Ikaw pa rin ang iniisip
Hindi makalimutan
Mundo ko'y umiikot sayo

Kailan nga ba nagbago ang lahat
Dahil kung ako ang papipiliin
Ibibigay ko ang lahat para lang maibalik
Ang lahat lahat
Lalo na ang tayo
Mar 2016 · 395
Never Been
You can't be lost if you have never been found,
You can't fly if you've never walked upon the ground,
You can't be broken if you you were never whole,
Because that's what life is life takes its toll.
Mar 2016 · 758
I'd like to try
Do not trust me, for I'm  a poet  
I will analyze and read you
Stanza by stanza
hook by hook
My aim is to open you up
Enabling your thoughts to intertwine  with mine & to fall obsession towards me just by my words
Like your  favorite  childhood book.
Mar 2016 · 2.4k
You came in the most unexpected time when everything was blurry and unimaginable you came in by surprise just like presents no one knew what to expect you turn my bad days into good ones you gave me hope after all this time but then again i wasn't so sure of you
Jan 2016 · 934
I miss you no in betweens
To be honest i'm not okay i'll tell you lies to cover up everything to cover up what i feel for you it's not easy to be in my position i miss you, i miss our random conversations our usual hugs i miss everything that we used to do I wish i didn't tell you the truth i wish you didn't know what i feel for you it's like everything we used to do was gone
Dec 2015 · 1.3k
Maybe Just Maybe
How is it a mistake when maybe I'm falling for the right person after all?

Cut out all the ropes and let me fall, make me feel what it's like to fall for you, just this once give a little time for you to realize that maybe i'm the one you're waiting for. You see I'd be lying if I told you I fell out of love, to tell you the truth it's still you and it will always be you. I was never sure of anything before you came along, before you changed the way I see things. You opened my eyes and made me realize that you're worth it, you're worth every tear, every heartache and every mistake.

So maybe just maybe you're the right person for me
Sana iyong maisip
Ang aking nararamdaman
Hindi maipagkakaila
Ang nararamdaman ko ay tunay

Kung para sayo wala lang ito
Para saakin ito ay isang pangarap
Pangarap na hindi kailanman matutupad
Pangarap na tila isang impossibleng pagkakataon

Isang pagkakamali ang mahulog sayo
Ako man ay umaasa pa rin
Ngunit iba ang iyong gusto
Alam kong hindi ako at hinding hindi magiging ako

Kakaiba ang turing mo saakin
May konting aliw at kilig
Pero hindi lahat ay totoo
Kasinungalingan ika nga

Pagpasensyahan mo na
Ikaw ang aking natipuhan
Hindi ko ito sinasadya
Wala ito sa plano
Dec 2015 · 327
Take me back to the day I met you
When everything was okay and true
Before those butterflies came to life
Before it got me feeling alive

Why can't you see
What I want us to be
I dont know what I lack
I just want it all back

To be beside you thats all I want
Just give me this chance to be blunt
I'd risk it all just so you know
I'm not gonna lie I want you to try

Why dont you give it a shot
It's not like were gonna get lost
You know it's a chance I'll take
So please allow me to wait

Is this some kind of ecstacy
You got me feeling so high
Your eyes take me to the stars
A little mystery and some spark

Youre important to me
I cant set you free
But lets wait and see
What God has planned for you and me
Dec 2015 · 436
I like you I really do
I dont know what to do
I cannot seem to get you
All I know is that I want you

This feeling of uncertainty
It leads me to reality
You lost me in your mystery
All the signs of urgency

You're the one i want no one else
I'd choose you over anyone
I know you don't feel the same
But please try to understand me

I can't move on I don't know why
I still get those chills every time
Please just let me understand why
Because it's hard for me to try

Tell me why you make me feel this way
How or why no one knows even I
Please all I want you to say is stay
I'd stay with you that's all I can say

— The End —