She Writes Nov 2017

Read me like poetry
Make love to my mind

Devour my soul
Like your favorite dessert

Make love to my body
Like it’s the first and last time

mjad Sep 2017

What is happiness?
It is merely the name of an old friend...


What is sadness?
Sadness is more than a friend;
It is tangled with me like a lover in sheets.
It drowns out all laughter.
It drains all energy.
It shatters hope.
It devours joy.
It is not a what,
But a who.

Brianna Aug 2017

With her three eyes and many arms Kali Ma leaned in to tell me the secret of this year.
She told me with regret and hate filling my life- I wouldn't be getting anywhere.
She said with trust and loyalty- one day I'll find my back again.
To a live that's full of love and hope instead of sadness and sin.

The Dark Mother- the Goddess of destruction and creation told me she, herself, was the bearer of contradictions.
She said we all fall apart and there are ways to get back up if we just open our eyes.
Instead of filling our self with doubt and questioning the truth instead of the lies.

So within the Ocean  of Blood I have been created by Kali Ma- and I will sooner than later be destroyed by her power.
But before the year is up she has given me the truth to rise up and fight her.
I will change for myself and I become one with the truth's that lie within me.
I will remember the good instead of the bad so it doesn't destroy all of me.

I will wear red as gypsies must do when their funeral is near.
I will let Kali Ma devour me and send me home without fear.
I will wear pride knowing I have found the truth and let the lies go.
I will be at peace when I have figured out everything I needed to know.

ana Jun 2017

Surely enough we're going to hell
sin after sin, we learn not to dwell
for this feeling brings us pure delight
we touch and devour each other on sight

Forgive me lord, i'm truly ashamed
we can't contain it
we do it so well, how could we refrain from it?

Scott Hamsun Jan 2017

We love having pets because they are helpless enough to know us as masters,
But we are frightened because we know they can slip away and become their own masters,
Oh the treachery of power,
The deceit of glory,
For I know,
And even you know,
Deep down,
That to contain the energy of a small animal makes you no master,
It grants no power,
The real power lies in the ability to release something that can destroy you,
And to conquer the thing that has the capacity to devour you.

You have to learn to continuously feed love
or else
love will feed on you.

Rianna Aug 2016

Darling can't you see?
I'm the one
Who can cause the pain
To be numb.
I'm the one
Who can devour your soul
And take you captive in my kiss.
Even if it's a just a second
Darling I can be your drug.
Let me take you somewhere.

Also meh
Jay Jul 2016

Her name is yoni


              The divine who devours.
                   Deep inside of her
                       Lies serenity.
              A gift from the heavens
                   She embraces the
                Power of the universe.
                Through her majestic,
                 ­    A sweet delicacy
                            She is.
                      A tender love
                        she gives.

loveless Jan 2016

I was born out of light
Born to devour
The darkness
The hatred
With the powers within me
With each dark soul I devoured
My heart became impure
And over time
My pure soul
By the same darkness I destroyed
And I became
The darkness
I was born to devour

Darkness can't be destroyed.
Even if it does, it would come back again and again

Oh. My. God.
Harmonious ecstasy and
oxytocin dance through
every cell that you've come into
contact with.

Oh. My. God.
I never believed in God
until you had me
moaning prayers into
the sky,

Begging for sweet,
sinful salvation. Your
tongue formulates its own
scriptures, and I'm weak
in my knees.

Devour every drop of
my innocence, my pleasure.
Speak to me in tongues
until I'm worshiping the sky.
Oh. My. God.

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