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irinia Sep 2023
the streets are full of hours
the hours filled with a labyrinth song
our faces risk a strange engulfing
we are so benevolent with lying to ourselves
my love has a dervish spin,
my mind is on a nightwatch
down the rabbit hole
so loud the world its disparate pulses,
unbearable conundrums

we should learn more from tears
what if my love is the worm
inside the apple
what if your love is oblivious
like an empty womb

all I have is this feeling
like a spine. of course
certainty is not in fact possible
especially on untouched
Nisha Dec 2021
Walking through the rooms of my mind
Wandering until I find the right door
There are many doors to choose from with opportunities or consequences
Tempted to not open any doors at all
I am lost
Decisions I fear to make that may result in dismay
Which path should I take to finally liberate myself from this dilemma
What door shall I choose?
Mentally conflicted
Should I avoid situations that will be make me unhappy or take risks to see what the future may have in store...
Nat Lipstadt Oct 2020
I think, therefore I am.

(5) the possible poems lurk about, here a title,
there a verse without a home, and, despite
cogitating brings no fusion, no unity or home
heading, where the sigh of conjoining both
brings mental *******, organic relief, worth.

(6) the temperature now cool regularity, enough that
a distinctive line crossed, setting from Cool to Heat,
an inflection point of persona, weather, aging,
daytime whispers can no long be avoided,
a choral crescendo, delayed by lazy summer illusions
that permitted us to put off abnormal life as normal.

(7) I think, therefore I am, but I do not feel,
sufficiently, therefore I write a title here,
verse there, but no poem completes because,
as I update my list of people I worry about, I am,
ineffectively yours, lacking answers for you, in all
our present tenses, some of you are on it, even if no notification
sent, selfishly pondering if my name appears on someones list

ah, these miscarriages of miscellaneous mumbles don’t
qualify as worthwhile, so I pre-apologize for wasting your time
trying, pushing myself to go from thinking, of you, so, therefore
you exist, but if I cannot give you the feelings deserved, then,
what good am I?


11:26 AM Sat Oct 10
Where does man, where does woman, where does beast go
When slumber dawns upon their fleshly vessel?
When the twilit sky bleeds into a stygian veil?
When the musicality within begins to take psychosomatic form?
I reminisce over the eventuality that stirred my burgeoning.
It quaked my lucubrations, my excogitations, intellectualizations;
Ye, The Incendiary Phoenix Flame billows within. Rebirth awaits
every anima forged by The Apotheosis of The Astral Flame.

The doughty firebrand in me shalt nought surrender,
The Gaian Warrior within shall ne'er be forgotten,
And my reverenc'd doubts  shall be undone.
O, whence all incredulities have been uttered The Leadings of Lovelight shall prevail. The Vestige that once ravaged my remembrance shall vanish into The Magisterial Tides of Oblivion,
We are all one with the Blood-Tinged Oath, The Fulgent Daystar;
He, exhaled eternity into the souls vexed by mortality.

Underneath the Sun:
There breathes an azure vista.
What lieth above our aethereal aegis has incited inquisitiveness aeons aforetime
Open your hearts to the cosmic currents, the transcendent torrent,
The Communal Oneness of The Primal Phantasmagoric;
By that One,
For all time we were summoned.

Question what lie before to be spirited away.
  Listen to the arcadian zephyr whisper
              Through in, through out your every breath. Trust, the Sanctity of intuition.
Coloring the Changing of The Seasons.
The aqueous dew throngs upon virescent leaflets,
A fulgurant surge fulminates
Upon The Celestial’s bedarkened sky.

Red- Shift Existence: evidence, upon which a system of belief expands, under examination
Therefore, it is our duty to ponder the Legacy of the Sages
That we might unravel the esoteric secrets
That function as a key
In gainsaying, in overturning The Lock of Fallacy.
Finally we gain understanding, we acquire wisdom
Altering our cognitive trajectory.

What is Life,
What is Love,
What is Divinity,
Without creativity?
Without imagination?
Without vision?
We must all surrender to
The Sacral Expressions of Omnibenevolence.
Spirituality is a fleshly disorientation, a carnal discombobulation;
So, relinquish your dysphoric allegiance
With the pangs of hunger and malice.
Effloresce into The Luminary,
We Denizens of Light,
Were all
To be.

(Se' lah)

Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III
Michael R Burch Feb 2020
It’s not that every leaf must finally fall,
it’s just that we can never catch them all.

Originally published by The Neovictorian/Cochlea, this epigram has since been translated into Russian, Macedonian, Turkish, Arabic and Romanian.
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
Mr. Frost, so prolific that you are
I was hoping that you could advise
For I find myself in a yellow wood
And I too am but just one traveler
My two feet can only tread in one direction

And I long to leave a black boot mark
While I continue down the right path
Leading me so expertly to destiny
But much like you, obstacles arise
But unlike you, my path further divides

Where you stood before a fork
I now spy a great and twisted rake
That fills me with impending dread
Paths varied in their wear and tear
From paved to grassy, or overgrown

Mr. Frost, here is my dilemma
You chose the path less traveled
And it made all the difference in your life
But how can one traveler ever know
Which specific path for them is right?
I truly love Robert Frost and figured that I would write a poem dedicated to his prolific "The Road Not Taken".  It was so beautiful and genius in it's crafting and delivery.  I have always wondered what it would be like with more than one path.  I think in today's technological and complex world, we are constantly assaulted by numerous decisions that echo through the rest of our lives.  R.I.P. Robert Lee Frost.
Faizel Farzee Feb 2020
It's valentines day again
Some have a day where the sunshine
Others will taste loves acid rain
I love daily, instead of a moment in time
Greeted with cheer, when cupid himself is screaming in pain
What about the rest of the year
Is there no love to gain, there is a desert of love all year round
Why do we settle for a grain?

This brings my heart to standstill, faints
It does not understand, unanswered questions, they refuse to be accepted
It's caught in unbounded chains

I have to refrain
Running, I cannot get caught
Is this not the epitome of insane
Repeating a flawed system
Maybe we trying to re-capture it again,
That true feeling of love, instead of lust
A feeling regained.

If you happy this day,
by all means enjoy, don't get caught up in the fame
that's also meant to destroy
those that have no one, this my valentines to you
I love you all
A message from the heart i deploy.
Valentines day,
I have a valentines year
i'm lucky i found the one, so this eases my fears
with the love she gives
i have no room for tears.
Ylzm Aug 2019
Acquainted with the minutest details
Asking the deep but obscurest questions
Walking paradox each waking moment
Conundrums within constantly astir

Then I know we walk same mysterious ways
Hidden enigmas part if seas open
Waters from dead rocks when all hope is lost
Yet we walk, the light irresistible

Apart in time and space irrelevant
For the soul's immortal and eternal
Speaks the same words in the same awe and light
In language beyond words, speech without sound
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