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Notes tighten the headphone noose around my mind

Hang me on the wired gallows
Define my time through red wine and hollow songs
Screaming among me

Chords like choking chloroform cover my ears,
Drown the fears

Syncopate and reverberate
Don't make the mistake this time
of drowning under my own weight.

Smother my infectious insecurities
And laugh with me.
Let the rhythm serve as a jury.
Pull me into comfortable apathy.

Songs like shotguns splattering self doubt against this screen,
Its retrograde and mean.
But it's the only tangible thing it seems.

Ready the rock 'n' roll revolver!
6 rounds to ecstasy.
***, drugs, and skin smoulder

Bass-encased bullets blasting rounds on replay,

Swallow the shells
Cough up gun powder
Spit greased teeth
Rinse and repeat
This is a spin on a previous poem I did. My best stays spun <3
Jan 2017 · 372
**** the hatchet,

Bury this ********.
Jan 2017 · 637
Music Kills My Thoughts
Notes tightening the headphone noose around my mind,

Hang me on the wired gallows!

Chords like choking chloroform covering my ears,

Smother my infectious insecurities!

Songs like shotguns splattering self doubt against this screen,

Ready the rock 'n' roll revolver!

Bass-encased bullets blasting rounds on repeat,

Annihilate these acidic anxieties!

Suicide solo

Sing me into reverie

*Bury me!
~I play Russian Roulette on shuffle~
Jan 2017 · 799
Sentencing for Sentences
Meanings mull within mulish minds

Letters like lingering halitosis

Words waft with each exhale


swirling, sliding, sighing

Phrases pant per pulmonary systems

Tumbling through teeth,

Vocabulary resonates outward

Into the stagnant air

Permanence spills over tongues

Word ***** condemnation

Speak your life sentence
Poem based on how our words are/can be our own crucifixion
Jun 2016 · 376
Things I Need to Hear
You made it
You are doing so well
I'm so proud of you
You're doing it!
You're living your life
You are happy
You are safe
He loves you
He cares about you so much
You have no worries
Everything will work out
You won't feel like this forever
You will be okay
Jun 2016 · 579
Let go
Let go of the pain
Let go of the hurt
Allow yourself to breath
Don't hate the body that holds you
You are a soul
You have a soul
Cradled in this body
There is a child that sleeps here
Let go of the hurt
He can't hurt you
Don't hide child
Be okay
Things are going to be okay I promise
You will wake up tomorrow
You will draw breath
You will live
It's okay to cry
Cry baby
Please cry
Let go of it all
And be free
Jun 2016 · 661
I can't escape
Heavy on my chest
When did it become so hard to breathe?
Internal demands of perfection
Drowning in my thoughts
Wrecks havoc through me
I forgot what happiness feels like
This gripping
Clenched fist inside my chest
Just won't let go
May 2016 · 425
I think of how his tears evaporate when I rub them in between my finger and thumb
I see his scowl of anguish and all I can think to do is kiss him
Cry with him
Mix our salty dewdrops together
So he knows he is not alone
He is not the only one in pain
That I am here with him
Holding him holding me
absorbing all the hurt that I can hold in me
So it won't be within him

I sit in his lap
He holds me as I shudder into him
I hold his face in my hands
Forehead to forehead
The tips of our noses are wet with each others tears
Swirl the salty dewdrops into our skin
Breathe deeply
Inhale my exhale
Please know that you will be okay
We will both be okay
As long as you hold on to me
I will hold you to to my chest
And we will let the pain run down our faces
I will cry for you, for me, for our souls, for the hurt and anger
Cry for me my love
Cry for the pain,
what's lost
And for the fact that one day this will end
I'm only getting a head start on the damage your absence will do to my sanity
May 2016 · 257
I'm sorry
What is it called

When you have a love

Someone you cherish

But for some reason can't ever be good enough for?

