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Anastasia Jun 25
Dragging bodies
Against the concrete ground
Is not nearly as much fun
Without you
To lick the blood
From your fingers
And smile
Your crooked grin
hey, do ya
think ya
could break me
off a piece
of that


real quick
I can stop at just one about like I can eat just one slice of bacon...

**** ain't happenin'
cozyjune Sep 2018
he's playing video games on highway 67 and he doesn't know he takes me away - yeah baby you take me away - are we faking it this way - trying to make it some way - blue hues red hues and you keep making that face - why do you keep making that face - drip drip drip on the pavement the ice creams melting and there's no one there to save it - lick it up baby lick it up lick it up - and we're cruising - the society's snoozin - the record spins and we're boozin - loosin any conception of time now baby cuz your mine now baby
Have you ever looked into the face of God?
Had your name drip off his lips like honey?

No shame in licking it off
Because in that moment,
I too was a Goddess
Righteous, Raving, Rioting

Begging to hear my name drip from his tongue again,
To know he was thinking of me.

That night
I was the one who could make God himself drop to his knees
And speak my name,
Until our bed was the land of milk and honey.

Baby, we created the Promised Land.
Peter B Aug 2018
When she was crying in my arms,
I licked her teardrop.

It tasted like mine.
jas May 2018
your heart is black
you taste like honey
don’t care about anyone but the money
retrace your steps back to where our paths crossed
went left & that’s where you went wrong
i followed you and your impure thoughts

lick my lips as you taste so sweet
too bad your soul is as dead as can be
but there is no stopping me
from falling in love
with the wrong things
PoserPersona Apr 2018
Thy honey's taste turned sweet to sour,
  though continuing to stick
Ne'er would a starving old black bear
  indulge itself one lick.
Elle Kris Feb 2018
My taste buds paint a picture so vivid
I have to say grace before I let my mind wander
my car is running
she is still calling me help
she liked to lick

hi katelynn beth
"lick and bite"
good luck
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