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Dylan Waits Jan 13
I meant to write about the fire
I swear I did
But you did something clever
And within you hid

As I watch it dance
I see only your hips
As I feel its warmth
I taste only your lips

If you're the fire
Then I'm the wood
That you devour
Just because you could

It's a pleasure to burn
Kaim Dec 2020
night shocked me, again,
as I fell deeper,
and flown out like winds -
it had froze my sanity,
it stole my soul,
and that was the first night
in grief, I drowned,
soaked in night's down pouring -
shivering, shivering,
then, it shocked me again
the night has flickering lights
only to see me devour alive.
Racquel Davis Dec 2020
I fatten the cow
And drink her milk
To wash down
Her baby's flesh
And she loves me even now
As I squeeze her *******
Her milk allows
It feels like silk
Because I fattened the cow
To drink her milk
Amanda Hawk Sep 2020
It takes seconds
For the fire to spread
And it took down
Small towns first
Ripping apart families
Names scattering, fleeing
And we all watch
The media speculated
All the loss history
Displaced heartbeats
And rationalize it
Then it hit cities
Seas of red and orange
Licking and devouring
And politicians wanted to blame
Everyone but themselves
When it expanded passed borders
We all went silent
Countries transformed into tattered pages
People swirling around, around
Astronauts said groups looked like storms
Tornados bouncing from land to land
As red slowly spread
Flickering orange
Spreading like a pair of wings
Encompassing the earth
Brandon Sep 2020
Let me nourish you
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
Fingertips linger upon skin
I trace my answers
As if my hands are mouths
Tongues lapping at the salt
The sunrise rests upon you
Layers of pink, orange and yellow
Glisten upon your face
And my gaze
Falls into your eyes
Your name
The horizon upon my tongue
And our love, I devour
Slowly eating with every touch
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
Always missing
and I desire
to peel away everything
you have become
and consume it
piece by piece
have it run through my veins
and I will become
everything you once were
CB Apr 2020
“You devour my senseless hope in the air as I gobble down the recklessness of the wind, for just a tinge of courage to straighten my wrecked spine.
Drown my worries with your reassuring tears, and dabble in the art of dyeing the truth with bright lively colors to hide the livid and the blackening of your heart.
See me down by the creek with cold feet and ghastly grey eyes. I'll forever abide by the whisper of my lovers alluring empty words and broken promises."
EP Robles Mar 2020
a creeping chill throws me cold: the
skies have turn  SEPIA AND i  completely
utterly melt into each word
birth'd -- this elegie betrays the poet;
a confession unburdens the Spirit -- you
are reading about the me of 'i' have always loved you |mia /i shall meet you again to-now within the theater of my Soul  sure, sometimes
i have concern for the world as it continues to devour my Feelings and sensibilities.
   when can i love you again?

:: 03.24.2020 ::
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