I'm sorry

That I can't give you more

You say you don't want it

But you deserve it

You deserve someone who doesn't want to hurt you

Someone who respects you

Someone who can do anything for you

I'm sorry I'm too ****** up to know how to love someone as wondrous as you
May 2016 · 262
Where I Belong
He holds me as if I were a newborn latched to his chest

Clinging to his love

I can't get over the feeling of being in his arms

He puts his hands on me and I realize

This is where I belong

Holding him holding me

I can feel the deepest parts of me reaching into the depths of him

And I know

I've never felt like this about another person
May 2016 · 373
It's Not Love
It's not love
If you don't melt in his gaze

It's not love
If your skin isn't electric under his touch

It's not love
Unless his words remove thought from your clouded mind

It's not love
If he isn't the only one who can save you from yourself

It's not love
If you don't feel like losing him will be the death of you

It's not love
If you don't squeeze too tight

It's not love
If you don't dread his absence

It's not love
If you don't beg him to stay

It's not love
Unless you absolutely shatter
When he tells you it's over

It will never be love
Unless it's with him
May 2016 · 200
I find my fingernails digging into old slits of skin
my cramped hand twists around his
Until he can no longer take the tips of my fingers digging into his flesh
And he pulls away

i'm hurting him
i'm no good for him
He'd be better off without me
May 2016 · 291
"I don't"
Why do I always find myself gripping at him
Do I need him that badly
I don't want to know
Which is worse
Discovering that I need him
Or admitting that I don't
What do you do when you discover it really isn't love
When all you wanted was to love
And be loved in return
May 2016 · 520
Trail your foreign tongue down my neck
So that the words may blossom in my throat
Pour your language of love into my mouth
So that it may spill from my lips
Leave your exlir to dry in the corner of my smile
So that when I lick my lips
I will taste this passion
May 2016 · 266
On Brutality
Tell yourself you aren't capable of those sort of things anymore

"You've gotten soft"

Soft is good

Soft is how you're supposed to be



Easy to chew

Easier to swallow
Mar 2016 · 379
Do you remember

When you used to look up to me?

I do.

I remember the nights we spent

Countless hours and miles

Walking holes into the bottoms of our flip flops

Stars above and concrete below

We pounded pavement

Dim street lights as our North Star

We didn't know where we were going

Just that the night was as young as we were

That time was slipping through our fingers

Like grains of sand clenched in fists

I can't hold on to those times anymore

And I'm so scared to lose you

I'm so scared those memories will wash away

I never want to forget

The countless nights we spent in the back of cars

Racing down the highway




Trying to be ****** up on anything but our sorrows

I'm so scared for the future

I don't want us to drift apart anymore

I remember when we used to say "I love you" before we hung up

Now I feel like it's a race to hang up first

I never want to win that race.

Now you hang up as I say "I love"

As if you don't want to be the "you" at the end of that sentence

Maybe you just don't believe it anymore

Maybe I don't do enough to prove it

Please tell me what I can do

Tell me how I can fix this

Mar 2016 · 609
You said you felt like you were walking on eggshells
You're right
Those eggshells are all of the idiosyncrasies
Of a past that I am still fleeing from

Every eggshell is a word
A smell
A name
His name
The memories
These flashbacks
Ring through my skull like a bullet
Shot of in a room
Ricocheting from  ear to ear
Piercing through grey matter
That died a long time ago

I feel like I am walking on eggshells
And when I say eggshells
i mean skulls
Of so many of the broken people in my life
I walk on them
Tip-toe on them
Waiting for the day
I pierce their surface
Crack their barrier
And let them run free

Let me be free
Mar 2016 · 506
Untitled 03/08/16
-lemurs in the rain forest
-branches in the rain
-their fur slick with wetness
-of rain
-and tongue
-their minuscule paws
-tiny rakes in their stormy skin
-jaundice eyes
-liquid marbles
-roll in the sockets
-of their skulls
-soon to be dust,
-fertilizing their homes' soil
-til it blows away in the wind
-another desert
-another country
-another planet
-rocky pebbles on the dark blanket of space
Mar 2016 · 206
Please tell me it will always be like this

No wait

Please tell me things will be different

Will we always be like this?

Please look at me

No, wait!

Turn away

I don't want you to see me

Not like this.

Never like this

Will it always be


God I hope so.

As long as I have you.
January 24th, 2016
I am a Daughter of Venus

Alpha and Omega are who I call "Mom" and "Dad"

Tendrils of the cosmos spill from my scalp,

the worlds headlong pouring out.

These thoughts rocket for they are comets,

Like ropes

Spangled, torn, then thrown

Across the black expanse of spastic hands.

Shaking, shaking

breaking all over me

the rhythm of candy

and dream-culture pills.

The stars shimmer

frozen glitter dashed across this blackboard existence...

Gravity is my sanity

so many ways to pull

Direct thy head on a cosmic leash

Choke you with it.

