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Dec 2015
Take me back to the day I met you
When everything was okay and true
Before those butterflies came to life
Before it got me feeling alive

Why can't you see
What I want us to be
I dont know what I lack
I just want it all back

To be beside you thats all I want
Just give me this chance to be blunt
I'd risk it all just so you know
I'm not gonna lie I want you to try

Why dont you give it a shot
It's not like were gonna get lost
You know it's a chance I'll take
So please allow me to wait

Is this some kind of ecstacy
You got me feeling so high
Your eyes take me to the stars
A little mystery and some spark

Youre important to me
I cant set you free
But lets wait and see
What God has planned for you and me
Lara Beatriz De Guzman
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