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I have you, but why do I still feel alone?
I’m only yours when it’s convenient
I wasn’t looking for you.
I wasn’t expecting you.

But I’m glad I met you
It’s crazy how happy you make me feel
How I randomly smile when I think of you
The way you make me feel when I’m with you

You are amazing in every way possible
And I am still in awe that I have you
I distance myself when I feel unwanted
Lately I've been losing myself from
his smile
his laugh
his humor
his dreams
his passion
his craziness
his personality

Everything about him drives me insane
a simple notification from him brightens up my day
a tease that makes me blush
a wink that makes my heart skip a beat
a smile that makes my blood rush

Uncertainty is inevitable
but one thing's for sure
I'm more than happy to lose myself to him

It's only been one month and sixteen days since I met you
but believe me when I say you already mean so much to me
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