Frigid gasps

Nitrogen breath

Icy puffs of nebulaeic smoke

Waft from our collapsed lungs

As We ride this train of thought

"Into infinity and beyond!"
Jan 2016 · 519
I am not of this world

My eyes are not eyes

They are Black Holes

Swallowing this universe whole

My heart is not a heart

It is a Pulsar

******* you dry

My soul is not simply a soul

It is a Nebula

Forging the birth of stars

My body is not just a body

It is a Galaxy

Holding the celestial organs of my Super Nova
I've had this unnamed and in draft for well over a month but I've haven't posted it because I didn't know if I was finished with it. But considering the recent loss of Ziggy the Starman, I wanted to finish and post it. Rest my friend. There's life on Mars now.
I was there
When she cried

I sat there
Just holding her

When she screamed
I froze

I didn't know how to handle her unravel
I didn't know how to sew her back together

For you see
My own thread was worn

My own stitches were coming apart
From years of too-tight hugs

My button eyes coming undone
From all the pain I've seen you go through

My ratty fur matted wet from tears
You dried on my corduroy skin

I still feel it
The bite marks on the back of my head
from where you clenched your jaw so hard around my nylon flesh

You screamed into my stuffed brain so loud
you reverberated my neurons of synthetic polyester cotton mix

The best thing about being your teddy bear
Was being there for you

Making you happy when you cried
Laugh when you were down

You thought I was a Russian bear warrior,
You named my Mishka
It was coolest thing ever
You thought I was invincible

Until you grew up.

You stopped having me around as often
You grew up as I wore down

Your problems where not tears I could wipe away
My stitched smile could not spread to your face anymore
My button eyes, the ones once so polished that they gleamed,
Now dull and scratched

You threw me when you were angry
Squeezed me when you sobbed
Locked me up in closets
Hid your childish joy from sight

I guess that's the thing about being your childhood best friend.
I only lasted in your childhood
Oct 2015 · 392
her eyes sear into me
i can almost feel myself breaking
shes breaking me
five foot menace that she is
she screams
i am drawn to her siren screech
my mind blanks
and i stand hovering above her
i feel so exposed so open
i can feel my self rotting away with every slicing word
shove daggers in my ear
and ill bleed through my eyes
i stare burning holes into my toes
you ****** up again
this is your fault
you can never do anything

how can someone so small
make me feel
Oct 2015 · 258
liquor lipstick
***-stained fingers
nicotine fingernails
bitten to shreds

lead tongue
heavy breath
feathery heart beats
lull me to sleep

that feeling when you feel the blood slipping from your body
you are so scared to let go
but you cant hold it anymore
you release
and finally,
you are at peace
Jul 2015 · 1.5k
I keep getting this urge
To tell strangers
How you used to bring a can of Chef Boyardee
To school for lunch everyday.

Or how I used to collect
Plastic Hello Kitty cupcake rings
And give them to you
Just to see you smile.

I would laugh as you ate it cold,
plastic fork suspended
straight from the can.

I would smile with you,
and hope you didn't realize
I ate all those cupcakes
by myself.

I want to share you with the world
Take your memory with me in my pockets
Spill it out with my tongue

I want to share you with the world,
Introduce you to people you will never meet
Tell people about you
Because they will never get the chance
To get to know you like I did
Like we all did.

But when you took your life,
You did the world a disservice
You took away the world's chance to find you
So you could find yourself

You took away your opportunities
To change
To get better
To grow
To love
And be loved
How we loved

Your smile
Your eyes
Your soul
All so bright
Like stars in sky

Stars that you snuffed out
Stars that we can't gaze at anymore.
Your constellation is lost
Just a fairytale now
But a favorite amongst us all
For my friend who took her life. I wish you had called me before you pulled the trigger.
Jul 2015 · 412
I ran down the street
My naked feet thumped on damp asphalt
Sharp stones pounded the underneath of my feet into leather
The sting under my feet was nothing
Compared to the stinging salt in my eyes
Or the raw flesh that was my throat
Burning screams ripped from my lungs
All I could do was run
Run from the pain
The fear
That always follows
Right on my heels
That fear is my shadow,
Taking different shapes
Sometimes big
Rarely small
But always there
Lying dormant
*On my heels
Criticism is welcomed
Jul 2015 · 4.1k
Slut (10w)
You loved it.
Admit it,

little ****...
"Don't lie, you *****."
Jul 2015 · 587
little girl
You are
Stupid little *****
You deserve to die.
I will break your popsicle stick wings
**** the light from your bright eyes
I will burn you
Rob your innocence
Decimate your soul
I will ruin you.
You will fear me.
Your legs will shake at the sound of my name
You won't be able to look me in the eye
But you will still come back to me
Always return to me
You will run into my arms
You will laugh
You will call me "Daddy"
And you will always
Be my little girl.
Criticism allows growth. <3
Jul 2015 · 299
Seven Days
It has been seven days.
I can't do this anymore
Let me
let go
Of this pain.
I don't want to hold on anymore,
This weight is too heavy
My fingers are slipping
It's too much hurt to carry in one heart
My heart will fall to the bottom
and land in my toes

I can feel it
It's like a humming in my head
Getting louder
And louder

I snap
Like a rubber band breaking in my head
I will break
I can't go another day
Like this
Jul 2015 · 920
my fingers.

