Genevieve Apr 8

I wanna lick it,
Taste it just a tad longer!

I wanna put my lips upon its
succulent flavour.

I wanna save what I had before it dissolves and is gone forever,
To move it all around with my tongue is a delight every single passionate night.

Please don't let this end its just too damn good you know its true,
I knew when I saw it that it would be irresistible even to you!

I wanna lick it so much that my tongue is now raw with pain;
Dang the way that thing tastes is unimaginable in many ways!

I wanna put it in my mouth on it and swish it all around!
The Super Blow Pop Sour Apple is my Fetish from now 0n....
So juicy and plump & round that I am addicted to it I think!!

P.S. I still wanna lick it ! :)  it makes you pucker up
Lick your lips its the best blow
pop of any sucka so go get your own ya muthaFckr.
I Heart Blow_Popz

LoL just for fun......

I stand underneath the plump tree
That has risen far from the apple.
With my dry tongue on the shoes
For some water from your mud.
My heart's a bloke -tired and troubled,
Lost in the grassroot of family.
All the ladies in heels run away.
My pungent smell -inherited possession,
Grabs few perfumed odours for a day.
And I, distanced away for them,
Prepare my sun-burnt skin and
poorly torn garment for a shower.
Yet still, after the rain of rants
My dry tongue sticks to your boots
And I crawl my way to lick it,
To drink the leftovers of your bathe
In the lakes behind the tree.

©Babra Shafiqi.
Autumn Lynn Sep 2016

my honeybee,
lick the nectar from my lips
make it into honey
your taste so sweet
fill me with your luscious love

K Balachandran Jul 2016

The panther's blazing eyes scrutinize,
stare at him with an ambiguous interest,
her rough tongue licks him clean
when amorous longings finally ebb.

Editor's pick in "" on May 12, 2014
Little Bear Jun 2016

King of the park is my little paper lion
he struts his stuff like he owns the world
prowls and growls
rubbing and snubbing
while he eats from is little pink bowl
But he is KING!!
king in his own back yard
his eyes amber and black
as he stealthily creeps
beautifully lean
prowling unseen
dangerously mean
ever so fluffy
and oh so virile
so powerful too
leaving his mark
rubbing the bark
so very King!
'So watch me human,
watch me be magnificent
as i pounce on this butterfly'

"yes.. you are a magnificient derp nugget"
Oh but he does have a nasty streak
attack and retreat
spitting and clawing
meowing and mawing
as his grey fur stands on end
and bristles
like a bottle brush
and the lazy lion thing
is lazily lounging
after a busy night on the town
spreading his affection
in every direction
he is now king of the chair
king of the cushion
he is declared triumphantly
throughout the land
fanfare please
"THE SOFA KING .. all hail the SOFA KING!"(annoying feline)
oh dear.. my little paper lion..
believing he is king
king of the jungle
'But i am king!
aren't i human?
okay well,
just of the park maybe
but i am a little bit king- ish.... aren't i?'
silly little pouty McWhiskerface
what a pity
fluffy little kitty
just make your self pretty
pouting and sulking
"Now that is no way for a king to behave
now let me fluff your cushion
while you drink your milk and eat your Dreamies"

If you have a cat you will understand :o3
Haha i have no idea where i was going with this, some of it rhymes, some of it doesn't.. bit of a mess really..oh well.
But it is all completely how our cats are..
our little paper lions... :o)
Ashes to Ashley May 2016

We would spray each other with our venom, then lick each other's wounds.

Luke E.

Your love is addicting –
cocaine in my beard
on a Tuesday night.

Teach me to see
as an infant:
I need everything to be
for the first time again.

I want to watch you bleed –
into the subtext and margins
of my notebook
so we can dispense with the periods.

Your sweat is bitter
like dreams deferred,
but I still long to lick
your mind and taste your voice.

Poetic Artiste Oct 2015

The taste of your sweetness,
Still lingers on my tongue,
I am an addict for your dew,
Remember the first time I pleased you,
The time my lips pursed between your folds,
That purr that escaped,
You knew I loved to hear you moan...
Then there was the silence,
You sensed what was in store,
As my mouth fluttered across your wetness,
and my lips engulfed your other lips,
You spoke and told me I'm nasty
But your taste I can't resist,
or how your diamond peaks at me,
Awaiting a tantalizing encase,
To be wrapped within my tongue,
Light strokes upon the center,
Twirling around the cape that no longer keeps it sheltered,
You hated when I teased you,
I could not resist when you said,
Please. Don't. Stop...
As if you knew being craved was my weakness,
I told you what you wanted to hear,
I'm not here to play games,
Firmly wrap your legs around my head,
Bring your garden to my face,
Every drop of dew is a present to my sheets,
Will you be my submissive?
I will handcuff you to the bedposts,
Before I let you run away,
I missed the way your body would spasm for me,
I promise to take my time if you honor me another night,
I only wish to say this blessing between heaven and your thighs.

I always wanted to attempt s sexual but not too vulgar erotic poem.

Lick me
like an ice cream cone
my dribbled form
with your tongue

into my bones
that satisfying crunch

my sweetness
the sticky taste
from your fingers

Devour me,
your prey

Katie Elzinga May 2015

Music is her mother, it seems to rock her to sleep
with every pick of a guitar she drifts away.
It comforts every cry, and fills every crack in her heart
putting her back together piece by piece,
note by note.

Music is a stranger, she saw once in the rain
he gave her his umbrella and she kept it.
The rain beat on his head, but he didn't regret a thing,
saving a girl from that cold, dark place
was worth it.

Music is a dog, who knows when she is sad
and licks her face just to rid her of her tears.
He is smiling and sniffing her raven black hair,
he's trying to let her know that he cares
a lot.

Music is the sun, who shines down on her
and pushes away all of the dark clouds.
She lets her know that darkness is not for forever,
but it is necessary for people to appreciate
the stars.

I just wrote this for my friend literally two seconds ago, so feedback is very much appreciated !!
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