Shoved down my throat

Pressed into my eyes

Crammed into my ears

Gripping my the sides of my head

To stop the voices.

your fingers.


Your fingers ****.

They pain me
and hurt me

Your fingers

shoved into my mouth

raking down my back

pressed into flesh

As if your fingers were razor-tipped branding irons.

Designed solely to make me scream.
Jul 2015 · 270
Love me baby



Love me baby,

Never let me go.
Criticism welcomed
Jun 2015 · 2.3k
pH scale
You're so basic, you scored a 14 on the pH scale.
Chemistry joke I thought of just now
Jun 2015 · 349
Glimmer (10w)
He sighs, watch as the light fades from his eyes.
Jun 2015 · 464
Drink you in (10w)
I want to drink you in and swallow you whole
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Bowling My Life Away
I line up my pins
Stand back
Admire them
Just to knock them down
Jun 2015 · 421
Fact is (10w)
Fact is,
hear this true
it's not me
it's *you
May 2015 · 3.9k
Ice Cream Cone
Lick me
like an ice cream cone
my dribbled form
with your tongue

into my bones
that satisfying crunch

my sweetness
the sticky taste
from your fingers

Devour me,
your prey
May 2015 · 812
Never Was
Your planetary pull
Pulls me apart

One ends in self dignity
The other in worshiping your beauty

The thought of you still wanders across my mind
Trekking across the wilderness

Searching for the love
That never was
And never will be (:
May 2015 · 504
"Ask the man who says nothing is impossible to dribble a football"
by Anon
May 2015 · 3.1k
You are a puzzle
A conundrum
An unsolvable enigma
I cannot figure you out
Cannot understand you
And I love that
My lovely enigma
About an old, unrequited, love of mine
May 2015 · 5.9k
To smile (10w)
To smile in the face of adversity is to overcome.
Criticism is welcomed.
May 2015 · 1.3k
Pain etched in the lines around my eyes
Hot tears washed my face weary
The whites of your eyes still scare me
Every crease of your brow stung
As if you've already swung
Open palm and whistling through the air

I let you do this to me
That was my mistake
I won't make it again

Every fist that bangs on a wall
Slams a door
Punches a hole
Jolts my body
Your face floods behind closed shut eyes
As fear racks my insides
I should have fought back
Now I'm fighting everyone else

I can't tell the difference
Between hands outstretched to help
Between hands reaching to hurt
Good touch, bad touch
Soft or harsh

The lines you've blurred
The edges of my hips
My inner thighs
They burn when I think of you

There's not enough locks to keep you out
You break down all my walls
Punch holes through all my closed doors
You demolished my safe space
Did I let you?
Criticism is welcomed, I'm looking to improve my poetry.
May 2015 · 674
Words hammer behind my teeth
They are cracking

I yearn for your love
But you leave me lacking

I crave soft touch
Only I can't find the right one

Good and evil
waged war in my soul
I can't decide which won

I can't lie like you always have
I'll admit it- I'll tell you true

You hurt me
Deceived me
But still,
I want you

Gather my pieces
Piece me back together

I guess that was another lie,
When you said "forever"

I am your dog on your leash
Go ahead, drag me around

I'm sniffing for my dignity
It can't be found
Criticism is welcomed, I'm looking to improve my poetry.
May 2015 · 869
He runs,
but cannot hide.
Squeezes his eyes shut
but cannot unsee
What he
has seen.
The image of his mother's face
Behind his scrunched eyelids.
Blood trickling...
From the corner
of her mouth
where he

Fear builds in his heart
It claws
His throat.

The pressure behind his eyes threaten
To burn down his cheeks.

His heart
Against his rib cage
He curls his knees
Up to his chest
To contain his heart
From breaking free.

So small
He ***** up,
To disappear.
That it will end,
That it will end
Criticism is welcomed, I'm looking to improve my poetry.

— The End —